Casey  County Cemeteries


Old Ben Tapscott Cemetery
Located Off Highway 49 On Martinís Creek Road
Casey County, Kentucky

Contributed By: Roberta O. Taylor Jones
(All photos are the property of Roberta O. Taylor Jones, They may not be
reproduced without written permission from her.)

On June 30th 2003 Judy and Elton Fisk and their son, James Fisk all of
Michigan. My spouse Carl E. Jones and myself, Roberta O. Taylor Jones,
from Eaton, Indiana cleaned up this cemetery. It had been neglected for

We cut down briars and trees that were growing in many of the graves. We
used a chain saw, rakes, shovels, tree pruning shears and Elton and
James Fisk used a weed and brush cutter to mulch all the small trees and
briars. There are only two headstones in this cemetery. My Great
Grandmother, Rose Ella Lynn Taylor and a set of twins, Estell B. and
Easter M. Tapscott children of George and Rose Adams Tapscott.

Carl E. Jones made wooden crosses and I painted them white. We placed a
cross at each grave site. We placed 21 wooden crosses at the grave site,
but only know some of the people buried in this cemetery. We donít know
who is buried where.

List of people known to be buried in this cemetery.

Coffman, George W. 1830-1898
Coffman, Nancy Tapscott wife of George W. 10-22-1836 - 11-08-1914
Tapscott, Benjamin 5-31-1856 - 12-28-1940
Tapscott, Margaret Young 1st wife of Benjamin 1856 - 1-01-1883
Tapscott, Margaret Taylor 2nd wife of Benjamin 2-17-1862 - 3-21-1945
Tapscott, Mary Jane 8-29-1879 - 2-20-1881 daughter of Ben and Margaret Young
Tapscott, William Stewart 10-22-1805 - 2-20-1860
Tapscott, Rhonda Jane Coppage 4-20-1817 - 1-20-1901 wife of William Stewart
Tapscott, James 11-06-1838 - 4-23-1909
Tapscott, Mary Elizabeth Cox 9-19-1839 - 2-27-1880 wife of James
Tapscott, Viola Frances 8-16-1875 - 8-17-1876 daughter of James and Mary
Tapscott, Talith Elizabeth 3-19-1877 - 9-26-1886 daughter of James and
Mary Elizabeth
Tapscott, Uriah Herbert 10-20-1879 - 7-14-1880 son of James and Mary
Tapscott, Estell B. 4-27-1926 - 10-09-1926 Twin daughter of George and
Rosa Adams
Tapscott, Easter M. 4-27-1926 - 7-23-1926 Twin daughter of George and
Rosa Adams
Taylor, Rose Ella Lynn 9-03-1879 - 1-07-1926 wife of Charles Wesley,
daughter of Hayes Berry and Lucy Jane Hill Lynn, my Great Grandmother

We counted twenty-one un-marked graves and only know the ones listed
above are buried there. If you know the grave site of any person or
others buried in this Cemetery please contact me at (

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Photo #2 (jpg2) (Cemetery Before Cleanup)

Photo #3 (jpg3) (Cemetery Before Cleanup)

Photo #1 (jpg4) (area before cleanup, Rose Ella Lynn Taylor Tombstone)

Photo #8 (Rose Ella Lynn 9-03-1879 - 1-07-1926 wife of Charles Wesley
Taylor, daughter of Hayes Berry Lynn and Lucy Jane Hill, my Great


Photo #9
After Cleanup Crosses & Flowers Placed

Photo #10 (Set of Tapscott Twins Tombstone)

Photo #14

Photo #15