Ashmole School Photos

A great big Thank You, to Carolyn Reese for contributing these pictures. If you have old pictures, please consider contributing them to this site.

These school pictures are, what we beleive to be Ashmole School Pictures. Ashmole School was located in the Waterview Community of Cumberland County on the Noah Hollow Road. The building is long gone, but a few years ago the steps were still standing.

Joyce Stover sent me this information regarding the names on the back of the picture. "I looked up the ages of some of the people listed in the Ashmole school picture. Maurice Branham was only about 6 in 1911 so I think that name is wrong on the picture. Maurice is probably the young fellow on the front row who has the white shirt with the fancy collar. The person who is listed as Maurice is probably Ross, his older brother who was born ca. 1900".