Casey  County Cemeteries


Swiggett Cemetery

Contributed By:  Sandy Russell Kassen

Swiggett Graveyard was in the Jacktown area, north of Liberty and located on, what was known as, the David Smith Farm. (Also on that same farmland were the Bona Peyton and Taylor Graveyards.)

List of Burials

BELDEN...John, 1867-1952; Ida, 1876-1926; Oliver, -1904; Vernon, -1934; and Ronnie.

COX...Carl; Dave B, 1868-1932; Ida Katherine, -1926; Lex, 1932; Matt, -1943; Nova, 1961; William Earl, -1922.

MONTGOMERY...Sandra Faye.

POWELL...Ann Gertrude.

SEARS...infant of Hubert.

SWIGGERT...Shep (Colored); Nancy (w of Shep); Suzie, 1911-1912; John W., 1841-1919; Jane, 1842-1928; Susie,
-1902; Barbara, -1921; Benjamin; Sarah; Jim.

THORNTON...Ervin Abel, 1939-1942; Nellie, 1907-1917; Lowell, 1922-1924; William Norene, 1931-1931.