Gallatin County Court Order Books

These documents have been transcribed as closely as possible. They are very difficult to read and there are possible errors. In most cases, a copy of the original document has been placed to the right of the transcription.

Generously Contributed By: Ginny Schilt

Court Order Book #1, page 11: Robert Scantand (Scanland) to erect grist mill on Four Mile Creek.

Court Order Book #1, page 238: Richard Masterson agrees to the use rooms of his home for Court proceedings. September 25, 1803.

Court Order Book #1, page 244: Replacement of window sash and shutters.

Court Order Book #1: John Harden committed to gaol, June 16, 1801.


Generously Contributed By: Geneva Pettit

Court of Gallatin County, Kentucky, 8 September, 1818.
Court Order Books.

William Demint declared to be father of two Bastard children of Rachel Gullion.

Exceptions to ruling of Court filed.

William Demint to pay twenty dollars for support of youngest child.
Jarred Demint on bond of William Demint to pay, Thirty Dollars per year for four years.


Note: I have no information on the children except the one daughter, Rebecca, was given by her mother Rachel, all of her land, in her will. Rebecca Gullion, later gives her land to her Uncle George Gullion. Rebecca is the only child I can find in the census. No idea of the sex of second child nor what happened to it.

The location in which they lived, later became Carroll County when it was formed in 1838.