Henry County Kentucky Obituaries

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Henry County Local--August 29, 1901

Death, the unrelentless destroyer, has entered a happy home and taken from it its idol, leaving two hearts broken. Upon last Wednesday the sainted spirit of Miss Cora, only child of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Adams, filled her short yet beautiful mission on earth and passed into realms of the just made perfect.

She was afflicted with that much dreaded disease – typhoid fever – and by her indomitable courage had seemingly conquered this deceitful malady, and all hearts were cheered; but, alas! In this hour of hope sorrow came, and the faces of many loved ones wore an anxious look that changed into despair, and with many tears they saw this lovely girl, just budding into womanhood, the light of home, the pride of friends, the joy of her companions, drink the bitter cup and leave a cloud which, while it hangs so heavily over that home, permeates the whole community, and could words of deep, sincere sympathy, poured into the ears of those heart-broken parents avail, their burden would be light and many a little flower would be dropped along their sad and lonely pathway.

Yes, she was a lovely girl, and only a few days ago the picture of health, in the bloom of youth. This sad fact proves to us the uncertainty of life and the certainty of death, and that the young can die as well as the old, and no home, however bright, no flower, however fair, is proof against the invasion of this Prince of Darkness – from this frost – that bites the brightest bloom in every home.

To the fond parents we say that we realize that words, idle words, are of no avail, and to attempt to gild such grief as yours with words of deepest sympathy would be futile, indeed; therefore, will simply quote the beautiful lines of Moore, that “Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.”