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- Research -

(Legend: b. =birth date, d. =death date, m. =marriage date, +=marriage, abt.=about)

*1-Wilson MADDOX b. 30 Sep 1757 or 54. Charlotte Co. VA, d. 1834 Shelby Co buried in Smithfield Cemetery, Henry Co. KY. Served 3 yrs in Virginia Militia during Revolutionary War. War pension has 1757 birth date. Have copy of his will and revolutionary pension records. After the war, he moved to Shelby County KY and settled 440 acres of land in what is now mostly Henry and Bourbon Counties.

                +Delilah RUTH b.13 Apr 1770 VA m. 13 Jul 1785 Bourbon Co. KY d. 22 Aug 1841, buried Henry Co. KY

2-David MADDOX b. 9 Jan 1787 d.25 Jan 1879, buried Eminence Cemetery

                +Mary "Polly" Tinsley HARRIS b. 1786 m. 5 Nov 1819 d. 1856, buried Eminence Cemetery

                                3-Guinn MADDOX  b.? (brickwall)

                                3-Elijah MADDOX b. 11 Jan 1812 d. 3 Feb 1865 buried Eminence Cemetery

                                3-Henry MADDOX b. 25 Aug 1813 d. 7/15/1864 buried Eminence Cemetery

                                                +Mary Stone b. 6/05/1812, d. 9/12/1871, buried Eminence Cemetery

                                                children unknown

                2-John S.C. MADDOX b.6 Mar 1789 d. 1873 in Missouri, buried Eminence Cemetery (have copy of his will)

+Heathy BRIGHT b. 2 Feb 1793 m. 25 Jul 1822 d. 14 Feb 1864, buried Eminence Cemetery

                                3-Jesse B. MADDOX b.21 May 1823, d-20 Feb 1837 KY

                                3-Paschal Mathis MADDOX b.4 Nov 1824 d. 16 Aug 1899 Henry Co. KY buried Smithfield Cemetery

+Margaret Elizabeth HAGGARD b. 10 Jun 1837 Clark Co. KY m. 26 Jun 1860 d. 6 Nov 1888 Jericho KY buried Smithfield Cemetery

                                                4-William Samuel MADDOX b.9 Jul 1861 Beaver Co. OK d.22 Feb 1911 Henry Co. KY

                                                4-John Harlan MADDOX b.15 May 1863 Henry Co. KY d.25 Jun 1900 Henry Co. KY buried

                                                                Smithfield Cemetery

+Anna “Annie” T. WINBURN b. 1 Feb 1866 Jericho KY m.20/25 May 1885 d.26 Mar 1943 Autauga Co. AL buried Oakhill Cemetery (I have more on the Winburn line)

5-Marcelia “Celia” MADDOX b. abt 1890's Henry Co. KY died in childbirth in Alabama giving birth to only child who survived. (no dates yet)

+Thomas E. Fike, Sr.

6- Thomas E. Fike, Jr.

                                                                5-Mary E. Maddox b .Nov 1889, d. 26 Feb 1891 KY, buried Smithfield Cemetery KY

                                                                5-Annie Harlan “Little Annie” MADDOX b. 1900 Jericho d. 1916 KY, buried

 Smithfield Cemetery next to her father.

5-Paschal Chenault MADDOX b.13 Aug 1887 Henry Co. KY d.14 May 1952 Autauga Co. AL buried Oakhill Cemetery

+Ethel Lynn "Hattie" HARBIN b.25 Feb 1889 Lowndes Co., d-1967 Autauga Co. AL ( I have more on the Harbin line from Maryland and Alabama)

                                                                                6-Jack H. MADDOX b.28 Jul 1910 d.20 Jan 1957 Autauga Co. AL

                                                                                                +Elizabeth GIPSON private

                                                                                                7-Edna MADDOX private

                                                                                                7-Virginia MADDOX private

                                                                                6-Everette MADDOX b. abt 1916 d. Autauga, AL

                                                                                                +Dorothy? b.? d.? (maiden name?)

7-Everett “Rette” MADDOX b.1944 AL d. 13 Feb 1989 New Orleans LA (His ashes were spread over the Mississippi River)

                                                                                                                +Celia Unknown

                                                                                                7-William S. MADDOX b 1949 AL d. 31 Mar 1998 New Orleans LA


                                                                                                                8-Shellie Browser

6-Benjamin Harrison MADDOX b.16 Jan 1928 d.4 Dec 1991 Autauga CO, AL               

married: divorced:

                                                                                                +Dora Faye HOOVER b. 25 Mar 1931 FL

                                                                                                7-John Harley MADDOX, b.3 Feb 1952 AL (this researcher)

                                                                                                +Bonnie Jean TILLERY, private

                                                                                                                8-Katie Ann MADDOX private

                                                                                                                8-Anna Marie MADDOX private

                                                                                                7-Judy Faye MADDOX b.31 Dec 1954 d. Autauga Co. AL

                                                                                                                +Jack WADWORTH b-private

                                                                                                                no children

6-Paschal MADDOX Jr., b. abt 1909(died as infant abt 1910 Montgomery AL)

                                                                5-Ethel MADDOX b. May 15, 1898 Henry Co. KY, d. Apr 11, 1954 Autauga Co. AL

+ James Edward Gachet   b.30 Dec 1888 Midway AL d. 10 Oct 1965 (no children-I have more on the Gachet line)

4-David or Orvis Phillips MADDOX b.6 May 1865 d.5 Sep 1866 Henry Co. KY buried Smithfield Cemetery (stone has Orvis as first name, other records have David)

                                                4-Charles Morris MADDOX b. 2 May 1868 Henry Co KY d. 11 Feb 1918 Lexington KY

                                                                +Carrie WILLETT b. abt 1870 Trimble Co KY m.11 Sep 1887 Lexington KY d.6 Dec

 1953 buried Moffet Cemetery Trimble Co. KY

                                                                5 Margaret MADDOX

                                                                                +Charlie W. PURVIS b. 19 Jan 1905 d. 19 Oct 1966 buried Moffett Cemetery

                                                                                6 Morris PURVIS            

                                                                                6 Charles PURVIS

                                                                                6 Robert Lindsey PURVIS

                                                                                6 Kenneth PURVIS

                                                                                6 Mary PURVIS

                                                                                                +? COOPER

                                                                                6 Ruby PURIVIS

                                                                                                + Ezra (?) WENTWORTH

                                                                5 Mary MADDOX

                                                                                + Unknown STRASEMEIR

                                                                5 David MADDOX

                                                                5 Harley MADDOX

                                                                5 Tom MADDOX

                                                                5 Dudley MADDOX

                                                                5 Nannie B. MADDOX

                                                                                +unknown HAMILTON

                                                                5 Morris Swain MADDOX b. 2 Sep 1889 Jericho KY d. 18 Aug 1948

buried Moffett Cemetery

                                                4-Hopkins Bright MADDOX b.24 May 1871 d.14 Apr 1945 Beaver Co. OK

                                                                +Louisa J. BELEW (BERLEW?)b. 1868 m.10 Nov 1894 d. 31 Jul 1923 Campbell KY

                                                4-Pascal Komo MADDOX b.8 May 1874 Henry Co. KY d.27 Apr 1916 Henry Co. KY

                                                                +Mary A. COOK b. abt 1879 m.10 Apr 1902 Jericho KY d. 5 Mar 1919

                                                4-Harry Hethy MADDOX b.24 Apr 1877 Henry Co KY d.23 Feb 1953 Beaver, OK

+Hettie E. VANHOOK/COX m.24 Sep 1932 d.28 Mar 1949 buried Moffet Cemetery Trimble Co. KY (she had a previous marriage to Robert VanHook)

                                3-John B. MADDOX b.21 Jan 1827 d.23 Feb 1905 Fulton MO

                                                +never married?

                                3-Nancy Jane MADDOX b.16 Jun 1829 d. 09 Dec 1912 Boyce Co. KY

                                                +Thomas Mason HIGH b.? m.8 Jan 1849

                                                4-Anna Elizabeth HIGH b.? d. 24 Dec. 1920 Boyce Co. KY

                                                                +John LEBER b? m.21 Feb 1883  

                                3 Sarah E. MADDOX b.25 Sep 1831

                                                +never married?

                                3 William Miles MADDOX b.22 Apr 1834 d.2 Oct 1906 Missouri

                                                +Mildred Bayton JONES b.23 Jan 1852 d.2 Oct 1921

                                                4 Perry Clarence MADDOX b.6 Jun 1871 d.2 Jul 1949

                                                                +Lillian CHASE b.22 Jan 1884 d.7 Oct 1965

                                                4-Grant Moore MADDOX b.26 Mar 1874 d.10 Feb 1947

                                                                +1-Hattie BUTLER b.16 Nov 1885 d. 20 Jan 1906

                                                                +2-Mabel MOORE b.?

                                                4-West Paschal MADDOX b.19 Jan 1878 Henry Co. KY

                                                4-Oran Obrey MADDOX b.29 Feb 1880 d.25 Jul 1951

                                                                +Florence Estelle CONGER b.18 Aug 1862

                                                4-Arthur Bayard “Wink” MADDOX b.11 Apr 1885 d. 13 Aug 1915 Fulton Co. KY

                                                4-Stella Belle MADDOX b.26 Nov 1889 (Stella was adopted 15 Jul 1891)

                                                                +Edwin Lester ROBERTS b.?

                                3-James Ford MADDOX b.16 Nov 1836 d.9 Oct 1912 Fulton MO

                                                +1st-Margaret Francis JONES b.22 Oct 1841 d.27 Jun 1882

                                                4-John William MADDOX b.24 Aug 1861 d.30 Oct 1938

                                                                +Telitha Permelia WILSON b.25 Jan 1869 d.1 Mar 1932

                                                                5-Margaret Florence MADDOX b.10 Oct 1886 d.1 Mar 1959

                                                                5-Earl Bryant MADDOX b.25 Nov 1896 d.1Mar 1963

                                                4-Robert E. Lee MADDOX b.5 Mar 1864 d.? m.?

                                                4-Claude Prince MADDOX b.31 Oct 1867 d.?

                                                4-James Perly MADDOX b.23 Jul 1870 d.24 Mar 1954

                                                                +Clarissa Evelina SMITH b.28 Oct 1877 d.8 Sep 1949

                                                                5-Bessie H. MADDOX b.?

                                                                                +?? NELSON

                                                4-Ary B. MADDOX b.28 Dec 1875 d.?

                                                4-Thomas Paschal MADDOX b.4 Nov 1879 d.10 May 1943

                                2nd wife                +2Martha Hunter Gabbert WILSON b.26 Jan 1856

                                                4-Elbert Tobbs MADDOX b.13 Sep1884

                                                                +Agnes Alida KORMAN b.15 Nov 1884 d.17 Jun 1966

                                                                5-John Lester MADDOX b. unk

                                                                                +Lida Ethel FINLEY b.? d. 12 Feb 1937

                                                                                6-Lester Wayne MADDOX b.13 Feb 1920 d.28 Oct 1978

                                                                                                +Wanda Lee BOUGHN

                                                                                6-James Andrew Gabbert MADDOX b.13 Jun 1928

                                                                                                +Y. Elaine GUSTAFSON

                                                                                6-Walter Vernon MADDOX b.19 Aug 1917

                                                                                6-Marinda Caroline MADDOX b.20 Feb 1920

                                                                                                +Norbert or Norman Alvin OVERCAMP

                                                                                6-Ruby Irene MADDOX b.15 Nov 1921

                                                                                6-George MADDOX b.27 Mar 1923

                                                4-John Lester MADDOX b.8 Oct 1886 died as an infant?

                                3-Laura V. MADDOX b.5 Sep 1840 d. 29 Jan 1859

                                                +? BRYANT

                                                4-Heathy V. BRYANT b.?

                2-Elijah MADDOX b.24 Jan 1791

                                +Sarah “Sally” CLARK b. abt 1793 d. abt 1841

                                3-John MADDOX b.?

                                3-Hardin MADDOX b.?


                                                4-Bessie MADDOX

                                                                +Lemuel Hall BACON

                                3-Cynthia MADDOX

                                                +William H. CURLIN

                                3-Eliza J. MADDOX

                                3-William J. MADDOX

                                3-Levi MADDOX b.23 Apr 1815

                                (Elijah was named legal guardian of Travis Brown, son of William Brown, when his parents died. I have

                                someone who is Travis’ descendant who is trying to research his line. Drop me a line if anyone can help)

                2-Wilson Jr. MADDOX b.15 Feb 1793 d. 1 Aug 1861 Fulton Co MO

                                +Prudence “Prudy” CLARK m. 12 Mar 1812 KY(sister of Sarah CLARK who married Elijah-above)

                                3-Linna or Linnia P. MADDOX b.20 Dec 1812

                                                +Nathaniel M. Bacon?

                                3-Preston E. MADDOX

                                3-Levina Ann MADDOX

                                3-Catherine MADDOX

                                3-Javan MADDOX

                                3-Ferenand MADDOX

                                3-Luther Calvin MADDOX

                                3-Adaline E. MADDOX

                                3-Mary Delia MADDOX

                                3-Berryman H. MADDOX

                2-Thomas Gavin MADDOX b.18 Jun 1795 Shelby Co KY buried Eminence Cemetery (no death date)

                                +Cynthia FORD m.7 May 1822 buried Eminence Cemetery (no dates on stone)

                                3-Matthew W. MADDOX b.21 Mar 1825 d.9 Mar 1903 buried Eminence Cemetery

                                                +Parmelia  “Amelia” J.TORBITT m.3 Oct 1859 buried Eminence Cemetery (no dates)

                                                4-Eddie C. MADDOX b.4 Apr 1869 d. 22 Aug 1915 buried Eminence Cemetery

                2-Linny MADDOX b.19 Dec 1797

                2-Sarah “Sally” MADDOX b.17 Apr 1800 d.16 Mar 1875 Henry Co. KY

                2-Elizabeth “Betsy” MADDOX b.5 Sep 1802

                                +Hiram CARLING (KERLIN?) m.23 Mar 1822

                2-Martha “Patsy” MADDOX b.20 Dec 1804

                2-Miles MADDOX b.7 Aug 1807

                                +Ellen Francis TERRILL m. 30 Sep 1833

                                3-Elizabeth T. MADDOX b.? Henry Co KY

                                                +W. T. WILLIAMS b.31 Jul 1834 m.9 Feb 1858 Henry Co. KY

                                                4-Mattie Bell WILLIAMS

                                                4-William Charles WILLIAMS

                                                4-Emery WILLIAMS

                                                4-Miles WILLIAMS

                                                4-Joseph WILLIAMS

                                                4-Billey WILLIAMS

                                                4-James WILLIAMS

                                                4-John WILLIAMS

                2-Mary “Polly” MADDOX b.14 Jun 1810

                                +"James" Melville MCCANN m.9 Sep 1829

                                3-Selvister MCCANN b.23 Aug 1830

                2-Delilah MADDOX b23 Aug 1813

                                +Benjamin David Sr. WARFORD m.13 Nov 1833

                                3-William T. WARFORD b. 1839

                                                +Eleanor Elizabeth RESS m.3 Feb 1879

                                3-Emma WARFORD b.1844

                                                +Isaac N. Guthrie m. 4 Mar 1873

                                3-Susan Elizabeth WARFORD b.1846

                                                +David T. LONG m 24 Feb 1868

                                3-Lucy J. WARFORD b.1849

                                                +Nathan D. BOULWARE m. 12 Jan 1871

                                3-Joseph WARFORD b.1853

                                3-Amanda "Lizzie" WARFORD b.1854

                                3-Benjamin David Jr. WARFORD b.6 Nov 1855

                                                +Jennie CORBIN b.1852 d.22 Mar 1938

                                                4-Albert C. WARFORD

                                                4-Joseph WARFORD

                                                4-C. David WARFORD

                                                4-Leona T. WARFORD

                                                4-Wyble WARFORD

                                3-Preston C. Warford b. 1835 d. 28 Feb 1923

+Nancy Elizabeth MADDOX m.13 Nov 1873 (don't know what line of MADDOX she came from)




*Some people connect Wilson Maddox as descending from John Maddox from Wales who arrived 1600's but the evidence is fuzzy. The line before Wilson I list as "believe to be" for now. Wilson is believed to have been the brother of Daniel Maddox that settled in the Trimble County KY area. Wilson is also believed to be the brother of Nancy Maddox born 1756 in Charlotte Co. VA. Daniel's line has been researched by another researcher and can be found on the Trimble County KY Rootsweb page. The two Maddox lines knew each other and may have married into each or related families from some of the same surnames that appear in both lines. There is evidence that a 3rd brother or other relation, also came into the same areas in Kentucky at the same time Wilson did.  Who Wilson's parents were is fuzzy. One story is that Wilson and Daniel were sons of Robert Maddox Jr., son of Robert Sr. The other is that they were the sons of William Maddox, son of a William or a John Maddox. There was also another Wilson Maddox in the area born also in Virginia (abt. 1768) that can be confused with my Wilson on some documents. The same for other Daniel Maddoxes being in Virginia and Kentucky. The Maddoxes had the habit of repeating given names and can be confusing at times (I am a John, guess how many Johns I found!). I use the 1757 birth date for Wilson as it appears in his military records although some have it as 1754. Wilson gave the 1757 birth date in his application for war pension, not sure which is correct.

Wilson served with in the Virginia Militia first with Col. George Rogers Clark’s Regiment. When Col. Clarks’ regiment main body was called closer to the east, Wilson and several other men were placed under the command of Lt. Thomas Dillard and sent to Boonesborough KY. Wilson and the men with him were accomplished outdoorsman and it was felt that their skills were better suited to the wilderness of the Ohio Valley.  Wilson became acquainted with Daniel Boone while at Boonesborough and was in several actions in the area against the Indian tribes that aligned with the British. Wilson’s company was later placed under the command of Captain John Dougherty and was in the actions around Cincinnati, Pickering Plains, and Licking River. In one action on the Licking River, they rescued a white woman from the Indians identified only as M. Fali.  Wilson and a detail of men escorted her to safety to Harrodsburg and Wilson remained there until his discharge once again under the direct command of Col. Clark.  Wilson later received pension #8413 as a private for $80.00 a month, which was unusual as most officers received only $60.00 and privates much less. I found someone who has more on Wilson including some stories told by him about Daniel Boone and his war escapades but she is in the process of moving and hasn’t sent them to me yet.

Bits and pieces:

I have received a copy of Wilson's family bible, which lists many of his children and deaths which confirmed what I had already complied. Does anyone know who has the original bible?


Stephen MADDOX appears as a witness on some Maddox documents of the 1800's in Kentucky. He appears to have been some type of lawyer or legal person. Have not placed Stephen in the tree anywhere yet but his will mentioned a brother, Wilson. Not sure which Wilson Maddox he referred to. A Stephen W. Maddox is listed as one of the executors of Wilson’s will. He may come from the Notley Maddox line also of Shelby County KY. Notley’s line is connected to my Wilson’s line way back in Virginia but not sure how yet.


I have John S. C. Maddox's will. The will gives Paschal Mathis MADDOX 62 acres of land in Henry County KY and half a house, others are given land but will doesn't say in what county, just Kentucky. I have received copies of his family bible.


My great-grandfather, John Harlan Maddox, died in Jericho, Henry County KY in 1900 and reportly kept a family journal of sorts that disappeared, anyone has any idea where it is? I have an old photo dated 1909 of his home in Jericho.


I have found a Texas connection with some postcards written by cousin "Lovla" to my great-grandmother, Anna Maddox. The postcard is postmarked Claude, Texas, 1909 and speaks of her new baby. I have a picture of her labeled Cuz Lovla with a small baby in Claude, Texas and one picture of her husband "Orville" on a horse in Texas roping a cow dated 1914. I haven't been able to find any direct Texas cousins yet but have found mention of some Maddoxes that were part of a wagon train of Kentuckians that went to Texas after the civil war. They started a town named "Kentucky town" in Texas but is a ghost town now. Don’t know if any of my Maddox line went there but several Maddoxes from Kentucky are mentioned in old records of the town.


I have records of a few Maddoxes that served in the Civil War but haven’t connected them all yet. It appears most served with the Union.


I have a list of Maddox and relation’s burial sites and cemeteries in Henry and surrounding counties in KY, which I am trying to connect all the dots. About half I have placed in my tree. Be glad to send anyone a list.


Copies of any wills, obits, etc., are appreciated. I don't need certified or official copies-just a plain copy machine copy will do. Please contact me before incurring any copy costs, birth and death records copy costs are high and add up. I am not in Kentucky where most of these connections are and must rely on kindness of others to help. Please feel free to copy, pass this around, etc. I need all the help I can get.



Any help and information to fill in blanks, no matter how trivial, greatly appreciated.

Respond to:


John Harley Maddox


Or write;

John Harley Maddox

165 Imogene St.

Prattville, AL 36067 USA




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