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  Payne, Cave and Johnson Families

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  Descendants of Edward Masterson
Descendants of  Martin and Hannah Clark Baker
Dr. Carroll M. Peak
Descendants of Simon Sacre
Kentucky Wheelers
Church and Family History Research Assistance for Primitive Baptist Churches in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana


Waller Genealogy


Descendants of Francis Barnes


Baker Genealogy


Cook Genealogy

George Washington English


Abraham Whitaker


Nimrod Whitaker


GOERLER Genealogy

Have files on Bagbys and Goerlers back to 1500s. Willing to trade information.
Also Collins, Carr, Loomis, and many more - over 3400 surnames.


Pamela HAGEN

"I have a family page that is primarily old Gallatin County families. It is the history of the David OWEN who came to Gallatin Co. before 1800 and was one of the early trustees for Port William, and Solomon WILKINS who came to Gallatin Co. by 1806 and was one of the founding members of White's Run Baptist Church until he was excluded for adultery in 1843. It also includes many other early Gallatin Co. names."



Phil Napier, who was raised in Warsaw and has returned to live in Gallatin County,
has a Napier family site with related surnames as well as photographs.


George Marion SISSON - Sarah (Sallie) A. MARCY

Kelly Walter has created a neat page of photos and information on the descendants
of this Civil War Union Captain and his wife who lived on a farm on Sugar Creek.


Elijah CROUCH family of Warsaw