Whited Cemetery Casey  County


Photos Contributed By: Lorrie Whitaker



Rev. Amos & Fae Emerson

Johnnie Emerson


W. C. & Myrtle G. Emerson

Buell & Beatrice Emerson Lee

Kenneth Earl Warner

Marian Warner

Lola & Earl Warner

Nute & Pina Emerson

Arvil S. Sandusky

Omer Coy Emerson

Sherman L. & Helen Emerson

Jesse F. Emerson

Glen E. Gene & Loretta B. Emerson

William Oval & Flonnie E. Marple

William O. Marple

Donald Lee Crider

Ruby & Hubert Scott

Ben & Dorothy B. Scott

Samuel C. & Izetta Scott

Samuel C. Scott

Geneva Mae Scott

Nancy & J. L. Scott

Elva E. Scott

Arnold Roy Scott

Maudie & Granville Scott

Peggy L. & W. Timothy Scott

Ruth L. & Johnie Lee Scott

Bobbie J. Scott

Millard H. & Nora E. Scott

Mary & N. B. Scott

Hafford & Julia Emerson

Dorothy E. Emerson

Beartice E. Emerson

Jennie L. Emerson

Flora Emerson

Logan & Almeda Emerson

Virgil V. & Lela A. Scott

Oreal Cay Scott

Louise & Rollin L. Emerson

James L. Emerson

Curtis Emerson

Brandon Curtis Emerson

Granville & Dessie Emerson

J. W. Emerson

Millie Emerson

Myrtle Emerson

Allen Grooms

L. Kermit & Opal Marple

Alton & Pauline Marple

Additional Information - Contributed By:
Tanya Whited Sweet

Whited cemetery is located on land in Liberty KY, donated  by  Alex Whited , my great-great grandfather, who served in the Civil War, b. 1839, he is buried towards the rear-center of the cemetery. His grave marker is white and slender and is like other military markers of the time.  His wife's name was Emily, buried nearby. Emily died in 1943 near the age of 99. She was the grandmother of Charlie Whited, whom she raised.  His mother was Emiline Whited but she died when he was just a little boy, resulting in his being reared by Emily.