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(The maternal grandmother of Evalyn Rankins)
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June England

The primary source for the information on the Montague comes from the 1987 edition of ADVENTURERS OF PURSE AND PERSON. There have been several articles that list the father of Elizabeth Montague Daniel as first, Peter, and then as Thomas; however, this writer has been able to determine that William Montague was the father of Elizabeth Montague Daniel.
PETER1 MONTAGUE, the second son of Peter Mountague of Boveny, parish of Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England, and his wife Ellenor Allen, came to Virginia in the Charles, 1621, and was listed among Capt. Samuel Mathews' men at James City, 1624/5, aged 21. On 3 March 1631/2 he witnessed the will of Andrew Whowell [Howell]. His first land grant of record lay in the area which became Nansemond County in 1642. On 22 Aug. 1637 he patented 150 acres in the Upper County of New Norfolk, south into the woods, north upon Elizabeth River, east upon the South branch and west upon a creek called the Oystershill Neck, due for the transportation of three persons. This was assigned by him to Thomas Marsh alias Rivers.

A second patent was granted him, 18 Dec. 1645, for 150 acres in the same area "on New Town haven [sic] river" and this tract h assigned to John Thomas who repatented the land 19 Nov. 1654. On 3 Nov. 1647 he was granted 100 acres in "Nansimum" County "on the Northside of New town[sic] haven[sic] River," adjacent to Thomas Jordan, deceased, and Humphrey Scownes.

Peter Montague represented Nansemond in the House of Burgesses, 1652 and 1653, but soon after moved to the Northern Neck where a number of Nansemond planters had gone to take up land after peace had been effected with the Indians, 1645. On 4 Feb. 1656/7 he was listed as commissioner for Lancaster County, and, 16 Jan. 1658.9, he patented 200 acres in that county on the south side of Rappahannock River at the mouth of Sandy Point Creek, adjoining Oliver Seager, and the same day patented an additional 200 acres adjoining Oliver Seager and Randall Chamley. He was Burgess for Lancaster, 1658, and his name was presented to the General Court, 29 Sept. 1658, for appointment to the office of sheriff.

The will of Robert Portman, "bound for Ireland," dated 8 Jan. 1650/1, mentioned "Peter Mountague, son of Peter Mountague of Virginia" and "Margaret Mountague, daughter of the aforesaid Peter." Peter1 Montague's will, 27 March 1659-25 May 1659, named his wife Cicley, his sons Peter and Will [aim], the child of his daughter Anne, "late wife of John Jadwin," and daughter Ellen, wife of Will[aim] Thompson. On 12 Sept. 1660 the widow Cicely Montague and the son Peter Montague, her sonne-in-law" [stepson], as executors, were ordered to divide the estate.

Peter1 Montague married (1)________, who was probably the mother of all of his children (certainly of Peter, Anne, Ellen and Margaret, and (2) Cicely ______. Issue: 2. ANNE2; 3. Ellen2, married, before March 1659, William Thompson; 4. PETER2; 5. Margaret2; 6. WILLIAM2; 7. Elizabeth2, unmarried 12 March 1666/7... 4. PETER2 MONTAGUE (Peter1), born about 1638 in what became Nansemond County, married, before 1665, Mary Minor, daughter of Meindert Doodes and his wife Mary, who were living in Nansemond, 1656. However, Meindert Doodes bought land in Lancaster, the deed to which was acknowledged 6 Dec. 1657, and with consent of his wife Mary conveyed the 200 acres of this tract to Peter Montague, Nov. 1665, for his "sole use."

The Montague family lived on Montague's Island in Middlesex County where Mrs. Mary Minor, mother-in-law of Peter2, died, her burial being recorded 9 Jan. 1686/7.

Peter2 Montague died before 2 Dec. 1695 when Peter3 "Mountecough" and William3 "Mountecough" petitioned the Middlesex court "on behalf of themselves and their two sisters Elizabeth and Catherine" for a division of five Negro slaves "given by Mindret Dodes to the children of Peter Mountecough, deceased, after their mother's death."
Issue: 9.MARY3; 10.PETER3; 11.WILLIAM3; 12.Elizabeth3, unmarried 1695; 13.CATHERINE3; 14.John3, baptized 21 May 1682, died before Dec. 1695.... 11. WILLIAM3 MONTAGUE (Peter2,Peter1), born about 1670, married Lettice (Weeks) Lidford, daughter of Abraham Weeks and widow of the Rev. Matthew Lidford (died 22 March 1692/3), whom she had married 6 Jan. 1691/2. William3 Montague was called "of Jamaico" to distinguish him from his uncle; it was presumably the name of his plantation. It was presumably his estate on which Robert Bird was granted administration, 10 May 1710.

Issue: 21 Abraham4, baptized 28 Sept. 1701, left will 3 May 1740 - 16 Sept. 1740, married Charlotte Latane, left will 25 Jan. 1746/7-22 July 1747, daughter of the Rev. Lewis Lantane; 22. Mary4, baptized 23 Feb. 1703/4; 23 William4, married, 3 Dec. 1729, Jane Price. iii. Wlliam Montague, born Abt. 1670 in Middlesex Co. VA, Christ Church; died Bef. August 04, 1761; married Lettice Weekes January 03, 1702/03; born Abt. 1670; died 1704 in Middlesex Co. VA, Christ Church.

Notes for Wlliam Montague:[49324py.FTW]

" William Montague, born abt 1670, married Lettice Weeks Lidford, daughter of Abraham Weeks and widow of the Rev. Matthew Lidford (died March 22, 1692/3) whom she had married Jan. 6, 1691/2.

William Montague was called "of Jamaico" to distinguish him from his uncle; it was presumably the name of his plantation. It was presumably his estate on which Robert Bird was granted administration, May 10, 1710. Adventures of Purse and Person pg. 454 LOC
(The Great Grandmother of Evalyn Rankins)

Charles and Jane Mickelborough Daniel were the parents of James Daniel, the father of Nancy Daniel Rankins. The following information was taken from Volume II of the Tyler Quarterly GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES. The article "Mickelborough Family" was written by Charles B. Heinemman, Washington, D.C.

This article is presented in the hope of drawing from others concerning earlier records in America or in England or Scotland, of the family, also in the hope of obtaining the family names of the several wives.

Frequent reference to intermarriage with Mickelboroughs may be found in many Virginia family histories and genealogies, such as Hayden's, Montague's and others, but there seems never to have been any serious attempt to collect these individual references and to set out the Mickelborough early generations.

The Lancaster County, Virginia record, first now known, is contained in Deed Book 2, page 314, where there is recorded the purchase of 200 acres of land by Edmond Mickelborough of that county from Moses Buffery, October 16, 1664. Later, November 21, 1665, 50 acres were deed back by Edmund to Buffery, and the presumption is that this was to secure the consent of Buffery's wife, Eliza, to the sale of the 200 acres. From this start the line is recorded as follows: - (Names prefixed with * have later reports in the article). Edmund Mickelborough, born ___________; died in Middlesex County, Va., August 27, 1690. He married ________,_______ They had: *1. Edmund Mickelborough, born _______; died June 27, 1736; married Jane_____.

*2. Tobias Mickelborough, b. Circa 1660; died 1702. He married
I. Elizabeth Minor, December 11, 1694
II. Grace Nicholson, nee Lewis, September 17, 1691.
III. Sarah Stanard, born Sept. 12, 1680. She survived him and married Bartholomew Yates.

3. Anne Mickelborough, mentioned in her father's will with her daughter, Elizabeth. Married name not given.
1. Edmund Mickelborough, died June 27, 1736 and left a will which was probated. However, the will and its recorded copy are both lost.He had: *4. Edmund Mickelborough, born December 22, 1696; died April 15, 1721.
5. Robert Mickelborough, born October 24, 1698.
6. John Mickelborough, born December 15, 1701; died February 3, 1721.
*7. Henry Mickelborough, born February 5, 1705; died _____ 1783. He married:
I. Frances
II. Susanna Daniel, February 17, 1736 8. Tobias Mickelborough, born June 17, 1708; died April 18, 1727.
9. Jane Mickelborough, born April 8, 1712; died ____. She Married Charles Daniel and her descendants are listed by Hayden.
10. Daniel Mickelborough, Born January 15, 1713: died _____. No further record.
2. Tobias Mickelborough, married three times, and his will records two children as follows:

11. Elizabeth Mickelborough, born February 15, 1685; died ____. No further record.

12. John Mickelborough, born _____; died October 9, 1716. 4. Edmund Mickelborough who married Elizabeth George, Had:

13. Robert Mickelborough, born Sept 11, 1720; died ______.
14. Elizabeth Mickelborough, born ____; died _____. Married John Batchelder February 15, 1748.
While there were several other listings in the article, it seemed to be rather incomplete. It can be determined from this information, however, that Jane Mickelborough Daniel was the daughter of Edmund Mickelborough who is the first known by this name in America. Other research may reveal more adequate information.

(Mary Minor was an ancestor of Nancy Daniel Rankins)

From an article in GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES, Wm. & Mary Quarterly, Vol III, we learn:
In Lower Norfolk county records there is a power of attorney from Meindert Doodes of Nansemond. In Lancaster county records "Minor Doodes of Lancaster county mariner," with consent of his wife mary, deeds to Peter Montague 200 acres in 1665. There is an act of the General Assembly in 1673, naturalizing Minor Doodes and Doodes Minor, his son. (Hening's STATUTES AT Large, II., 308; III., 479).

The will of Minor or Meindert Doodes is recorded in the clerk's office of Middlesex county, and bears date December 13, 1677. It is sealed with the wax impression of a galley.

It is clear that Doodes was a Dutch ship captain, who like many other sea-faring people settled in Virginia. Until the passage of the Navigation law, confining the trade of the colonies to Great Britain, a great many Dutch vessels and Dutch people came to Virginia.

The will of his wife Mary was dated September 17, 1678, and was proved February 7, 1686-'87. She died on Montague's Island January 9, 1686-'87 (Middlesex Parish Register). She names son Doodes Meindert and Peter Montague, dau. Marie Montague's daughter Marie.

Doodes Minor's will is also preserved at Saluda in the clerk's office, and bears date November 13, 1694, and was proved May 27, 1695. According to these wills and other records of the county of Middlesex --

1. MINOR (MINDERT) DOODES, and Mary, [See note at the end of this section.] had issue,
2. Doodes Minor (Mindert),
3. Mary m. Peter Montague, son of Peter Montague, the emigrant....

[Note: Among the foreigners naturalized in 1673 was Garrett Johnson; so as Mary Minor had a grandson Garrett, she may have been a daughter or sister of Garrett Johnson]

Mary Minor was the great-great-great grandmother of Nancy Daniel Rankins. Mr. B. B. Minor, LL.D., submitted an article to GENEALOGIES OF VIRGINIA FAMILIES entited "Some Minors in Virginia":

The MINERS and MINORS have been regarded by some as of different stocks; the former being Northern and the latter Southern. Mr. Orlin H. Miner (from New England), auditor of the State of Illinois, told me in Springfield that such was his belief, and that his family had always borne the name Miner. afterwards, in Jerseyville, Ill., his brother Samuel, a lawyer of good standing, told me the same thing; but he invited me to his office to examine some family documents appertaining, as he assured me, to his direct line of descent. It appeared that he had not attended to his own family relics, for one of them plainly signed "Nath Minor," and dated in early colonial times in Massachusetts. Another was a commission for "Clarence Miner," of the same ilk, as a lieutenant of the minute men of Massachusetts, dated 3d July 1776.

One of these documents put me in correspondence with Mr. Sidney Miner, of New London, Conn., who was getting up a family genealogy and invited co-operation. some memoranda were sent him, and I think he admitted that the two modes of spelling embraced the same blood. He is now dead; but his widow (second wife) is carrying on his work. His family came from Massachusetts and are still living on land which his ancestry obtained in the time of Charles I.

Some years ago, in Philadelphia, I examined a history of Litchfield, Conn., and found in it numerous Miners and Minors. I believe that the two modes of spelling are interchangeable. Very recently, in Detroit, Mich., my own name was misprinted.
Mr. Sidney Miner was inclined to credit a tradition that the name Bullman was changed to Miner by Edward III., who, on his way to invade France in 1339, was aided by Henry Bullman from his own iron works, with two hundred fighting men armed with battle-axes made in his forges. The king changed his name and knighted him, and a battle-axe was placed on his coat of arms, of which an impression in wax was sent me.
The high authority, Burke, shows that Myners and Mynors (spelt both ways) were in England from the day of the Norman conquest and Battle Abby. In Thomas Robson's British Herald, etc., eight families of Minor are mentioned, with their respective coats of arms but mostly without any dates, which is a sign of their antiquity.

Mr. Sidney Miner's more definite account is that Lieutenant Thomas Miner, born in England in 1608, came to Massachusetts in 1630, and from his the Miners (and Minors) are descended. He once wrote me that a Thomas Miner, of his family, had migrated to Virginia. The name Thomas has been in my family in Virginia for the past five generations. By her charter Virginia was to have a southern and northern colony, and though these were not planted as was intended, there was from 1620 a northern colony which held intercourse with Virginia. She was in fact New England.

Minor Doodes and Doodes Minor
Mr. Lucian Minor, who died whilst he was Professor of Law in venerable William and Mary, was the first one who told me about Doodes Minor, and Hening. He thought that he and I might be fifth or sixth cousins; but neither of us could prove it. I became acquainted with his brother Charles first, because he was a physician in Charlottesville whilst I was a student of the University, and , whether he was of any kin to me or not, he was to my stepmother, and had also married her first cousin. All the Minors of Albemarle treated me very cordially. I afterwards became intimate with Dr. Charles' brothers, Lucian an John B., and also knew their sisters and brother Launcelot.

In 2 Hening's Va. Stat. at Lar., p. 308 (Octo., 1673, 25th Charles II.), it was enacted that Minor Doodes, Doodes Minor and four others be naturalized, with all the privileges of natural born Englishmen. This was in pursuance of a general policy adopted by an act of a grand assembly holden at James Cittie, 20 Sept., 1671, by which "any stranger desiring to make this country the place of his constant residence might, upon petition and taking the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, be admitted to naturalization."

Afterward, 3 Hening, p.579 (Oct., 1675, 4th Anne), the naturalization of Minor Doodes, Doodes Minor and twenty-two others, was confirmed. Now this Minor Doodes was never a Minor. In November, 1665, he and his wife made a deed which they signed "Minor Doodes" and "Mary Doodes." His will is dated 13 Dec., 1677, twelve years later, and is signed by "Maindort Doode." Col. R. L. Maury, one of descendants, has shown me copies of both of these documents. His son bore the name "Doodes Minor," and the conjecture of some is that he (the son) preferred the family cognomen Minor and adopted it. A conjecture has occurred to me, that the worthy old sailor was once known as Meinheer, or Mindort, which became converted into English as "Minor Doodes," by which name he was twice naturalized. It was not very long before the family had a "Minor Minor." When naturalized, Doodes Minor meant Doodes, the Less, or Younger.

Mr. Minor Meriwether's Genealogy
This gentleman, of St. Louis, Mo., and formerly of Memphis, Tenn., has published a large work on the Minors and Meriwethers. He is descended from Minor Doodes and glories in it, and well he may, for Doodes was a well-behaved, energetic sea-faring Hollander, made Virginia his home and amassed here a very comfortable estate...


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