Henry County Marriages

1798 - 1851

Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns - 1932

Transcribed, Formatted and Contributed By: Virginia Tolman

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Smither - Sullinger

Records of Marriages in Henry County, Kentucky for the period of years 1798 - 1851 Inclusive.                
Compiled By: Annie Walker Burns
210 West Main Street
Frankfort, Kentucky
January 1932
Key Abbreviations on document: [f] father  [m] mother  {bdsm] bondsman  [decd] deceased  [gdn] guardian  [wdo] widow
NOTE: We have made corrections from the original bonds that are on microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake; other corrections are from family records and other sources
Name Name of Spouse Date [May be date of Bond] & Witness Bondsman or Parents
Smither, Thomas J Hill, Lucy Jan 1847, Nov 1 Hill, George P
Smoot, Almond Dodd, Nancy 1825, Sep 11 Dodd, Hugh father
Smoot, Thomas Kelly, America father Will 1846, Mar 10 Clements, W. R
Snell, Jesse Malin, Rachael 1822, Oct 2 Malin,Isaac father
Snell, Martha Adams, Henry son of William Adams & Martha Harris 1826, Feb 3 Snell, Charles, Decd
Snook, Martin Girffith, Elen 1820, Mar 25 Hill, Cornelius
Sook, Peter Thorn, Peggy 1809, Oct 28 Thorn, Elizabeth mother
Southerland, John Lamb, Lucreta 1824, Mar 1 Lamb, Jacob father
Spalding, Henrietta Aldridge, William 1818, Dec 28 Banta, Peter
Spalding, Henrietta      par: dec’d grdns: Issac & Henrietta LeCompt Aldridge, William 1818, Dec 28  
Spalding, Lewis Hardin, Maria father Mark 1841, Nov 1 Hardin, Ben F & James witness
Sparks, Fountain Sparks, Phebe Ann 1848, July 30 Sparks, William father
Sparks, John Fallis, Nelly   Fallis, George father dec'd
Sparks, Oliver Locklin, Elizabeth Jr 1833, Dec 3 Lockli, Elizabeth Sr mother
Sparks, Richard Satterwhite, Mill a 1840, Jan 7 Satterwhite, Elizabeth mother
Sparks, Robert Estis, Elizabeth 1840, May 28  
Sparks, Walter Prewitt, Susan A 1814, Feb 8 Prewitt, Coleman
Sparks, William Tiller, Cath 1837, April 4  
Speaks, John Logan, Nancy 1824, July 15 Logan, John father
Speaks, Joseph Galbrath, Sary (Sally)mother Nancy 1801, Aug 1 Jones, Thomas
Speaks, Thomas Henderson, Nancy 1826, Oct 18 1826, Oct 18
Spears, Eliza Prichard, James 1808, Jun 13 Spears, Daniel father
Spears, John Grimes, Katty father Leonard 1817, Apr 18 Grimes, John
Spears, Joseph Owens, Eliza Jane 1836, Sep 5 Owens, John father
Speer, Eliza Jane Vanover, George 1812, Mar 9 Speer, H. father
Speer, Henry Sanford, Susanna father Daniel 1806, Jmay 6 Speer, Sauire
Speer, Jane Widow Bartlett, Edmund, Jr 1815,  
Speer, Mary Romier, John 1811, Jun 24  
Speer, Nelly Rawlins, Josiah 1810, Mar 19 Speer, Joshua father
Speer, Polly Castleman, James M 1812, Nov 28 Speer, Benny father
Speer, Sally Owen, John 1812, Nov 12  
Speer, William Crawford, Elizabeth 1817, Jun 11 Crawford, James Bonds
Speers, Eliza Perkins, samuel 1816, Dc 21 Speers, Henry Father
Spencer, Caleb James, Susan father Daniel 1813, Feb 19 Spencer, Walter
Spencer, L. R. Merriweather, Mildrica A mother Priscilla 1840, Jun 23 Spencer, James Beckley his father
Spencer, Priscilla Thomas, William 1813, Feb 8  
Spilman, Eva Warble, Phillip 1812, Jun 1  
Spilman, Fielding W Coleman, Agnes father Stephen 1821, July 25 Coleman, James Bonds
Spilman, Thomas P Woodside, Elizabeth M mother Mary 1846, Aug 1  
Spires, Green Berry Bryan, Madinlia 1824, Dc 15 Bryant, Morgan father dec'd
Spires, John Bryan, Elgiva 1827, Dec 1 Bryant, Morgan father dec'd
Sproule, James Cameron, Mary Ann widow 1810, Oct 20  
Spurgen, Elizabeth f William Kimberlin, Abraham, Jr 1816, Aug 9 [Kimberlin, Abraham & Nancy his parents]
Spurgin, Benjamin Ewing, Louisa 1829, Mar 30 Ewing, James father
Spurgin, Priscilla Hamilton, James 1810, Jan 15 Spurgin, William father
Spurgin, William Wells, Sally 1827, Nov 12 Wells, Richard father
Stalker, Rebecca T. F. Will Garritt, Ben 1845, Sep 27  
Standford, Frank Norvill, Nancy 1823, Aug 25 Norvill, John father
Standly, Corgin Conn, Elgira 1839, Apr 8  
Stanley, Thomas Chastain, Mmartha 1840, Mar 13 Castain, John father
Stanton, Polly Castle, David 1820, Oct 26 Stanton, Bartholomew father
Stark Matilda f. Reuben decd' Admire, Philip 1833, Sep 28 Stark, Preston
Stark, Caleb Boone, Anne 1815, Jan 15 Boone, Josiah father
Stark, Daniel Arnold, Rebeckah 1800, July 12  
Stark, Daniel Arnold, Rebeckah 1800, July 12 Arnold, Levy
Stark, David Stark, Mary 1801, Mar 25 Stark Jo & Hannah her parents
Stark, Mary Edwards, James 1807, Feb 17 Stark, Daniel & Elizabeth her parents
Stark, Philip Rawlins, Elizabeth 1809, Aug 18 Rawlins, Absolom & Mary her parents
Stark, Preston Yager, Eliza Ann 1832, Oc5 20 Yager, Joel father
Stark, Reuben Stephenson, Sally father William 1805,Apr 22 Stark, Abner
Starke, Benjamin Arnold, Mary 1804, Mar 16 Hamilton, James & Pattey her parents
Starke, Benjamin Arnold, Mary 1804, March 16  
Starke, Charales Rays, Eliza 1806, Mar 4 Hays, Nathaniel father
Starke, Johnathan unnamed 1804, Nov 19  
Starke, Levi Gregory, Martha 1825, Clark, Edmond
Starks, Abram Chastain, Miss 1812, Aug 3 Stephen & Elisha ?
Starks, Rutha Thorpe, Isaac 1806, Mar 4  
Staten, Emaline Abbett, Oliver P 1838, Jan 15 Abbott, James, father of Groom
Staten, Polly Ragsdale, Drury 1820, Oct 27 Staten, B father
Staten, Sarah Ragsdale, Joseph 1810, Staten, George father
Staten, William Brent, Matilda 1839, Jan 28 Brent, Elizabeth mother
Staton, Joseph Elston, Caroline 1826, Nov 2 Elston, Benjamin father
Staton, Polly Perkins, Lewis 1816, Nov 11 Staton, William father
Staton, Thomas Meek, Malinda 1828, Mar 7 Meek, John father
Staton, William Lane, Ruhanna 1834, Feb 27 Lane, Thomas father
Stayton, Washington Batts, Sally 1817, Dec 18 Batts, Nancy gave consent
Stephens, John Kemper, Polly father Joel 1816, Dec 31 DeJarnett, Elias
Stephens, Nancy Dejarnett, John 1816, Mar 22 Stephens, James father
Stephens, Nathan Netherton, Rebecca father Henry 1814, Apr 4 DeJarnett John
Stephens, William A Ragsdale, Sarah 1822, Jan 1 Ragsdale, Richard father
Stephenson, Benj Grimes, Mary father Leonard 1816, Nov 25 Mount, Thomas
Stephenson, George Robertson, Sally 1828, Oct 22  
Stephenson, Linney Dejarnett, Elias 1808, May 21 Stephenson, William father
Stephenson, Nancy Troutman, James 1815, May y Stephenson, William father
Stephenson, William Troutman, Peggy father Peter 1814, Mar 14 DeJarnett. Elias
Sterett, David Adcock, Margaret 1830, Apr 30 Adcock, John M father
Sternater, Margaret Dean, Robert 1806, Dec 2 Mowrey, Adam her Guardian
Stevens, James Button, Julaney father William 1813, Oct 20 Williams, Mark
Stevens, John Staltcup, Jane S 1809, Aug 14 Staltcup, Hannah her mother
Stewart, Allen Antle, Frances f Lewis 1802, Aug 4  
Stewart, Allen Aubell, Francis 1802, Aug 4 Stewart, John bondsman
Stewart, Allen Meek, Sarah 1844, Nov 24 Meek, Jonathan
Stewart, Archibald Dawkins, M 1821, Mar 23 Dawkins, John father
Stewart, Daniel Chilton, Jane 1821, Jan 27 Chilton, George father
Stewart, Duncan Stewart, Lucy 1839, Oct 15 Stewart, Asa father
Stewart, George Byrd, Elizabeth father John 1847, Sep 39 Stewart, George
Stewart, Hiram Chilton, Lucy T 1825, Mar 23 Chilton, George father
Stewart, James Davis, Sally 1810, Dec 27 Martinie, David
Stewart, James Wells, Letitia 1831, Aug 10 Wells, Richard father
Stewart, Jemima Perry, Benjamin 1802, July 21  
Stewart, Joel Antler, Nancy 1810, Dec 11  
Stewart, Joel Antler, Nancy 1810, Dec 11 Morgan, Bryan Jr
Stewart, John Aldridge, Rhoda Jane 1849, Mar 15 Eldridge, Rhoda mother
Stewart, John Chilton, Susan B father George 1828, Oct 10 Sacry, George
Stewart, John Jr Dunbar, Hannah 1814, Sep 19 Thomas, Row
Stewart, Lucy Martin, David 1800, Jan 1 Stewart, John father
Stewart, Rebecah f Jas. Akin, Josiah 1806, May 24 Stewart, Stephen
Stewart, Russell Nevill, Nancy 1835, Mar 2 Nevill, Stewart father
Stewart, Sally Batts, John 1811, Dec 16  
Stewart, Sesa Martinie, David 1808, Stewart, John father
Stewart, Susan f. Asa Grimes, Geo. D 1847, Dec 19 f. Allen Stewart
Stewart, William Chilton, May 1842, Sep 5 Chilton, John father
Stilwell, William Bond, Lelia 1820, Sep 19 Bond, Solomon father
Stities, Sarah Rhodes, Clifford 1820, May 20  
Stiton, James Shuck, Eliza 1818, Dec 25 Shuck, Mathias father
Stivers, William J Shuck, Nancy Father Cornelius 1835, Jan 7  Stivers, William F
Stodghill, Martin Carr, sarah 1839, Sep 14  
Stokes, William Venble, Sally 1823, Nov 11 Venble, Henry father
Stokley, Lucinda      f: Isaac Adams, William P. 1848, Feb 17 Stokley, Isaac
Stone, Henry H Callis, Martha T. W. 1829, Apr 25 Callis, Claron M
Stone, Joshua Douglas, Sarah 1839, Sep 29 Douglas, William father
Storms, Nancy Norrington, Benjamin 1810,, Dec 27 Storms, Peter father
Stratton, Elisha Antill, Mary 1839, Mar 16 Antill, John father
Stratton, Elisha B Stewart, Malinda 1832, Nov 3 Stewart, Asa father
Stratton, George Tage, Mary Jane 1837, Mar 22 Tague, Joseph father
Stratton, John Steele, Rosanna 1811, Apr 11 Dean, Robert
Street, James Colbert, rachel, father Daniel 1814, Jan 22 Colbert, Daniel Jr
Strother, C Owens, America f Sanford 1847, Oct 21 Strother, Oliver C
Strother, John F Bruce, Lavina 1830, Jan 21 Bruce, William father
Stuart, Asa Davis, Lindy 1808, July 6 Davis, Nancy mother
Stubbins, John J Montgomery, Mary 1829, Oct 30 Montgomery, Adam father
Stubbins, Mary Gardner, Elias 18347, Oct 16 Robert Montgomery
Sublitt, Martha Allgood, John 1841, April 3 Sublett, John f.
Shuck, Levi Kitson, Eliza 1838, Mar 19 Kitson, James Father
Sudduth, Henry Bishop, Milley 1808, Apr 3 Bishop, Elisha father
Sudduth, Jarrett Tingle, Ellen father Thomas 1815, Mar 24 Higgs, Rodham bonds
Sudduth, Rodham Bowen, Ann E 1837, Jan 17 Bowen, Nancy mother
Suggett, James M Hays, Ellen father William L 1846, May 11 Berryman, J. R
Sullinger, Elizabeth McEndre, Reuben 1800, July 12 Sullinger, Robert father
Sullinger, Jesse Berry, Jane 1826, Nov 14 Berry, Joseph father
Sullinger, John Berry, Lucinda 1820, Feb 17 Berry, Thomas father
Sullinger, Martha  Dunn, Ambrose 1820, Jun 5 Sullinger, James, Jr father
Sullinger, Martha E Achor, William 1846, Febv 9 Sullinger, John, Bdsm
Sullinger, Nancy Johnson, Lawrence 1801, Dec 31 Sullinger, Robert father
Sullinger, Peggy Dunn, George 1810, Oct 30 Sullinger, James, father
Sullinger, Reuben Shepherd, Polly 1822, Dec 17 Shepherd, Chris father
Sullinger, Robert Johnston, Jane 1811, Feb 20 Johnston, Larkin father
Sullinger, Sally Rucker, Elzy 1815, Oct 24 Sullinger, James father
Sullinger, Thomas Collazier, Susanna 1808, Feb 1 Collazier, Jacob father
Sullinger, Will Frank, Mary Jane 1835, Mar 10 Frank, Polly B mother