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Huguenot Emigration to Virginia by Brock, # 7, p. 196
Pierre, Joseph, Archelaus & William were sons of Pierre Faure, Jr. and Marie. All went to Ky, except Archelaus, Joseph and William (with Pierre and other sisters and brothers. Three other sons not on the Register of Kg. Wm. Parish were: Hezekekiah, Jesse, and Silas.

I the old tax record of Buckingham Co. VA, now in the State Library, Richmond, VA, in Dist. # 2, is found names of: Joseph Ford, William Ford. These are carried on the tax books as of Prince Edward County, VA, and always spelled Ford until about 1800 when the name is spelled Fore. Later in KY, the name is spelled Foree.

(My Note: Manakin Town was in King William Parish)

(The notes above were found in Ellen Byrnes book, Notes On The Faure Family.)

In King William Parish Records in Virginia:

31 May 1729 was born Joseph Faure, son of Pierre and Judith, his wife & baptized by a Mr. Mason, July 16th. Godfather, Joseph Bingli,
Godmother, Judith Bingli

3 September 1743 (found the date to be 3 Nov.
1742 in other records --gcq) b Judith, daughter of
Pierre Faure and Marie, his wife.

31 May 1744 b. Joseph, son of Pierre Faure and
Marie, his wife

25 Sept. 1745 b. Pierre, son of Pierre Faure and
Marie, his wife.

22 June 1747 b. Archelaus, son of Pierre Faure,
and Marie, his wife.

2 May 1749 b. William, son of Pierre Faure, and
Marie, his wife.

(Above information from Gwen Quickel - 2002)


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