Eaglin Family Information

This is information contributed by Linda Kuhnau regarding the Eaglin families of Gallatin County

Census Information:

Francis M. Eaglin on the 1850 census, York Township, Switzerland Co, Indiana

Listed with his parents, William and Louisa Eaglin.

William Eaglin, 55, Farmer, VA
Louisa, 50, PA
John, 26, KY
Elizabeth, 24, KY
Isaac, 18, KY
Cornelius, 15, KY
James P, 14, KY
William M, 12, KY
Geneveve, 7, KY
Sylvester, 3, KY
Francis M, 3, KY.. 
Majala, 2, KY
Marcus, 1, IN

1860 Census:

WM Eaglin, 66, m, laborer, VA
Louisa, 55, Penn
Elizabeth, 35, KY
James P., 33, KY
Melvin, 21, KY
Emaline, 17, KY
Sylvester, 15, KY
Francis M, 13, KY
Hellen, 12, KY
Marcus, 11, KY
Nancy Jane, 9, KY
James, 6, KY
John, 3, KY
Stephen, 7/12, KY
Amaritha Barksdale, 31, KY
Wesley Barksdale, 14, KY
Ephriam, 12, KY
Rosettha Bardsdall, 10, KY
Lydia B. Barksdale, 8, KY

They are living next to Cornelius Eaglin son of William.

1830 Gallatin Co, KY Census, pg 180


free wht males

under 5=1....#3 child/boy...............?
5-10=1.........#1 John Eaglin..m Elizabeth
15-20=1.......Other family, brother???
20-30=2.......William (Father) & poss bro

free wht females
under 5=1....#4 Amarintha Eaglin 
5-10=1.........#2 Elizabeth Eaglin
10-30=1.......Louisa Eaglin (mother)

William is not old enough to be father of the older kids, so this may be
some of his brothers...

Found him in 1840, Ripley Co, IN, name spelled William EAGLAND and all
the children's ages match the prior children in 1830 plus a few
more...he has 8 by then...

1840 Ripley Co, IN, page 102


free wht males

under 5=2.....#7 James P...#8 William M
5-10=2.........#5 Isaac...#6 Cornelius
10-15=2.......#1 John....#3.............?
30-40=1.......William, father

free wht females

10-15=2........#2 Elizabth...#4 Amarintha
30-40=1........Louisa, Mother
60-70=1........one of grandmothers

William has 8 children that he is old enough to be father of... He
also has a lady living with him between the age of 60-70...which is
probably one of the grandmothers...

1850 Census Warsaw, Gallatin Co, KY

EAGLIN, William 55, VA
Louisa, 50, PA
#1  John, 26, KY
#2  Elizabeth, 24, IN
#3......................child died or left home
#4..................... Amarinthia, KY, married
#5  Isaac,  18, KY
#6  Cornelius, 15, KY
#7  James P, 14, KY
#8  William M, 12, KY
#9  Emaline, 7, KY
#10 Sylvester, 5...Aug 1845, KY
#11  Francis Marion, 3, 28 Feb 1846, KY
#12  Mahala, 2, KY
#13  Marcus, 1, KY

If Sylvester was born in Aug 1845 and Francis was born in Feb
1846 that puts them 6 months apart...and if you look at all of Louisa's
children prior to 1845 they were all born for the most part at least
18-24 months apart...

1860 Census Warsaw, Gallatin Co, KY

William, 66, VA
Louisa, 55, PA
Elizabeth, 35, KY
James P, 33, KY
Melvin, 21, KY (William)
Emaline, 17, KY
Sylvester, 15, KY
Francis M, 13, KY
Helen, 12, KY (Mahala)
Marcus, 11, KY
Nancy Jane, 9, KY
James, 6, KY
John, 3, KY
Stephen, 7/12, KY
Amarintha Burkdoll 31, KY...husb has died
Wesley Burkdoll, 14, KY
Ephariam Burkdoll, 12, KY
Rosettha Burkdoll, 10, KY
Lydia B. Burkdoll, 8, KY
Isaac has moved out...

living next door is
Cornelius Eaglian, 23, KY
with his family...
1870 Census Warsaw,Gallatin Co, KY

William, 80, VA
Louisa, 79, PA
Elizabeth, 53, KY
Marcus, 19, KY
James, 16, KY
George, 8, KY (Tobe)
Louisa, 5, KY

Louisa is definitely to old to have these children...
1880 Census, Warsaw, Gallatin Co, KY

Finds William dead, Louisa living with Emaline and husband R.C.Cayton...

Elizabeth, 65, KY is listed with two sons and a daughter...

John, 23, KY
Toba, 19, KY
Lou, 16, KY



From the Warsaw Independent Newspaper
22 Feb 1890

"Obituary of Louisa (Grimes) Eaglin"

At Seymour, Indiana; last Thursday, a life closely allied to Gallatin
County, was brought to a close, the span of which included the birth of
this Republic, all its history, and the transformation of the Great West
of these United States from a wilderness to an empire.   Mrs. Louisa
Eaglin, died the day mentioned, at the residence of her grandson Ephriam
Bergdoll, in this city, aged 109 years, 10 months, and 28 days.  She was
born in Pennsylvania...of "Pennsylvania Dutch" stock...March 15, 1780.
When she was but 9 months old her parents emigrated to what is now the
city of Louisville, where she lived several years.  In 1799 she went to
Gallatin County, Kentucky, where she was married to William Eglin;( note
spelling) to them were born several children, but six of whom are now
living.  Had the eldest...a daughter...lived she would now be '89 years
of age.. 

Early in this century she removed to Switzerland County, Ind., with her
family, where her husband died soon after, and where she resided until
the year 1885, when she went to Seymour, Ind., to reside with her
relatives.  A great number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren,
nearly all residents of that State...survive her.  She was very active
and almost in complete possession of all her faculties until quite
recently.  For the week previous to her demise she had been in a
comatose state owing to her advanced years, and the effects of the
disease.  She was a bright old lady and a talk with her was always of a
pleasant and entertaining character.  She lived longer than one out of a
million expects to live, and her years were full of contentment and

News Articles appearing in the Warsaw Independent News

5 May 1888
In publishing the article in last week's issue in regard to the death of
Mrs. Frank B. Eaglin, who resided about 3 miles above town, we were
misinformed in regard to her age, time of death and family.  Mrs Eaglin
was in her 48th year instead of 35th, and died Saturday, April 21st, at
4 o'clock in the evening, instead of Sunday.  She had one child, who
survives her, and is the wife of Charlie Robbins, who resides near the
deceased.  Her remains were interred in the Odd Fellows' Cemetery,
Monday 23rd ult.

DIED---Lemuel Eaglin, a native of Warsaw, Ky--died at his home in
Indianapolis, Ind., Feb 26...

10 January 1891...
John Eaglin of Sugar Creek has been allowed a pension of $4.00 per month
for disabilities received during the late war.

10 January 1891
Scarlet fever is said to be prevalent in the Sugar Creek neighborhood.
A child of Frank B. Eaglin died yesterday, and several others are ill
wit the disease...
(per family bible this child was Fannie Bell, 1st child of Frank
Bell (aka Eaglin) by his 2nd wife)

John Eaglin, an old resident of this place, died quite suddenly last
Friday, Dec 6th... He retired the night before in his usual health and
was found dead in bed in the Morning.  He had all the evidence of having
died from an internal hemorage.  He leaves a wife and two sons, John and
Doll.  Mr Eaglin was about 68 years old and was a veteran of the late
Civil War, a member of the 55th KY. Volunteer Infantry under Co. John J.
Landram, and drew a pension of 12 per month.  The funeral took place
Monday, his remains being laid to rest in the Glencoe Odd Fellows
Cemetery, the services being conducted by Rev Z. W. Pigg of the Baptist

EAGLIN, Mrs. Frank B.
d 4-21-1888, age 48
at res. 3 mi above town
bur. Warsaw, no stone, wood cross
1 child...Mrs Charles Robbins
Warsaw Independent 5-5-1888


News Articles:

Warsaw Independent, May 1, 1887

from Rising Sun Recorder:
Louisa Grimes was born in Pennsylvania on March 15, 1780, and
consequently, is in the one hundred and eighth year of her age.  When
only nine months of age her parents came west and settled at what is now
Warsaw, Gallatin county, KY.  Soon after that  a man by the name of W
Eaglin, who  was born in Virginia, in 1775, came west and stopped in
Gallatin county, Kentucky, where he became aquainted with the Grimes
family.  All remained there several years, when they went down the Ohio
river on a "floater" and landed in what is now Perry county, Indiana.
They went out in the country some thirteen miles, when they pitched a
small log cabin in the wild woods, in which they took up their abode.
There were but few whites in all that section, and they several miles
apart.  Mr Grimes began clearing a small piece of ground, which in time,
was planted with Indian corn, cotton, etc.  Almost every species of wild
basts, then peculiar to the western wilds, roamed at large and about
their rural, little home.  When not farming, the men folks employed
their time in chopping wood and trapping and fishing on a creek that was
near by.

In 1804, Louisa Grimes and Wm Eaglin, having formed a warm attachment
for each other, were married at Troy, in Perry county.  Here in 1806, a
daughter was born to their union.  Soon after this, the community not
suiting them they returned to Gallatin county, Kentucky, and the older
members of the family going on horseback, and the children and household
goods were hauled in a road wagon, made by themselves.  there they
continued to reside near Warsaw, where nine children were born to Mr.
and Mrs. Eaglin, the youngest of whom is now about sixty years of age.
In 1870, Mr Eaglin died at the age of 104, and was buried there.   A few
years later Mrs. Eaglin went to Vevay, where she makes her home with her
son-in-law, Jackson Cayton, and his family.  Of her ten children eight
are living, the oldest of whom, Samuel Eaglin, now about seventy-nine
years of age, resides at Indianapolis.   He is hale and hearty, has an
interesting family and bids fair to live to be as old as his father was.
Mrs. Eaglin has had 113 grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many of
whom has passed to the spirit land.  It is safe to say that Mrs. Eaglin
is the oldest living person in Indiana.  Last week Mrs Eaglin was visiting
a daughter, Mrs Burksdale, at Seymour, Ind., where a newspaper
correspondent called upon her, and was surprised at her activity, and to
learn with what accuracy, minuteness and distinctness she related
incidents that came under her immediate observations as far back as a
century ago...

Her_______is perfectly clear and her _______plain and distinct, but
voice _____strong and her speech slow;  Her intellectual capacity and
reasoning powers are certainly of a very high order.  Her activity, too,
is fully equal to that of most persons  of less than half her age.  Mrs.
Eaglin is a remarkable lady, being able to trip up and down the stairway
at the home of her daughter with as much, grace, and nimbleness as most
ladies of forty.


Military Information:

Sylvester Eaglin

He joined the Civil War 12th September 1864, Co B, 55th Reg't KY
Volunteers...in Warsaw, Gallatin Co, KY...He served until the end of the
Civil War in 1865...he seems to have been absent without leave for two
months, thus only serving 10 1/2 months...

Sylvester contracted the mumps at the end of the War and was sent to the
field hospital for a few days... his Reg't moved on and he left the
hospital at Bean Station and went with them, although he had the
mumps...by the time they traveled to Knoxville, he was even sicker and
checked into the hospital when they arrived... he could not perform any
of his duties and finally was mustered out at the end of the Civil War,
completely deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other...he
eventually became totally deaf in both ears....

He filed a claim the 24th Mar 1885 and received $8, then after more
paperwork he received $12 from 7th Oct 1885, and then after additional
medical examinations he received $22 from 27th Aug 1888...

Every time they came out with new rules 1912 and 1920, Sylvester
reapplied...but being deaf was not covered under the rules as a
disability that would bring more money...he was eligible for minimum
amount because he served and became deaf, but he could perform daily
tasks of dressing and feeding himself, and going to the bathroom
unattended...so his claim was limited...

He eventually grew older and could not work due to his feebleness of age
and applied again in 1920 and was held in abeyance until he could prove
by reason of age and physical or mental disabilities he had become
helpless or blind as to require the regular personal aid and attendance
of another person, then he would be reconsidered...at first he was

Finally after more letters in 1920 he was given $50 a month and in 1923
he was given $76 a month...Sylvester died 12 Jan 1926 and his Widow then
applied for her widow's pension and she received $30 a month...

Sylvester did fill out some additional papers on 3rd April 1915, in
regard to his family, since he had minor children that might be due a
pension if he died before they grew up...

He stated that his wife was Nancy Bickers and they were married 8th Mar
1866 in Warsaw, Gallatin Co, KY by Rev Tiller... His children were...

Ollie Eaglin, deceased
Walter Eaglin, deceased
Louis Ealin, b 7 Jan 1867, living
Adelia Eaglin, b 4 Aug 1869, living, married Charles Detroy
Sarah Elizabeth Eaglin, b 26June 1872, living, married w. Lee Sparks
George Eaglin, twin, b 10 Jan 1884, living
Willie Eaglin, Twin, b 10 Jan 1884 living

His death record states that his name is Sylvester Egland, he was born 4
Aug 1843, KY, died 12 Jan 1926, Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN, was
married to Nancy Egland, and his parents were Wm Egland, W VA, Louisa
Greines, PA...he died of Labor Pneumonia and is buried in Cave Hill
National Cemetery.. He is listed in the Cemetery listing as Eaghin, but
in the civil ward papers he is listed with various name spellings...
Eaglin, Eaglen, Eagland, and Egland...

There is a copy of the Marriage License and the Marriage
Certificate...they were married in the presence of Marion Eaglin,
Francis M. Eaglin, William H. Bickers, Cornelious Eaglin, and
others...8th Mar 1866...

Nancy's claim was eventually raised to $40 a month and she died 26 Jan