Casey  County Cemeteries


Combest Road Cemetery

Contributed By:  Richard Hollis


James H. Evans, son of Martha Rodgers

Madline Rodgers, mother of daughters Czarina,_Oler and Martha

Harold R. Evans, son of Martha and Claud Evans

Robert E. Evans, son of Martha Rodgers 

Claud and Martha C. Rogers Evans

Eva Holtzclaw Hammond, daughter of Flossie

Burl Wesley Lawson, son of Nora Bowmer and
Anderson Lawson

Shelby Lawson

Dora L. Lawson

Anderson Lawson, husband of Nora Bowmer and father of Burl Wesley

Anderson Lawson


Elbert Lawson

Unknown Markers


Imogene Lawson


Mary Ellen Shaw

Martha E. and Walker H. Bernard

Aberaham and Luticia Shaw

James M. Combest

James M. Combest


Beralene McDonald, daughter of L. and L. McDonald


Joseph Estill and Rosa M. Pevley

Marion A. Bernard

Enoch A. Bernard,_husband of Flora Sams and father of Marion A

Rancil D. Holtzclaw


John Herbert Bolin, son of Effie Murray, Russell Co

Sylvanus and Flossie Holtzclaw. Sylvanus, son of William F and Nannie F Holtzclaw. Flossie, daughter of Omer and Stella Rodgers

Stella and Omer Rodgers

Juanita Lynn Defee Bernard, daughter of Oma

Oma and Chester Bernard. Oma, daughter of Sallie

Oma and Chester Bernard

Betty J. Bernard, daughter of Chester and Oma Bernard