Casey  County Cemeteries


May Rogers Cemetery

Contributed By:  Valerie Thompson


A. D. "Adam" Ferrell

Annie G. Rogers, wife of Lee Rogers

Ida Mae Ferrell

Irwin W. & Sarah L. Rogers

Marcus Ferrell

Nancy E. Rogers, wife of Samuel N. Rogers

Samuel L. Rogers

Samuel N. Rogers

William F. & Lula V. Rogers

Wm. D. Ferrell

This is a rock walled cemetery. It is located in the northwest corner of Casey County about a mile or two from the Boyle County line on Hwy 243.  Crossing a concrete bridge to the Louis Sheperson farm, up a hill behind the residence and another short drive up another hill is the cemetery. The  cemetery is mowed and well kept but some of the stones, are broken and in need of repair.

An older listing of this cemetery can be found in a book titled, "The Forgotten Past" located in the Lincoln County Library in the genealogy area.  They listed 43 persons for the Mays-Rogers Cemetery.  The book was done in 1974 and contains Forkland Community, Little South Fork, North Rolling Fork and Gravel Switch, Kentucky.  Valerie Thompson.