This document was provided by C. Marie Winburn of Henry Co., KY Historical Society.

Killed in Action
Pfc. James E. Ball, Army
Marshall Banta, Air Force
Pfc. Vance L. Banta, Army
Pfc. James H. Batts, Marine Corps
James Albert Beverly, Navy
Will Byers
Pfc. Cecil A. Carter, Marine Corps
Pvt. William T. Cravens, Army
S/Sc. John R. DeVore, Army
Sct. Stevenson J. Druin, Army Lester G. Hall
Pfc. Luther Harlow, Army
Pvt. George M. Hawkins, Army
Pfc. Prentice E. Hundley, Army
Leonard Holmes
Cpl. Edwin P. Jones, Army
Maj. Samuel E. Jones, Army
1 Lt. Woodrow M. Jones, Army
Lindon Kitson
Pfc. Willis M. Lemon, Army
Pfc. Erwin Lyons, Army
S/Sg. Roger M. Morgan, Army
Cpl. Elmo D. Perry, Army
Pvt. Leonard A. Poole, Army
T Sg. Edward Powell, Army
T Sg. Jeff D. Simpson Jr., Army
Charles A. Smith
Robert L. Thomas
Pvt. Earl D. Wood, Army

Died of Wounds
Pfc. Samuel H. Demaree, Army
Capt. Kenneth H. England, Army
Pfc. Kenneth C. Maddox, Army
Pfc. Olley Smith, Army

Died Non-Battle
Leslie Jones
Sgt. Jacob A. Kistner, Army
T/Sgt. Edward D. Powell, Army
Pfc. Harvey B. Sanders, Army
Tec4 William W. Suter, Army
Pfc. Lee T. Thompson, Army
Pfc. Charles M. Winburn, Army

Missing In Action & Presumed Dead
Pvt. Blan N. Aldridge, Army
Pfc. Sterling R. Edens, Army
2 Lt. Bailey Stivers, Army
Pfc. Ernest Wilhoit, Army

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