Henry County Wills 

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Henry County Wills – Book I

Contributed By: Virginia Tolman


NOTE:  Because a lot of men and women died without wills, the court would order an inventory and/or an appraisement of their estates.  I have put in the date when it was first entered into the Court Records, sometimes the document was dated and I also put that date in.  That doesn’t mean that he died on or near that date, but it means the inventory or appraisement was either ordered or entered and approved in the court records, it also means he was deceased by that date, which could mean a few days, weeks, months or even up to a year or so.  Take for example Isaiah Rich whose will was probated April Court 1800 yet the appraisement wasn’t entered until almost 2 years later, January Court 1802  .

NOTE:  I have added notes with information from other sources to help clarify and identify families.  VKT


Henry County Will Book 1


page 1  Will of Isaiah Rich

            My wife Mary

            My children: Sally Edeman, John, Samuel, Isaiah, Anna, Polly, and Rebecca Rich.

Exe. James Simpson and My wife, Mary

Witnesses:  Samuel Brockman and Jesse Baker

Dated: 20 November 1798            Probated: April 1800 Court

NOTE: Estate to be divided when youngest child reaches 18

Samuel Rich md 11-25-1811 Sithy Ford  dau of John.    

See also Court Order Book 1 page 26a a deed of indenture from Samuel Rich to the heirs of Isaiah Rich, same to Samuel Rich. Page 35;    Page 41a James Simpson refused to undertake the execution  of the will of Isaiah Rich; ordered that Mary Stafford formerly Rich appear at the next court to show cause.             


Page 2  Dated 7 Dec 1799 Appraisement of Estate of Richard Shaw, Dec’d   Recorded December Court 1799  


Page 3  Appraisement of Estate of William Erwin, Dec’d

             Recorded February Court 1801  See Page 55a and 56 of Court Order Book 1. Robert Erwin together with Joseph Erwin & John Lawson came into court and are granted letter of administration upon the Estate of William Erwin deceased.


Page 4-6  Feb 9, 1801 Appraisement of Estate Of Phillip Clem     


Page 6-8:  Appraisement of estate of Charles Thurman dec’d. Dated  17 Mar 1801 Recorded April Court 1801


Page 9  Will of Ezekiel Parkhurst

            My wife:  Abiel

Witnesses:  Samuel Nelson and Nancy Nelson

Dated: 10 January 1801  Probated: August 1801 Court

Abiel Parkhurst appointed Adminstrator


Page 10 Appraisement of Isaiah Rich January Court 1802 See Court Order Book 1 page 44a, page 45, Administrator Mary Stafford formerly Rich her security are Henry Stafford and John Stewart.


Page 11 Inventory of Estate of Tobias Brite  November Court 1801

    Jane Bright and William Ford Administrators of Tobias Brite Estate

    Next 2 pages –sales of Tobias Brite Estate – 18 Jan 1802

NOTE: Polly Brite married 09-14-1819  Prior  H. Moore, her guardian and grandfather was William Ford, born 24 May 1799 and died 29 Sep 1871; Miriam Brite married 08-29-1818 Maples B. Moore granddaughter of William Ford, Bondsman William Brite she born 1 Jan 1797 and died 8 Apr 1869 ; Elizabeth Brite married 11-02-1803 Jonathan Jones, consent mother Jane Brite, bondsman Samuel Ford. Elizabeth was born 8 May 1787  Spartanburg, South Caroline and died 30 Apr 1862 Henry Co., Kentucky

NOTE:  Spelling is later changed to Bright by descendants.


Page 14 Inventory of  Estate of Archibald  White  January Court 1802  See Court Order book 1 page 40. Dorcas White appointed Administrator with Morgan Bryan her security.


Page 17  Will of Richard Goode

            My wife Rebecca

            My daughter Betsy Jean

            My son Charles

            My daughter Anne

            My daughter Dice

            My daughter Margaret

            My son Joel

            My son Lemuel

My son Richard Y.? Goode

Exe.: My wife Rebecca, Peter Fore and John Jeans.

Witnesses: Nicholas Pewter and Sybill Jean

Dated: 12 June 1801

Probated: October Court 1801

NOTE:  Will is also probated in Wythe Co., Virginia in October 1801

NOTE:  Wife Rebecca is the Daughter of Benjamin Young of Rowan Co., North Carolina

Dicey Goode married 12-16-1802 William Bartlett consent mother Rebecca

Margaret Goode married 01-13-1804 Henry Bartlett consent mother Rebecca

Richard Goode mar Polly Hancock daughter Simon June 5 1814; age 55 1850

Lemuel Goode mar 02-10-1821 Martha Hancock daughter Simon


Page 18 Appraisement of Estate of Richard Goode  December 8, 1801 January Court 1802

NOTE:  There were several bonds of $1000 on people in North Carolina, including a Charles Good


Page 22 Inventory and Appraisement Estate of Christopher Vandergrift Estate May Court 1802 See Court Order Book 1 page 78a Nelly Thorn formerly Vandergraff is granted letters of administration with Nicholas Smith her Security.

Mrs. Eleanor (Nelly) VANDERGRIFF  married 2nd Samuel Thorn 12 May 1802


Page 23 Inventory and Appraisement Estate of John Galbreath May Court 1802 

NOTE: See Court Order Book 1 page 36  Agness Gilbreath appointed guardian of infant children of John Gilbreath i.e. Sally, Robert, Agness, Thomas, Rebecca & Rachel securities are William Gilbreath, Danl. Collazier & Nathan Garrett. page 73 Agness Galbreath widow appointed Administrator with Nathan Garrett her security.

She married second a Mr. Smith.


Page 24 Oct 9 1802 Appraisement Estate of Joseph Roberts


Page 26 Will of William Ellison

            My wife Elizabeth

            My son Thomas

            My children: John, Gion, Thomas, Margaret, and Agnes

Ese: William Neale and Thomas Robertson

Witnesses: John Harris, Abraham Ball and David (x) Adams

Dated: 18 April 1801

Probated:  March Court 1803


Page 28 Will of Samuel Rich

            My son Samuel

Exe:  none named – left blank in will.  Samuel Rich obtained letters of administration with John Violett security

Witnesses:  Robert Thomas, Henry Stafford and William (x) Harris

Dated: 3 Dec 1799

Probated: March Court 1803


Page 29 Appraisement of the estate of William Allison, decd April 30, 1803, recorded May court 1803


Page 31 Inventory of George Burger Jan 1805 


Page 32  Agnes Smith formerly Agnes Galbreath executor of the estate of John Galbreath makes an accounting.  October Court 1803

            To David Galbreath his legacy

            To  Js? Williams his legacy  [it was an abbreviation and looked like Js]

            To David Galbreath his legacy [name appears on the list twice]

            To Elijah Sutton his legacy

            To James Galbreath lis legacy

            To William Galbreath his legacy

            Other names were just to people for debts


Page 34-35 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Samuel Rich  November Court 1803


Page 36  Appraisement and Inventory of  Estate of John Lawson  November Court 1803


Margin note says see page 44 of will book 3 for sales between pages 36 & 37


Page 37 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of John Carter  November Court 1803, dated Nov 4 1803


Page 38  Sales of  Estate of Charles Thurston  submitted by William Clark Administrator  and a list or items retained by Mrs. Thurston widow of said Charles Thurston Recorded November Court 1803  [Her first name is never given] 



Page 41 Will of John Meek 

            My son, Basel

            My son, John

            My son, Jeremiah

            My son, Josh

            My wife, Margaret

            My children: towit, Sarah, Terah, Patience, Rachel P, and Tempy.

            Freedom given to Slave named Spencer

Esex: My wife Margaret and Jacob Meek

Witnessess: Samuel McKinley, Elizabeth (x) McKinley, and Harman Worm

Written: 2 May 1801

Probated: Dec 1803

NOTE: Jeremiah Meek was Margaret’s Security


Page 43  Will of James Mooney

            My wife [not named]

            My daughter Mary Everton

            My daughter Nancy Mooney Stone

            My sons Isaac and Joseph

Witnesses: James Pringle and Martha Smith

Exe: Court named widow Sarah Mooney

Dated: 2 September 1802

Probated: April Court 1804

NOTE: Mary Everton a widow remarried 12-25-1810 Evan Thomas

Sally Everton consent mother Mary married 02-27-1805 Isaac Meek


Page 44  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of John Meek Dated 28 Dec. 1803 recorded May Court 1804


Page 45 -46  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of James Mooney May Court 1804


Page 47  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of William Husten Dec’d   Dated Oct 17, 1804 recorded Nov Court 1804


Page 48  Sales of Estate of William Husten Dec’d  Recorded Nov Court 1804


Page 50-52 Appraisement and Inventory of George Burgin Recorded January Court 1805


Pate 54 Will of George Admire

            My daughter Sally Williams

            My two daughters of my son Michael Dec’d [not named]

            All  My  children [not named] balance of estate

Exes: Henry Warble, Henry Admire and Richard Woolfolk

Witnesses: John Jones, Richard. Woolfolk Jr., Henry Warble. Henry Admire, Fredrick Kiser, Gavin Adams, William Apshern, and Phourle Legen

Dated 2 July 1804

Probated: January Court 1805

NOTE: Slave Sarah to be given her Freedom


Page 56 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of George Admire dec. dated 1 February 1805, recorded March Court 1805


Page 57 Sales of the estate of George Doughtery deceased  Recorded March Court 1805

John Doughtery and Margaret Doughtery Administrators

Item were bought by John Doughtery, Michael Doughtery, Joseph Doughtery, Margaret Dougherty.  


Page 58 Inventory of George Doughtery is after the sales

Recorded MarchCourt 1805


Page 59 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of William Fore  Recorded April Court 1805


Page 64 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of William Samuel Deceased  Recorded July Court 1805


Page 68 Will of Richard Cross 

            My daughter Sarah Cross

: William Cross my father and my mother Agnes as guardians for my daughter Sarah Cross

Exe  William Cross, my father

Witnesses: Samuel McKinley, Thomas Lawson, and Margaret Cross

Dated 15 June 1805

Probated: August Court 1805


Page 70 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of Richard Cross  dated 12 Oct 1805 Recorded October Court 1805


Page 72 Rebecca Goode widow of Richard Goode transfers estate to children Joel Good, Lemuel Good, Richard Good, my son-in-laws William Bartlett and Harry Bartlett  except for what she kept for her personal use until her death  Dated Aug 21, 1805  Both Lemuel and Richard are still minors  with Rebecca Goode as Guardian.   Recorded October Court 1805


Page 76 Settlement of Dorcas Boone widow of Archibald White  and now wife of  husband Edward Boone settlement of the estate.  Moved to Meckelison Co., Ky  -- no such county, misspelled could be Mecklenburg Co., Virginia


Page 78-81  Sales of the Estate of William Samuel dated 3 Aug 1805 Anne C. Samuel Administrator  Recorded December Court 1805


Page 82  Appraisement and Inventory of estate of Patrick O’Harrow  Dated 16 Dec 1805 Recorded December Court 1805


Page 83 Dower Dorcas Boone  Recorded January Term 1806


Page 84 Sales of George Burgin Deceased  Recorded January Court 1806

            Margaret Burgin purchased most of it including the Family Bible

            Christopher Burgin purchased 1 foot adz, a swan,  4 sheep,

            McGarrett Torkee of Mercer County remitted $113 which wasn’t included in the inventory as well as some money from Peter Burgin of New Jersey

            Signed Margaret Burgin and David Demarree   Recorded 15 March 1806


Page 88 Will of Thomas Nevill

            My Wife Mary

            My daughters Sally, Mary, Kitty, Jeney, and Nancy

            My sons Thomas and Stewart

            My daughter Helen

            My sons Robert and George

            My Daughter Betsey

Exe: John Stewart and John Ransdall

Witnesses: Benjamin Perry Senior and Joseph Montgomery

Exe: John Stuart and John Ransdall

Dated: 11 March 1806

Probated: July Court 1806


Page 89 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Thomas Nevill Recorded August Court 1806


Page 91 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of Johm Edherton Recorded  August Court 1806


Page 92 Mary Dupuy Guardian of  Washington and Polly Samuel infant orphans of William Samuel Deceased  and Joseph Dupuy are held and firmly bound unto Nancy Samuel Administrator. of William Samuel Deceased.  Signed Mary (x) Dupuy and Joseph Dupuy.  This bond was recorded August Court 1806



Page 93 Will of David Hall, Junior

            My brother Samuel

            My Friend Isaac Rees

            My Father David Hall

Exe: my friends James Hayden and Joseph Dupuy

Witnesses: Francis S. Hayden, Thomas F. Rees, and Elizabeth Mitchell

Dated 22 Nov 1805

Probated January Court 1807

NOTE:  Says “to my beloved wife” – no name, nothing left to her as the very next starts to my brother Samuel


Page 95 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of David Hall Recorded January Court 1807  The inventory and appraisement were amended in the next couple of pages and recorded


Page 98 Appraisement and Inventory of estate of Jesse Wood  Recorded May Court 1807


Page 99 -117  Settling of debts of Estate of Will Samuel deceased; Anne Samuell Administrator These are copies of bills she paid.  Runs several pages.  Receipts and bills go back several years i.e. Oct 1802 or earlier.

 NOTE: He is also called Captain William Samuel. And she is also names as  Nancy Samuel in some of the bills and Ann C. Samuel.  Recorded  May Court  1807.

Some minor children were named  William, Eliza, and Nancy Samuel on the last page.


Page 118:  Will of William Rice

Exe: My brother John Rice

Witnesses: Simon Hancock, Robert Samuel and John Sanders

Dated 28 April 1807

Probated July Court 1807


Page 120 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Joseph Newhouse Recorded August Court 1807

*Joseph Newhouse died before June 4, 1805. His widow, Joannah remarried on that date to Charles Clark."

Page 121 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of William Rice Recorded August Court 1807


Page 121 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of William Downey Recorded August Court 1807


Page 123 A list of sundries sold at May & July sales at Mrs. Magdalen Fores property of the estate William Fores deceased,  Magdalen Fore Administrator

Mrs. Fore, John Fore, Hesikiah Fore, Joseph Fore Recorded  August Court 1807


Page 130 Order the Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of David Falliss  October Court 1807


Page 130 Sales David Hall Recorded October  Court 1807


Page 133  By order of the court October 1807 an accounting of the estate of William Fore was entered. Also an open account due from Will Butler was collected by my son Joseph Fore.  Sowrn by Magdalena Fore Administrator of the Estate of  William Fore. Recorded November Court 1807


Page 135  Will of Samuel Duncan  

            My wife Sarah

            My father James Duncan

            My brother William

            My brother  John

My two sisters Peggy and Polly

Witnesses: Robert Teeter, W. Ballew and D. White, Jr.

Exe: Sarah Duncan and James Duncan their securities William Webb, William Duncan and John Duncan

Dated 10 Nov 1807

Probabted December Court 1807


Page 136 Will of Thomas Basey

            My Wife, Provy

            My children, not named

Ex. Richard Barry of Shelby Co and Bela Denny of Gallatin Co

Witnesses: Edward George, Daniel Sanford, John Quick

Dated 12 August 1807

Probated December Court 1807


Page 138  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of   Joel Hill recorded 17 Dec 1807

            Signed  Oliver Louden, Mathew Johnson, Thos. Elley


Page 140 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate Samuel Duncan  14 Jan 1808 by David White Sr, Benjamin Johnson and James Wood; Part of the estate was in Shelby County as they met at the house of Augustine Webb.  Recorded January Court 1808


Page 144  Sales of Estate of William Stull Nov 17, 1807 recorded January Court 1808

  Purchases made by Jane Stull of household items.


Page 148  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate John Harris Recorded January Court 1808


Page 151 Will of Thomas Moore

            My wife Ann

            My three children John, Mary, Lucy

Witnesses Will Roberts and Thomas Thorn

Dated December 18, 1807

Probated March 1808

NOTE: Widow Ann Moore  appointed Executor with  William Roberts and James Roberts her security.


Page 153 John Harris Sales  Administrators Phoebe Harris and  Thomas Allyson, Jan 5, 1808 recorded March Court 1808


Page 155 Appraisement Jac Kephart   Recorded March Court.  Followed by a list of property  Dated January 27, 1808 which was recorded April Court

[See Court Order Book 2 page 5 Jacob Kephart deceased died without a will and Mary Kephart Widow of said Jacob and Israel Jones came into court and took the oath and together with Peter Banta and Joseph Dupuy their securities entered into bond given letters of administration]


Page 156  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of   Jesse Woodson Administrator Jacob L. Woodson  Recorded March Court 1808


Page 157 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of   Jos. Stark dated 21 January 1808 Recorded April Court 1808

    A list of property that has been given in advance to the legatees – relationship not stated:  Paul Stark, Rhody McDaniel, Al Stark, Polly Stark, and Phil Stark  March Court 1808


Page 161 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of of Joseph Stark. March Court 1808 [See Court Order Book 2 page 1 – Sarah Stark widow of Joseph Stark granted letters of Administration, her security Richard Wells and Adam Mourey dated January 19, 1809] 


Page 164  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of  Thomas Moore  dated April 11, 1808


Page 167 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Jos. Tanner April Court 1808

[See Court Order Book 2 page 17 Josiah Tanner died without a will and Mathew Tanner next of kin appointed Administrator with William Marshall, Joseph Peggs, Araham Lemasters, and Achilles Hoskins his securities.]


Page 169  Will of Lawrence McGuire

            My sons Luke and Aaron

            My daughters Abigal and Minerva

Witnessess: Jno. Ransdall and William Wiley

Written: 3 April 1804

Probated April Court 1808

Proven by oath of John Ransdall and Caroy Wiley as William Wiley had died prior to the will being proven.  She was present when William signed as witness.

NOTE: Aaron McGuire married 4 Apr 1821 Nancy Skidmore and he died before Jan 1835

Minerva at age 22 married 03-27-1822 John Wiley

Abigal over age 21 married 04-05-1818 Charles Gough

Luke married 08-21-1821 Mary Morgeson

Lawrence McGuire was the son of Lawrence McGuire Sr.  of Shelby Co., Kentucky.

NOTE** Corrections From William McGuire

Proven by oath of John Ransdall and Caroy (correct spelling "Cyrus") Wiley as William Wiley had died prior to the will being proven. The change to the name of the person (Cyrus Wiley) isn't a change to the written will, it's a change to the interpretation someone made, Cyrus Wiley was a well known person in Henry County and was  intertwined with the McGuire family, his sister Roseanne Wiley was Lawrence McGuire's wife, married December 31, 1792 in Lincoln County.

Lawrence McGuire was the son of Lawrence McGuire Sr.  of Shelby Co., Kentucky. (Lawrence was born 1726-1736 in Ireland, his parents are unknown at present) The reason for the uncertainty about Lawrence McGuire is recent information from original documents, "A deposition made by Lawrence McGuire in the Wilson vs. Dixon lawsuit in Bedford County, VA lists his age as 35 years old (b. 1736?), and the recent finding in the Pennsylvania Historical Society  Archives of the original August 1763 muster roll of Capt. Nicholas Wetterholt of Northampton County lists Sgt. Lawrence McGuire as 37 years old (b. 1726) and born in Ireland, so you see there is about ten years difference between the two Lawrence McGuires which if true casts doubt about them being father and son although assuredly were closely related, I continue with the belief this Lawrence McGuire was the one born 1736 and migrated to Kentucky in 1789. I do have photocopies of the documents mentioned, and I continue research on this.

Page 170 -176 Settlement David Hall June 6 1808, mentions his father David Hall Sr and the sons and daughters of David Hall Sr but no names.  Next several pages are the bills and distribution of monies, etc


Page 176 William of William Samuel, Sr.

            My wife Frances

            To the children of my daughter Sarah Vaughn, late wife of Edmund

            To my daughter Elizabeth Pemberton wife of Henry Pemberton

            To the children of my son William deceased

            To my daughter Fanny Goodman

            To my daughter Agatha Dullard

            My son Reuben

            My son John

            My daughter Pheby Montjoy

            My son Robert

Dated: 7 Oct 1807

Witnesses: Simon Hancock, Jno. Rice and Josiah Duvett

Probated August 1808

[See Court Order Book 2 page 39 Reuben Samuel, John Samuel appointed administrators with John Sanders and William Durret Securities]


Page 179  Memorandum Guardian to John Fore, Polly Fore, Patsy Fore,  Liddy Fore and Hezekiah Fore infant orphans of  William Fore Deceased has not received any part of the estate and suit has been brought in the Court of Henry County also that their schooling has not been given,  Signed guardian Jos. Dupey, August Court 1808


Page 180 Will of Sarah Moury 

Exe: My daughter Mary

Witnessess: Joseph Young, Nathan Allen, and Elijah Sutton

Dated T Aug 1808

Probated November Court 1808


Page 183 Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of Sarah Moury December Court 1808


Page 185 Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of Frances Shackleford deceased  dated 5 Sep 1808 recorded January Court 1809


Page 186 Sales of Estate of Frances Shackleford Sales Dated 30 Dec 1807  recorded January Court 1809


 Page 188 Will of John Perkins

            Wife mentioned but not named, just my loving wife

            My son Henry

            My Daughter Polley

            My sons Samuel, Joseph, John, James

            To Patsy Layon

            To Jean McCalloch

Executors Samuel and John  Perkins

Witnesses: Samuel Young and George  Dawkins

Dated: 4 Dec 1808

Probated: February Court 1809


Page 190  Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of  Isaac Green Dated 4 Feb 1809, Caty Green was appointed administrator with James Bartlett and Abrm. Wainscott securities.


Page 191 Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of John Perkins  3 April 1809


Page 193  Settlement of James Money  disbursement of funds 

            To Gideon Parker by will

            To William Money by will

            To Joseph Mooney by will

            To Isaac Money by will

            Dated 30 April 1809

NOTE:  Court Order books record the last name as Mooney while the will books record it as Money. 


Page 194 Sarah Money Settlement given by Mary Everton dated 3 April 1809

[[See Henry County Court Order Book 2 page 72, December Court 1808  Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of Sarah Mooney was returned to the Court and ordered to be recorded.] [[See Court Order Book 2 page 103, Mary Mooney Everton admin. With the will of Sarah Mooney deceased this day reported her account of the administration and disbursements of the estate of the Sarah as dower of her husband James Mooney decd which being examined by the court is allowed and ordered to be recorded.]


Page 195 Appraisement and Inventory  of Estate of John Sanders [See Court order Book 2 page 106, John Sanders decd having died without will and Judith Sanders and John Fore the said Judith being the widow came into court took the oath required by law and together with Samuel Subbins, Charles Goode and James Bartlett their securities entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of $4,000 condition as the law directs; certificate of administration of the said John Sanders decd is granted them the said Judith and Jno Fore.]  [See Court Order Book 2 Page 108  April Court 1809 Judith Sanders and Jno Fore are appointed guardians to Calvin Fore Sanders, Thomas Sanders, Stephen Sanders, Samuel Sanders, James Sanders, John Sanders and Lousaine Sanders orphans of John Sanders deceased.] 


Page 198 William Stull deceased Settlement  report by Administrator Jeremiah  Farmer

               Runs to several pages   [See Court Order Book 2 page 1]


Page 223 John Sanders Sales  Administrator Judith Sanders and Jas. Fore.  September court 1809  Several pages  


Page 226  Will of William Marshall 

            My wife MaryAnn

            My son Lewis

            My son George

            My daughter Elizabeth Ballow

            My son William

            My children, Maryann, Susanna, Jane

            My children, Hiethy Ballow, Martin, Lucy Booker 

Exe: my sons Lewis and Martin

Witnesses: Jonathan Jones, Jesse Rice and John Fore

Dated 18 Dec 1806

Probated December Court 1809

NOTE:  Mary Ann md Thos. Robertson 12-21-1815

Lucy md 12-28-1804 Edward Booker  bondsman Edward Ballow

Jane md 03-09-1808 Francis Durrett Jr. [Note the marriage took place between time of will written and the date of probate, but the will was not updated.]

Susan Marshall md 09-18-1810 Charles Masterson bondsman Edward Ballow

Name Heithy could be, Thiethy or even Wiety.


Page 228 Sales of Samuel Duncan dec. begin Jan 13 through Jan 16, 1809.  Recorded January Court 1810


Page 233 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Luke Wiley [page 123]

   Mentions William Wiley, Cyrus Wiley, John Wiley, Jas. Wiley,  Mary Wiley

   Mentions Benj. Wiley guardian to the heirs of Luke Wiley

   Recorded June Court 1811


Page 236 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of George Sudduth

dated 4 Sep 1810 recorded June Court 1811


Page 238 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Aaron Rawlings June Court 1811


Page 241 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of William Marshall date 25 Aug 1810 recorded June Court 1811


Page 250 Settlement of the Estate of Charles Thurston 

[See Henry Court Order Book 2 Page 85 January  Court 1809 Ordered that John Callaway and William Taylor be appointed Guardians to Charles M. Thurston, Lucious F. Thurston, Eligeron Thurston and Alfred Thurston infant heris of representatives of Jno Thurston deceased for the special purpose of dividing amng the said heirs and F. W. Thurston of full age a certain tract of land in the county lying on Floyd’s Fork containing 974 acres which was allowed to the said John. On a division made of four thousand acres in the name of Charles M Thurston between Charles Thurston and the said John Thurston and Buchan Thurston dated the 9 September 1805 and make report thereof to court.]



Page 252  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Francis Wright


Page 254 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Caty Green 14 Nov 1810 recorded December Court 1810


Page 255 Sales William Marshall recorded December Court 1810 


Page 257 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Thos. Basey Recorded November Court 1810

            Provy Cropper  Administrator  [Provy Basey widow md 07-03-1809 Jonathan Cropper]


Page 259 Division of the Estate of Thos. Basey


Page 260  Will of Joseph McClelland

            My wife Sarah

Witnessess: Jos. Pigg, Jno Wiley and James Chapman

Dated 19 June 1810

Probated February Court 1811


Page 262 Thomas Moore Sales by Admin. Ann Moore February Court 1811


Page 263 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Joseph McClelland Recorded March Court 1811


Page 265 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of John Walker? [name is difficult to read but that is the closest I can come as there is a John Walker on the tax lists]  Sep. Court 1811


Page 267  See page 76 wife is now Darcus Boone late White  and petition court on behalf of the 2 minor children  The Yellow Girl named Charlotte property of the estate of Archibald White dec’d died 4 Oct 1810 while in the hands of said Boon. That the negro girl names Grace has 2 children and is in the possession of Edward Boone.


Page 269  Report on the Estate of  Robert Beasley decd. dated 11 Nov 1811


Page 272 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of  John Tucker dated 28 Aug 1811  Recorded September Court 1811


Page  275  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Aaron Rawlings administrator Josiah Rawlings

Next several pages on Settlement: August 11, 1811 Settlement to the 6 legatees:  Josiah Rawlings,  Eleazer Rawlings;  Moses Rawlings,  William  Carly, John Denning,  and  Polly Rawlings

NOTE: Eleazer Rawlins f. Aaron md 13 Nov 1805 Sally Hoak  dau Henry

            Josiah Rawlings md 03-19-1810 Nelly Speer  dau  Joshua

            Polly Rawlings md 02-15-1813  Stephen Rawlings


Page 292 Sales John Tucker administrator James Tucker  dates Sept 13, 1811


Page 295 Sales Caty Green administrator Abraham Wainscott dated Nov 14, 1811 Recorded February Court 1812


Page 296 Will of Mathias Harmon

            My wife, Mary

            My children, my daughter all unnamed

            My son, John

            My son George

            My son William

            My son Henry

Exe: Alex Scott and George Miller

Witnessess: Chas. Dorsey, Robert White and Robert Teague

Probated March 1812


Page 300 Codicil to Mathias Harmon  Probated march Court 1812


Page 301 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of John Myers recorded May Court 1812


Page 302 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of Ann Moore and Sales Administrator George Monroe Recorded June Court 1812


Page 303 & 304 Settlement  of Joel Hill Estate June Court 1812

            Mrs. Hill

            To John Bolton who intermarried with Fanny Hill


Page 306 Settlement William Marshall administrator John Marshall


Page 309  Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of  Foster Hensly  7 July 1812 recorded August Court 1812


Page 310 Appraisement and Inventory of Estate of  Josiah Tanner


Page 312-313 Settlement George Admire deceased Recorded November Court 1812 Elliott Woolfolk, John Coons, and James Stevens