Descendants of William Hancock

submitted by James Reid Hancock

1. WILLIAM HANCOCK born 1580, Devonshire, England

married __________;  arrived in Chesapeake Bay on 11/30/1619
killed by Indians on 3/22/1622 (Good Friday), at the massacre at Thorpe
House, Berkeley Hundred, Jamestown, Va.

Children:( Likely had others in England) Those known are:

2a. Augustine Hancock: (born ca.1605, England, died after 1630, ca.1650, Va.)

2b. Simon Hancock: (born ca. 1610, England, died 1654, Lower Norfolk, Va.)

2c. William Hancock: (born ca. 1615, England, died 1693, Surry Co., Va.)
[The above info was taken from an old Hancock family Bible]

2a. Augustine Hancock (ca.1605-1650) married____________;  arrived in Va. in


3a. Robert Hancock (born 1625, England)

3b. William Hancock (born 1631, Va., died 1672)

3c. Sarah Hancock (born Va.)

3d. Ruth Hancock (born Va.)

3b. William Hancock married _______

Children, (all born in Lower Norfolk Co., Va.):

4a. George Hancock (1658-1682)

4b. Jubal Hancock (b. 1660, killed by Indians at Jinto)

4c. Sarah Hancock

4d. Ruth Hancock

2b. Simon Hancock (ca.1610-1654);  arrived in Va. in ca.1637

married Sarah Gaye (widow of Gilbert Gaye) on 8/26/1647; (after Simon died
Sarah married Wm. Piggott)


3e. William Hancock, (II )(b. 1645,d. 5/17/1687)

3f. Simon Hancock, Jr.(1649-1725)

3g. Robert Hancock (1650-1709)

3h. Ann Hancock (1652-1671), married Arthur Moseley & had 10 children

(Arthur later m. Sarah[4v] in 1688)

2c. William Hancock (ca.1615-1693)

married Elizabeth Spencer, (daughter of Nicholas Spencer, Jr.,& Mary Gostwich)

Children: at least one (1) son;

3i. John Hancock (1670-1732) married Jane Holt, (daughter of Randle Holt &
Eliz. Hansford)


4e. William Hancock (1700-1768)

4f. John Hancock, Jr.

4g. Joseph Hancock

4h. Elizabeth Hancock

4i. Mary Hancock

4j. Duejates Hancock

4k. Martha Hancock

3e. William Hancock, (II) (1645-1687)

married Elizabeth Cockroft,(b. 1643 in Rotterdam, Holland;

daughter of Wm. Cockroft & Eliz. Burnett) in 1668


4l. Simon (born 1670)

4m. William Hancock, Jr (1674-1730, Bath Co., NC)

4n. Samuel Hancock (1675-1760, Chesterfield Co., Va), m. cousin Johan(4y)

4o. Mary Hancock (born 1677)

4p. John Hancock (born 1679) [see note at 5l]

4q. Francis Hancock (born ca. 1681)

4r. Edward Hancock (born 1683)

4s. George Hancock (born 1685)

3f. Simon Hancock, Jr (1649-1725)

married Susan ( Susannah) Ashall (daughter of George & Mary Ashall), in 1670


4t. George Hancock (born 1674)

4u. Simon Hancock

3g. Robert Hancock (1650-1709)

married Johan Ligon, (daughter of Col. Thos. Lygon [aka Ligon] & Mary Harris)

in 1672


4v. Sarah Hancock (1673-1728), married Arthur Moseley in 1688

(Arthur was formerly m. to her Aunt Ann[see 3h])

4w. Mary Hancock (born 1675), married John Hatcher

4x. William Hancock (1678-1719)

4y. Johan Hancock (born 1680), married her cousin, Samuel (4n) on 4/15/1700

4z. Elizabeth Hancock (1682-1731)

4aa. Robert Hancock, Jr. (1679-1732), married Margaret___________; had seven
(7) known children:

Robert (b 1711); Edward (b 1713); Dinah (b 1717); William (b 1720); George (b
1724); Thomas (b 1727); and Joshua (b 1729).  

[The above son, George (1724-1782) married Mary Jones (daughter of Rice Jones
and Frances Bowman) and had six (6) known children: 
Edward (1752-1820); Augustine (b 1756); Mary (b 1759) m. Mr Rayford; Judith
Hannah; Elizabeth; and (Col) George (b. 6/13/1754, d. 7/18/1820), who m.
Margaret Strother (1763-1834) in 1781; 
(Col) George and Margaret (Strother) Hancock had five (5) known children: 
Judith aka Julia (1791-1820) who m. William Clark, the explorer (1770-1838); 
 George (b Botetourt Co., Va in 1798, died without issue at Glenconey,
Jefferson Co., Ky  in 1875) who married 1) Eliza Croghan (daughter of William
Croghan & Lucy Clark, sister of George Rogers Clark) at Locust Grove on
9/29/1819), who died in 1819 . George married 2) Mary H. Davidson of New
Orleans in 1834; 
Mary Talbot (1783-1826) m. John Caswell 'George' Griffin;
Caroline (1785-1847) m. (Maj) William Preston, Jr;  and
John Strother (1787-1795)]

4ab. Phoebe aka Phebe (born 1686), married Thomas Bailey

3h. Ann Hancock (1652-1671)

married Arthur Moseley


4ac. Arthur Moseley, Jr.

married Sarah Hancock,b. 1673 (see 4v)


5a. Arthur Moseley, III

5b. William Moseley

5c. Mary Moseley

5d. Robert Moseley

5e. Sarah Moseley

5f. Thomas Moseley

5g. Francis Moseley

4n. Samuel Hancock (1675-1760)

married Johan Hancock(4y), on 4/15/1700 (Johan died by 1760)

Children (except John Hancock), as named in the Will of Samuel Hancock in WB 1 P 377 Chesterfield Co., Va:

5h. Samuel Hancock (1701-1774), m. Elizabeth Jameson in 1726

5i. John Hancock (1702-1768) (Possible son, not proved...John is not named in the Will of Samuel Hancock)

5j. Mary Hancock (born 1706), m. John Cobbs after 1760

5k. Sarah Hancock (born 1709), m. Thomas Jones on 5/3/1736; then m. Moseley

5l. William Hancock, Sr. (1712-1791), m. Anne Linton; then m. Elizabeth


5m. Simon Hancock (1717-1791), m. Jean Flournoy in 1748

5n. Phoebe (Phebe) Hancock (1719-1777), M. John Watkins in 1734

5o. Johan Hancock (1715?1723?-1793), m. John Branch ca. 1735

5p. Frances Hancock (b. 1725), m. Edward Osborne

5h. Samuel Hancock m. Elizabeth Jameson (daughter of John Jameson

& Elizabeth Cox Moseley) in 1726, Chesterfield Co., Va.


6a. Samuel Hancock (1730-1813), m. Mildred Dawson

6b. John Hancock (1732-1763), m. Martha

6c. Simon Hancock (born ca. 1735)

6d. William Hancock (born 1727)

6e. Francis Hancock

6a. Samuel Hancock m. Mildred Dawson (daughter of Martin Dawson

& Priscilla Sorrell) in 1758


7a. Martin Hancock (1761-1835), m. Elizabeth

7b. William Hancock (b. 1763)

7c. Samuel Hancock (1765-1817), m. Verlinda Skeen

7d. John Hancock (3/29/1769-7/31/1842), m. Jane Skeen***(had son,

Samuel Hancock; who had son , Samuel Wesley Hancock; who had son,

Frank Leroy Hancock; who had son, Arvil Dale Hancock)

7e. Dawson Hancock (1775-1856), m. Sarah

7f. Simon Hancock (1780-1827), m. Polly

7g. Molly Hancock (born 1785)

7h. Sarah Hancock (born 1777), m. William Hearn

7i. Mildred Hancock, m. Edward Harris

5l. William Hancock, Sr. (1712-1791), married Anne Linton,(born ca. 1708,

daughter of John Linton; ca. 1670-1727, & Anne Barton; b. ca. 1680)

William later married Elizabeth Ellzey before 1759

[Note: Anne Linton Hancock was previously married to Scarlett Hancock

(1712-1739/40) in ca. 1732, Va.; Scarlett Hancock, son of John Hancock who

died ca. 1740-44) & Katherine Smith born ca. 1682, Va].

Children of William and Anne:

6f. William Hancock, Jr

6g. Simon Hancock(born ca. 1744, Va.,died ca.1830, Henry Co.,Ky.),m.

Mary Smith who died 1789-1796; then m. Martha 'Patsy' Bartlett (b.Va.,

died ca. 1834, Henry Co., Ky), in 4/1796, in Woodford Co.,Ky

Children of Simon and Mary:

7j. Samuel Hancock

7k. Elizabeth Hancock, married John Samuel on 12/3/1798, Franklin Co., Ky.

7l. William Mason Hancock

7m. Susanna Hancock

Children of Simon and Martha:

7n. Martha 'Patsy' Hancock, (b. ca. 1798,Ky, d. by 1870), married Lemuel

Goode (born 1793, NC., died by 1870) on 2/15/1821, Henry Co., Ky.

7o. Thomas Bartlett Hancock(born 10/27/1799, Ky.,died 9/5/1879,

Henry Co.,Ky) m. Lucy Combs (born 9/15/1802, Ky,died 10/26/1878)

on1/23/1822,Henry Co.,Ky

7p. Polly Foster Hancock, m. Richard Young Goode(died by1860) on 6/15/1814

7q. Jensy Hancock

7r. Emily Hancock, married Anderson Johnson on 12/4/1824, Henry Co., Ky.

7s. Jane Hancock, married Archilles D. Johnston on 10/25/1826 Henry Co., Ky.

7o. Thomas Bartlett Hancock, married Lucy Combs (daughter of Jonah Combs &

Catharine Webb Gatewood,m.in7/1800, Jess. Co.Ky)on 1/23/1822, Henry Co., Ky.


8a. Martha Catherine Hancock (b.5/2/1823, Va.?,d. 4/10/1882), married Robert

Carroll King (10/14/1817-12/21/1889, Carroll Co., Ky)on12/7/1841

***(had son, John Wm.; who had son, Wm. C.; who had son, Geo. Edw.;

who had son, Donald Edward King)

8b. Joel H. Hancock (1833-1896), m. Emily L. Mitchell (b. 1843) in 1858

8c. Sophronia Hancock (ca.1835-after 1880), m.Thomas Martin (d.by1860)

8d. William Hancock ( 1837),m.Mary Elizabeth (1843-1921),HenryCo

8e. R. G. Hancock (b. ca. 1838-5/1880), Henry Co., Ky

8f. Jesse C. Hancock, MD (born 3/5/1839, New Castle,Henry Co., Ky,

died 8/23/1903, Bedford, Ky),married Sarah Catherine Yager (b12/7/1843,

Oldham Co., Ky.,d. 6/5/1930, Bedford, Ky), in 3/1865; Sarah (Kate) Yager

was daughter of Dr. Sanford C. Yager ,Oldham Co., Ky.(children of Jesse

& Kate were: Claude, Ernest, Wilbur, Victor, Kate and Virgie)

8g. Robert Asa Hancock (born 1/3/1840), married

Martha Ann Webb (11/11/1843-2/6/1922)

8h. Thomas H. Hancock (1844-1925, Henry Co., Ky), married

Ellen Banta (b. ca.1854, Ky-1914)

8i. John C. Hancock (born ca. 1844, Ky), married Martha E. (b. ca. 1848)

8j. Nancy Hancock ( 1846,d. after 1880), m. William Walker (d. aft


8g. Robert Asa Hancock, married Martha Ann Webb


9a. Arthur V. Hancock (9/26/1870-8/28/1873, Henry Co., Ky.)

9b. Elmer Hendricks Hancock (8/16/1874-1/16/1964*), married

Ethel Lewis Williams (8/27/1890-2/23/1963*), daughter of

Arthur James Williams (1856-1925) & Mattie Lewis(d.1954), in 1917/1918

[Note: *=buried Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville, Ky]


10a. Patricia Ann Hancock (1919-1920*)

10b. Robert Arthur Hancock (b. Louisville, Ky), married Carolyn

Doris Reid (b.Louisville, Ky; daughter of Harry Gwynn Reid *& Carolyn Belle

Johnson*), on 2/15/1947

10c. Jacqueline 'Anne' Hancock (b.8/21/1922,Lou.,d.6/30/1996, Osprey,Fl*),

m. Earl Wm. Cornelius (divorced, no children), later married Clarence Gerome


10b. Robert Arthur Hancock m. Carolyn Doris Reid, 2/15/1947

10c. Jacqueline Anne Hancock, m. Clarence Gerome Chambers

Note: Compiled by James R. Hancock (9/6/1998) [e-mail:],

including research by Donald Edward King (e-mail:, and by

Arvil Dale Hancock (website:,

and The Hancock Family of England and America (1993) by Arvil Dale Hancock.

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