Browning Family Cemetery

Location on Clements Bottom RD near Lockport KY
There were 10 Broken unreadable stones.  The rest are scattered across a very small area with no distinction of rows.

Margaret wife of B.J. ?  B 2-7-18?? d 7-28-18??
(The next three names on one tombstone)
Jacob Browning b 12-27-1837 d 6-24-1891
Nannie b 6-5-1861 d 4-1-1883
J.J. b 6-6-1879 d 5-11-1880

Lawrence son of F.M. & Nichatie Browning b 12-14-1888 d 10-22-1897
Meade A son of L.K. and J.T. Smith b 12-24-1860 d 9-17-1883 22 yr 8 m 29 days

It is located on a Wildlife Preserve and well keep.