Lanes In Adair and Green County, Ky.


Compiled by Marilyn M. Fair



The family of my Great Grandfather, Benjamin Elisha Lane came from Tennessee and Ky. Many of the children of my Great Great Grandfather settled in and around the Adair Co. area. This information has been gathered via records at the county level, records at the state level, genealogical information books and publications, death records, marriage bonds etc. and is as accurate as this researcher can be at this time, all additions or corrections are welcome. [contact with any new information]



Elisha Benjamin Lane, b:  Ca. 1815-1820 either in Ky. Or Tenn., died 19/Aug./1899 at Anchorage Ky., married Nancy Mary Reed, daughter of James M. Reed 10/July/1845 in Green Co., Ky.


Nancy Mary Reed, b: Ca. 1833 in Green Co., Ky., died between 1880-1900, father, James M. Reed; mother, Nelly Cravatt (daughter of Nancy Cravatt).



Sarah Jane Lane…b: Oct. 1846 Green Co., Ky., died before 1901, married Richard T. Wooldridge 4/Aug./1861 in Green Co., Ky.


Mary Ellen Lane…b: Ca. 1848 in Green Co., Ky., married William Keith 19/Nov./1865 in Green Co., Ky.


Martha Williams Lane…b: 10/May/ 1851-53 in Green Co., Ky., died 19/Feb: /1920 in Adair Co. Ky., married Dr. Charles D. Moore in Green Co., Ky. 25/Dec./1869.


Richard S. Lane…b:  Ca. 1854 in Green Co. Ky.


Ann Elizabeth Lane…b:  Ca. 1856 in Green Co. Ky., married Samuel Shipp.


Laura Thomasa Lane…b:  April 1858 in Green Co. Ky., married John C. Sharp.


Joseph Woodson Lane…b:  June 1861 in Green Co. Ky., married Emily Minerva Brockman.


John Henry Lane…b:  Jan. 1865 in Green Co. Ky., died 18/May/1937 in Bullitt Co. Ky., married [1] Pharaba Combest, [2] Estelle Jones Troll.


Benjamin Elisha Lane…b:  June 1866 in Green Co. Ky., died 6/Oct./1949 in Jefferson Co., Ky., married Sarah Belle Smith 11/Oct./1894 in Adair Co., Ky. Lived many years in Adair Co., Ky.


Catherine Lane…b: Cal.1870

C.A. Lane, male baby born 1872, died 18/Oct./1874 in Green Co. Ky.


Franklin L. Lane…b: Feb: 1875 in Green Co. Ky., died 27/July/1952 in Jefferson Co., Ky. , married Carrie Belle ?


James Lane…b: Ca. 1860 found in the 1880 census living with his sister Martha Williams Lane Moore, nothing more is known.



   Benjamin Elisha Lane married Sarah Belle Smith, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith of Adair Co. Ky.


William “Willie” Lane b: Ca. 1895-96 in Adair Co., Ky. Died at the age of 1 month.


Charles McKinley Lane b: 19/Dec./1897 Adair Co. Ky., died 23/March/1931 in Adair Co., Ky. ,married Mary Ellen Woods Delaney.


John Alford Lane b: 4/Feb. /1898 in Adair Co. Ky. ,died 29/July/1971 in Jefferson Co., Ky., married [1] Daisy Lucas, [2]  Mary Frances Gilpin 4/June/1928 in Jeffersonville, In. Mary Frances Gilpin was the daughter of Thomas Gilpin and Bessie Martin Gilpin of Adair Co., Ky.


Nannie Elizabeth Lane b:  Dec.1899 in Adair Co. Ky. Died in 1902 in Adair Co., Ky.


Dolly Lane b:  Ca. 1901 in Adair Co., Ky. Married [1] Guy Stevens, [2] Arthur Tetrick.


Richard Lewis Lane b: Ca. 1902 in Adair Co. Ky., died 1988 in Jefferson Co. Ky.,  married Eveline Gilpin, sister of Mary Frances Gilpin Lane.