Green County Links

Most of these are genealogically based, but some are just fun!


The USGenWeb Archives Homepage - Go here to see the states archive pages.  They have all the states archive pages listed here.

The USGenWeb Archive "Census On-Line Project" - Stop by and see if your state has a census that is being transcribed.  If not, volunteer every person can help.

The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project - Stop by here and submit your family cemetery information.  If you don't have that volunteer to transcribe a local cemetery.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators - You can go here and check for treasure that has been lost to your family for years.

Cemetery Internment Lists on the Internet - by Steve Paul Johnson.  He is putting a list together of all the cemetery listings that are on the internet.


Official Kentucky Vacation Guide - Go here if you are planning on visiting Kentucky.  You can see all the sites that you can visit while here in this WONDERFUL state.

The KYGenWeb Archives Homepage - Go here to see Kentucky archive pages.  They have birth, marriage, death, will and deeds for a number of counties that people have submitted to store here.

The Kentucky Room - part of the Reference Department of the Central Library of the Lexington Public Library in Lexington.  Tells you what the collection contains and how to get a hold of them by mail.

Kentucky Military Civil War Page - part of KYGenWeb.  It covers Kentucky during the Civil War.

Revolutionary War Pension Project Page - part of the USGenWeb.  It covers Kentucky's Revolutionary War Veterans that filed for Pensions.

Kentucky Vital Records - You can go here to do a search for Kentucky Death Certificates from 1911-1992 and the Marriage & Divorce Records from 1973-1993.

Naming the Forgotten - The Eastern State Hospital Project

Green County

The Green County Archives page - If you would like to submit something for the archives please let the archivist know.

Political Graveyard in Green County - Go here to see Political figures that were born or buried in Green County.

Roadside Historical Markers - for those roadside signs that "whizz" by that you would like to know what they say.

National Historical Locations - Sites in Green County found on a list of Historical Places.


 The biggest genealogical site on the web

- Genealogy Search Engine

1834 Map of the United States - You can go here to get a good look at what Green Co. looked like in 1834.

The Association for Gravestone Studies - You have a question about what is on your ancestors gravestone, go here and  they should have the answer.  


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