Henry County Kentucky Obituaries

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Contributed By: E. T. "Hammer" Smith


Henry County Local--December 13, 1946

Ben T. Allan, who was born and reared in the Sulphur community, and known as Louisville’s shabby bachelor, died last week and the Louisville Times (newspaper) carried the following excellent feature story about the man who spent little and left a fortune of $175,000.

With him he took the reasons he led a lonely secluded life in out-of-the-way hotel rooms while he piled up cash and securities in the bank. 

Allan, a little man with thin white hair and a clipped white mustache, died last Thursday a few minutes after he left the Normandy Hotel, 111 N. Seventh, where he had lived since last August.  He collapsed on the sidewalk, a block from the hotel as he started to walk to Fourth Street to get a meal.