Casey  County Cemeteries

                                  Contributed By: Roxanne Moores

Fair Cemetery

Directions to cemetery:  127 South out of Liberty,
Kentucky.  Turn right onto Mamie Price Road, which is
across from Walnut Hill Road.  Turn left onto Fair
Cemetery Road. 

Elizabeth Bell Witt
born June 14, 1883
died Nov. 6, 1967
Joseph Green Bell, husband of Luvicy Fair
born Oct. 20, 1839
died June 15, 1918

Luvicy Fair Bell, wife of Joseph Green Bell
born April 24, 1846
died Jan. 4, 1914

Joseph W. Bell, son of Elijah Irvin Bell & Mariah Susan Griden, husband of Lizzie Hughes (1st), husband of Elizabeth Henson (2nd)
born Sept.9, 1877
July 30, 1909
Melissa Rich Bell
born Jan. 11, 1843
died April 24, 1915
Pauline Bell, daughter of Jesse Robert & Dora B. Patton Bell
born June 25, 1898
died Aug. 16, 1900
R. A. Bell
1st KY Cav

Military Marker

Welby M. Bell, son of Robert Abner & Malissa J. Richards Bell
born Mar. 21, 1882
died Jan. 28, 1903
Billy Oval Hansford
born Aug. 20, 1916
died March 24, 1987
Walter Hansford
born Jan. 28, 1834
died Feb. 1, ??1892

Luora Hansford, wife of Walter J. Hansford
born June 1, 1879
died Sept. 24, 1971


William E. Hansford
born March 23, 1911
died Oct. 18, 1991
Catherleen Wells, daughter of Willie & Edna Wells
born July 19, 1919
died Dec. 20, 1919
Elmer Wells, son of Willie & Edna Wells
born July 29, 1915
died Aug. 9, 1915
Adah M. Witt, daughter of William E. & Polly Payne Witt
born Aug. 16, 1895
died Sept. 8, 1895
Almer Witt, daughter of William E. and Polly Payne Witt
born April 27, 1903
died April 12, 1904
Infant of Jesse Robert & Dora B. Patton Bell
born-died Sept ????
James D. Witt, son of Samuel H. Witt and Sarah Jane Varner, husband of Sarah E. Bell, father of Samuel Joseph, Charles Sherman, William E. "Willie", Eliza J., Ulysses Simpson Grant, Laura A., James Callie, Welby G., Matilda "Tillie" C., Celeste M. "Lestie", Lora E., and Marietta E. Witt.
born April 14, 1847
died Oct. 20, 1902

Sarah E. Bell Witt, wife of James D. Witt
born Dec. 1, 1844
died Jan. 31, 1936

Marietta "Mary" Witt, daughter of James D. and Sarah E. Bell Witt
born Nov. 28, 1890
died Nov. 30, 1890
Mary Bell Hansford Witt, daughter of William and Sarah
Hansford, wife of Charles Sherman Witt, mother of Edgar, Luther, Oscar, Della, and Sally E. Witt
born Oct. 18, 1865
died July 10, 1934
Otha Witt, son of Samuel Joseph and Sarah M. Bell Witt
born Sept. 17, 1892
died Oct. 1892
Paschel E. Lucy Evans Witt, wife of Ulysses Simpson
Grant Witt, mother of Earl & Audrey Witt

born Mar. 1, 1883
died July 20, 1907
Samuel Joseph Witt, son of James D. and Sarah E. Bell
Witt, husband of Sarah "Sallie" M. Bell, father of Arthur, Otha, Leslie Green, Virgil A., Curtis, Herman,
Clyde, and James Witt

born Jan. 24, 1867
died Jan. 9, 1937

Sarah "Sallie" M. Bell Witt, wife of Samuel Joseph Witt
born Dec. 2, 1871
died Aug. 11, 1908