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Allphin Cemetery, located on the Boone County line. Patriot, KY

K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Beall Cemetery, Removed to Warsaw I.O.O.F. cemetery in the northeast corner.  
Bledsoe-Jacobs Cemetery, on the northwest corner of the junction of state road 16 and 2850. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Bradley - Tandy Cemetery, family graveyard is on the hill top overlooking Craig’s Creek Embayment and the Ohio River. Roy Wheeler
Carlton Cemetery,  North off state road 16 above Glencoe. Find A Grave
Chapman Cemetery, Highway 16 & Route 2850. Verona, KY K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Clifton Cemetery, located in the Glencoe area.  
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery, at the intersection of state road 16 & Munk Road in Concord. K.L. GarlandThe Registry

Concord Pentecostal Cemetery,  located on state road 16 behind Concord Pentecostal Church.

Courtney Cemetery,  located on top of the ridge east of the Crouch Cemetery on Sayresville Road. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Craig Cemetery, located on the old Craig farm, Stephen's Creek, Walnut Valley Road. Cemetery is reported to have been destroyed some years ago.  
Crouch Cemetery, located northeast of the junction of Glencoe and Sayresville Roads on east side of Sayresville. Easy to find.  
Dawley Cemetery,  located on the west side of 562 about a half mile north of I-71. Patriot, KY K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Dorman Cemetery, Located on Sayresville Road.  
Peter Dorman Cemetery, Heritage Hill Road, Heritage Hill Subdivision, Glencoe. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Dorman Cemetery #2, located on Heritage Hills Road (was Dorman Lane), south of Oakland Church off Johnson Road (455). K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Eaglin Cemetery, originally located in the Markland Dam area and removed to the Warsaw I.O.O.F. cemetery.  
Edwards Cemetery,  located on Hance Road about a quarter mile southeast of Hance Cemetery on property owned by Donnie Waugh.  

Edward Spencer Cemetery, off Highway 16.

K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Ellis Cemetery,  located at Sayresville and Glencoe Roads. Across the road from the Crouch cemetery in Sparta. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Elliston/Spencer Cemetery, located off state road 16 with only one stone standing. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Furnish Family Cemetery, also know as Garrett Furnish Cemetery, located on the east side of 35 about four miles south of Warsaw. Large granite marker readily visible from the road. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Jacob Furnish Cemetery, located at Vera Cruz on a hill east of Highway 35 between Warsaw & Sparta, Ky Roy Wheeler
Gibson Cemetery, located on 1992 (also known as  Steele Bottom Road) about 1/4 mile south of Ambrose Road and an 1/8 mile east of Steele Bottom. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Glencoe Cemetery, located on the east side of 455 between 127 & 16 (known as Cemetery Lane). Three-quarters of a mile northeast of Glencoe. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Hance Cemetery,  located north of US 42 & 127 on the northeast side of Hance Road in the eastern portion of Gallatin County. Patriot, KY K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Hoagland Cemetery,  located off Campbell Road in west Gallatin County. Find A Grave
John W. Holton Cemetery, located on Park Ridge Road about 1 mile off 465 near Sparta/I-71. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Howard Cemetery,  located on Heritage Hills Road off 455 south of Oakland Church in Glencoe. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Jones Cemetery, located on 16, just north of where it joins Eagle Tunnel Road and east of 16. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Joseph Cemetery, located on 562. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Littrell Cemetery, recorded in 1979 by Dr. Bogardus. Located half a mile west of S.R. 35, about 4 miles south of Warsaw."  
McDanell Cemetery, removed to Warsaw Cemetery.  
Montgomery Cemetery, located on the east side of Montgomery Road in far western Gallatin County. Montgomery/Fothergill farm family cemetery. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
New Warsaw Cemetery (A-B), located on highway 42 in Warsaw.
New Warsaw Cemetery (C-F)

New Warsaw Cemetery (G-H)

New Warsaw Cemetery (I-M)

New Warsaw Cemetery (N-S)

New Warsaw Cemetery (T-Z)

New Warsaw Cemetery (Reinterments)

K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Napoleon Cemetery, located just east of Napoleon at the southwest corner of the intersection of 16 and the Elliston-Napoleon Road. (aka Oddfellow Cemetery)  
Norman Cemetery, located off Hawthorne Street in Glencoe. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
North Cemetery, Originally located south side of US 42, west of Warsaw on the Ed Myler farm on a high hill. Later removed from the Markland Dam construction area to the southwest corner of the Warsaw I.O.O.F. cemetery.  
Oakland Baptist Cemetery, located just south of I-71 on the southwest side of 455 (Johnson Road) at Old Boone Trail Road, across from the church. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Oddfellow (Napoleon) Cemetery, located just east of Napoleon at the southwest corner of the intersection of 16 and the Elliston-Napoleon Road. (aka Napoleon Cemetery) K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Old Providence Baptist Church Cemetery on Johnson Road (455).  
Old Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Paintlick Baptist Church Cemetery, located on 1992 just off 127 above Little Sugar Creek. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Park Ridge Cemetery,  A black cemetery, located about three fourths of a mile from 465 on Park Ridge Road. Find A Grave
Robinson Cemetery, located at junction 184 & Campbell Road, about 1 1/2 mile north of Rt. 47 on Rt 184. Roy Wheeler
Rudd Cemetery, located 1 mile south of Warsaw on Dry Creek Road, on the Allen Smith farm.  
Consolidated Second Baptist Church Cemetery, east Main Street, Warsaw. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Sleet Cemetery, located on Spencer Road, south side, eastern end. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Spencer Cemetery, located 100 yards south of the junction of the Spencer and Sayresville Roads, on the west side of and abutting the Sayresville Road. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Stahl Cemetery, located in the eastern part of the county due west of Hance cemetery but at the end of a lane east off of Ambrose Road. (Link to map only) Find A Grave
St Joseph Catholic Church Cemetery, located on the west side of Hwy 35 in Warsaw. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Stewart-Steele Cemetery, located on the west of Steele Creek Road near the Ohio River. Lies among farm buildings, but visible from the road. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Sugar Creek Church of Christ, located on the west side of Tapering Point Road (also known as Big Sugar Road) north of I-71 near Napoleon. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Swango Cemetery, located on land owned by Julie T. Sullivan, on lower Vera Cruz Road, south side, near road running south to Boone or Lick Creek road.  
William Swango Cemetery , located on Road 465, North Side 1.2 mi. E. of S.R. 35.  
Tandy-Bradley Cemetery, overlooking Craig’s Creek and the Ohio River, on land belonging to Bernie Pawlus. This cemetery has been destroyed.  
Ten Mile Baptist Church, located on Tapering Point Road about a half mile west of Napoleon. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Thomas Cemetery, Glencoe area  
Turley Family Cemetery, located on the north side of Tapering Point Road about 1/8th of a mile from its junction with 16 at Napoleon. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Turner Cemetery, located about 1 mi. west of Markland Dam. About 300 feet west of this cemetery is an old home site (only a few brick remain) which was likely home to this family. Photos Contributed By: Don Neuspickel
Turpin Cemetery, located at the junction of I-71 and Warsaw-Sparta road, behind a stone house on the hill.  
Unnamed Cemetery, Behind Concord Pentecostal Church on  Highway 16 Concord K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Warsaw Cemetery - Beall Burials, located in Warsaw on US. 42, Main Street Roy Wheeler
Warsaw I.O.O.F. Cemetery, located on the south side of US 42, just east of the Gallatin County courthouse. Find A Grave
Warsaw (old) Cemetery, located on the western side of town, south of U.S. 42, behind the County Attorney's Office or NW of the library. Find A Grave
War Veterans Monument, Gallatin County Park, Warsaw. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Waters Cemetery, located on 1992 (Steele Bottom Road) very near where Big Bone Creek meets the Ohio River. K.L. GarlandThe Registry
Wheeler Cemetery, located two miles south of Warsaw on State Route 35. Roy Wheeler
Worthville Masonic Cemetery, Located in Worthville on the north end of Cemetery St. (Cemetery physically located in Carroll County) Find A Grave