More Henry County Marriages

- 1870, 1871, & 1872-

Submitted By: Lindsay Nutall

Lewis Kiper (or Hiper?), 22, (b.Hardin Co.), md. Dec.25,1870, Martha Williams, 18, (b.Trimble).

James W. Wakely, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec 29,1870, Mary E. Washburn, 21, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Joseph Washburn].
John Broadgriel, 23, (b.Ireland), md.Dec.31,1870, [at Jeremiah Leary's], Margaret Leary, 15,
(b.Madison Co.), [pts. b.Ireland], [dau. of Jeremiah].


Henry County Marriages - 1871 -


Merrill Rankin, 21 , (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 5,1871, Belle Highfield, 21.
Edward Tyler, 23, (b.Louisville,Jefferson Co.), md.Jan.4,1871, [at Joseph Beazley's],
Frances Beazley, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Edward Wills, 23, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Jan.5,1871, [at P.C.Smiths], Malinda W. Smith, 23,
(b.Henry Co.), [pts.b.Shelby & Henry Co.].
Amitron (?) McGrew, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.5,1871, Gail (?) Aron (?) - Spiker, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
WIlliam Eddings, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.8,1871, Martha Sanford, 19, (b.Owen Co.).
James Watkins, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.12,1871, [at M.T.. Mitchell's], Martha Mitchell,
20, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of  M.T.].
W.B. Randall, 23, (b.Mercer Co.), md.Jan.12,1871, Annie Hammond, 17, (b.Oldham Co.).
George T. Spillman, 25, (b.Trimble Co.), md.Jan.17,1871, Harriett G. Browning, 21,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of B.F. Browning].
O.W. James, [or D.W.?], 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.19,1871, Rebecca A. Cox, 21,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of J. M. Cox]. UPDATE 6/30/08 by Rick James Daniel W. James, b; 30 Dec, 1852, Henry Co., KY. s/of John James and wife Jane Sublett, Henry Co., KY.
James Fallis, 27, (b.Clairmont Co.), [pts.b.Trimble], md.Jan.19,1871, [at Andrew Jones],
Lucy S. Jones, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
William B. Robertson, 20, (b.-----all), md. Jan.19,1871, Sally T. Peary, 17, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of T.J. Peary].
Joseph Thomas Razor, 25, (b.Owen Co.), md.Feb.2,1871, [at William Sutherland's],
Mahala Ann Jones, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
William D. Dixen, 23, (b.Eminence,Henry Co.), md.Feb.2,1871, Jemima B.Smith, 22,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Elijah Smith].
George Stanley, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.9,1871, Loretta Robinson, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
James W. WIlhite, 35, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.14,1871, Sarah McKee, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
WIlliam L. Herrin, 20, (b.Boone Co.), md.Feb.12,1871, Nancy E. Carry (?), 23, (b.Henry Co.).
W.G. Price, 25, (b.Boone Co.), md. Feb. 14,1871, Florence G. Nail, 18, (b.Jackson Co.MS).
C---- Finish (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.), md. Feb.15,1871, VIrginia A. Vance, 15, (b.Henry Co.).
Abraham Lemaster, 25, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Feb.22,1871, Mattie Roberts, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
Benjamin Beyer, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md. Feb.19,1871, [at WIlliam Scott's], Amanda C. Scott,
22, (b.Henry Co.).
Thomas Hoskins, 22, (b.Boone Co.), md.Feb.16,1871, Jennie Wood, 16, (b.Oldham Co.).
A. V. Hall, 27, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Feb.14,1871, Mollie Reivers (?), 23.
Virgil Lewis, 27, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Feb.21,1871, [at Eminence], Sallie Hamblett (?), 25,
(b.Henry Co.).
Thomas Hendrix, 24, (b.Indiana), md.Feb.19,1871, (at Amos Clevelart (?)), Lucinda Clevelart (?),
21, (b.Henry Co.).
J.S. McKee (?), 30, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Feb.23,1871, [at Samuel Shuck's], America Shuck,
21, (b.Henry Co.).
Charles Evans, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.23,1871, [at John Dunaway's], Maggie Dunaway, 22,
(b. Carroll Co.).
Merritt Hayden 35, [2nd Mrg.], (b. Carroll Co.), Feb.21,1871, [at F.D. Pollard's], Sallie B.
Guthrie, 26, (b.Henry Co.).
Joseph B. Perry, 33, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.21,1871, Nannie J. Pollard, 15, (b.Henry Co.).
George Neale, (no age given), md.feb.23,1871, Elizabeth A. Elston, 17, (b.Henry Co.).
Warren Black, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.28,1871, Mildred Hudson, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
J.P. Tandy, 29, (b.Carroll Co.), md.mar.2,1871, [at Thomas Foree's], M.C. Foree, 22,
(b.Henry Co.).
Spotswood Houseworth (?), 37, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.2,1871, Elizabeth Penman, 31,
Jackson Clark, 24, (b.Crawford Co.,IL), md.Mar.2,1871, Emma Snaples, 15, (b.Jefferson Co.),
[dau. of David Snaples].
Waller Chinowith (?), 23, (b.Madison Co.), md.Mar.2,1871, Sallie Webb, 17, (b.Newcastle,
Henry Co.).
RIchard Shuck, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.22,1871, [at Nelson Parrish's], Martha Ann Parrish,
14 (or 19?), (b.Henry Co.).
James W. Wilhite, 23, (b.Owen Co.), md.Mar.20,1871, Susan Jane Keppert (?), 17, (b.Owen Co.).
Samuel Pryor, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.6,1871, Mary Mapers (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Nicholas Moore 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.9,1871, Malissa Olive, 22, (b.Owen Co.).
Alphonso Hall, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.11,1871, M.C. Meadows, 24, (b.Henry Co.).
Pascall Reeves, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md. Apr .20,1871, Mary Ellen Adams, 18, (b.IL),
[dau. of David Adams].
Joseph Foreman, 34, (b.Spencer Co.), md.Apr.19,1871, Roxanna Randell, 27,
(b.Henry Co.).
John R. Dyke,  23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.20,1871, [at Daniel Jones'],  Martha Jane Young,
31, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
J.R. Morris, 22, md.Apr.25,1871, Nannie B. Dunn 16, (b.Madison Co.).
John W. Jones, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 4,1871, Lucinda Meek, 22, (b.Clay Co., IL).
S.M. Casseldine, 30,  [2nd.mrg.], (b.Montgomery Co.), md.May 9,1871, [at Eminence],
Emma Wisen, 21, (b,Henry Co.).
W.B. Crabb, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 18,1871, [at Eminence], Belle Guthrie, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
J.T. Mitchell, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 25,1871, [at Smithfield], Anna Vories, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
J.P. Dean, 22, (b.Trimble Co.), md.May 25,1871, Lattie (?) Sutton, 23, (b.Henry Co.).
Thomas A. Graham, 24, (b.near Washington ---- (?)), md.May 25,1871, Dora B. Haymaker,
18, (b.Clark Co., IN).
W. B. Ethington, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 25,1871, Susan E. Ethington, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Silas W. Banta, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jun 6,1871, Eleanor B. Martin, 16, (b.Ohio), [dau. of
R. Martin].
William Cockrill, 33, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Jun.22,1871, Luian (?) Jones, 25, (b.Shelby Co.).
Rody Herndon, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md. Jul.20,1871, Annie Threlkeld, 21, (b.Shelby Co.).
Charles W. William, (blacksmith), 28, (b.Grant Co.), md.Jul.27,1871, Laurie Wallace, 28, 
(b.Nicholas Co.).
James Morris, 21, (b.Woodford Co.), md.Aug.1,1871, Belle Arnold, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
John Hopkins, 30, (b.England ?), md.Jul.21,1871, Delilah Covely (?), 21, (b.Lincoln Co.).
Francis M. Kelly, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.4,1871, [at Nancy Wiley's], Eliza Ann Wiley,
21, (b.Henry Co.).
A. B. Strother, 26, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Trimble Co., mother b. Henry Co.], md.Aug.17,1871,
Annie Spillman, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Nelson McMannis, 18, (b.Jefferson Co.), md.Aug.23,1871, [at John W. Simpson's], Susan
Louise Simpson, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
William Sparks, 34, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.14,1871, Nancy Pruitt, 31, [3rd mrg],
(b.Trimble Co.).
WIlliam Rusker, 22, (b.Henry Co.),  md.Sep.28,1871, Lucretia Therman, 18, (b.Shelby Co.),
[dau. of Philip Therman].
W. L. Stewart, [photographer], 37, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.5,1871, Alderina (?) Breckenridge,
30, (b.Shelby Co.).
John Bedell, 24, (b.Bath Co.), md.Oct.5,1871, Sarah Limplerman (?), 23, (b.Bath Co.).
W.C. Quinberry, 26, (b.Owen Co.), md.Oct.10,1871, Sarah Bishop, 24, [2nd Mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Lindley L. Berry, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.11,1871, Sallie Powell, 24, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.).
Isaac M. Kelley, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Clark Co., mother b. Oldham Co.], Oct.12,1871,
Minnie Webb, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
W.W. Hiatt, 22, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Oct.12,1871, [at Jacob Kephart's], Annie Kephart,
19, (b.Henry Co.).
John L. Johnson, 23, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Oct.19,1871, [at B. Hall's], Mary E. Hall, 15,
(b.Henry Co.).
John McGuire, 37, (b.MO), md.Oct.19,1871, [at John Morris'], Mattie Morris, 26, (b.Henry Co.).
E.R. Howsworth, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.22,1871, [at J.R. Milton's], Eliza J. Milton, 24, 
(b.Henry Co.).
George W. Byers, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.22,1871, [at S.W. Byer's], Sarah E. Smith,
22, (b.Henry Co.).
John Coblin 24, (b.Henry Co.). md.Oct.22,1871, [at B.F. Ransdall's], Mary E. Ransdall,
20, (b.Henry Co.) 


Shelby Thompson, 23, (b.Clark Co.), md.Oct.25,1871, [Pleasant RIdge Meeting House], Mattie
E. Stanley, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
Butler Bishop, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.26,1871, Mary Frances Sutherland, 16, (b.Henry
Co.), [dau. of William].
A. Greenwood, 24, (b.Owen Co.), md.Nov.2,1871, Mary J. Ireland, 23, (b.Henry Co.).
William Sherrill, 21, (b.Owen Co.),  md.Nov.2,1871, [at John Ireland's], Martha E.
Ireland, 19, (b.Henry Co.). [NOTE:  My great-grandfather, William Sherrard, married Martha Ireland of Henry County.  Ms. Nutall's listing shows a William Sherrill marrying Martha Ireland on November 2, 1871.  The marriage date we have for William Sherrard and Martha Ireland is November 7, 1871.  We don' t have a copy of the marriage certificate, but I suspect these two couples are the same entity and that William Sherrill's last name is incorrect. Posted 12/31/09 by Lynda Sherrard [Lmsherrard[at]]
Rufus Underwood, 27, (bricklayer), (b.MO), md.Nov.4,1871, [at Patience Adams'],
Sue Adams, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Joshua Razor, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.12,1871, [at John Mahoney's], Nancy Jane
Ford, 18, (in Aug. 1871), (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Gerrard Ford].
N.Civitting (?), 40, [2nd mrg], [b.London,England], md.Nov.8,1871, [at M.E. Bryant's],
Eliza F. Bryant, 26, (b.Jessamine Co.).
Silas Jesse, 21 , (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.9,1871, [at Washington Wridge's], Dollie
Wridge, 15, (b.Henry Co.).
James S. Demarent, 22, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.10,1871, [Pleasureville], Hallie Miles,
16, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of E.H. Miles].
Elias Luckett, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.14,1871, Lucy Corbin, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
George Shuck, 21, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.19,1871, Nancy A.Aldridge, 20,
(b.Henry Co.).
W.P.Banta, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.20,1871, Ellen Downey, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
Thomas J.Martin, 23, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.28,1871, Laura Foree, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Hendley Kelly, 32, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Mercer Co., mother b, Br.NC], md.Nov.28,
1871, [at Fielding Bramlett's], Sarah Catherine Bramlett, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
George W. Doyle, 31, (b.Henry Co.), [pts. B.Clark Co.], md. Nov.30,1871, [at W.L.
Vories'], Mrs.Alice Lemaster, 27, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Louis W. Sanders, 38, [1st mrg.], (b.Franklin Co.), md.Nov.30,1871, Mary E.
Doyle, 31, [1st mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Wm Oran, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.30,1871, [at Merrill Clubb's], Drucilla Clubb,
20, (b.Henry Co.).
M.F.Pendleton, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.3,1871, Eliza A.Spillman, 25, (b.Trimble Co.).
Leonard Jones, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec..7,1871, [at Franklinton], Jerusha Ditto, 16,
(b.Henry Co.), [father b. Shelby Co., mother b.Henry Co.], [dau. of Wm Ditto, decd.].
Robert Ethington, 29, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.7,1871, [at Oliver Wilhart's], Mary Wilhart,
17, (b.Campbell Co.).
Garrett Pendergrast, 32, (b.Jefferson Co.), md.Dec.7,1871, [at Jacob Hardesty's],
Cordelia Hardesty, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
W.H. Moody, 47, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.7,1871, Martha Brennin, 44, (b.Henry Co.).
Wm. Crawford, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.7,1871, Rebecca Peson (?), 25, (b.Henry Co.).
Robert H. Denkins, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.7,1871, [at Ralph Steven's], Mary E.
Stevens, 21, (b.Henry Co.), [dau of Ralph & Martha J. Stevens].
Greenberry Young, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.8,1871, Larilda (?) Aranspacer (?), [or is it
L. Ann Spacer?], 22, (b.Henry Co.).
James Kephart, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.14,1871, [at Elizabeth Kephart's], May
Shuck, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
James Tingle, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.14,1871, [at Wm Bishop's], Louisa Bishop,
24, (b.Henry Co.).
James Johnson, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.17,1871, [at James Bishop's], Emily Bishop,
21, )b.Owen Co.).
John Therman, 21 , (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.21,1871, [at Betsy Adcock's], Marthena
Adcock, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of William, b.Garrard Co.].
John W. Williams, 28, (b.Lexington, Ky), md.Dec.21,1871, [at Monterey], Amanda C.
Douthitt (?), 21, (b.Henry Co.), [dau of Theo Douthitt]. 
John Chisalem (?), 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.21,1871, Druzilla Downey, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Alfred Jennings, 21, (b.Campbell Co.), md.Dec.24,1871, [at Silas Banta's], Letitia
R. Banta, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [pts b.Scott Co.].

J.W. Clark, 22, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Gallatin Co., mother b.Virginia]. md.Dec.25,1871,

[at Wm Ransdall's], Martha J. Turner, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
John Hightshoe, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.28,1871, [at S.A.Davis], Catherine Isabelle
Davis, 20, (b.Henry Co.), [pts b.Henry Co.].

Henry County Marriages - 1872 -


John W.Hoskins, 27, (b.Owen Co.), md.Jan.2,1872, [at Andrew Devore's], Mary Elizabeth
Deveroe. 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Alfred G. Jennings, 21, (b.Campbell Co.), md.Jan.2,1872, [at Silas Banta's], Letitia A.
Booth (?), 22, (b.Henry Co.).
John C.Lowhard, (or Cowhard ?), 25, (b.Jefferson Co.), md.Jan.4,1872, [at Sarah Mead's],
Alice Mead, 21, (b.Oldham Co.)
David A. Winn, 30, (b.NY), md.Jan.4,1872, [at S.Woodridge's], Frances H. Woodridge,
20, (b.Franklin Co.).
Peter Martin, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.10,1872, [at S.Mee's], Delila Mee, 21, (b.Ireland).
Gabrial Batts, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 3,1872, Sarah Margaret Jones, 19, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau of Wm Jones].
James Crim, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.11,1872, [at J.S.TIngle's], Milky Tingle, 19,
(b.Henry Co.).
Wm Tingle, 22, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Jan.11,1872, [at Joel Batts'], Isabel Batts, 21,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau of Joel].
George Shipman, 25, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Jan.11,1872, Mattie Ratcliff, 22, (b.Shelby
Co.), [dau of G.S.Ratcliff]
John Downey, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan 11,1872, [at C. Clark's], Nancy Clark,
17, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of C.] 
William Walker, 32,(b.Henry Co.), [1st mrg.], md.Jan.16,1872, Nancy Hancock,
22, (b.Henry Co.).
Hensnee (?) Bartlett, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.16,1872, [at Richard Neal's],
Martha J.Neal, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
Silas Wright, (blacksmith), 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.16,1872, Nannie L.
Jones, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Granville Miskell, 35, (b.Mercer Co.), md.Jan.18,1872, Martha Ann Hawkins,
21, (b.Henry Co.).
John R. Stralt (?), 60, [2nd mrg.], (b.Ver---ton ? illegible), md.Jan.21,1872, [at C.W.
Jesse's], Lydia Carter, 56, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
William Chisam, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.1,1872, Sarah Bell Flack, 15, (b.Owen Co.),
[dau of J.M.Flack].
George G. Tharp, 25, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Henry Co., mother b.Switzerland], md.
Jan.30, 1872, Mary E. Jewell, 24, [b.Clark Co.].
Taylor Vories, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.1,1872, [Campbellsburg], Virginia A. 
Thompson, 19, (b.Oldham Co.).
John Smith, 68, [2nd mrg.], (b.Virginia), md.Feb.8,1872, Emma O. Jackson, 47,
[2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Gottlieb Akerspacker (?), 27, (b.Wittenburg, Germany), md.Feb.13,1872, Mary
Elizabeth James, 23, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Henry Co., mother b.Jessamine Co.],
[dau. of William James].
Warren Jones, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.13,1872, Melvina James, 17, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Arius (?) James]. UPDATE 6/30/08 by Rick James
Warren Jones married Vienna James, d/of Aris James & Mary J. Kelly, Lockport, Henry, KY.
Alonzo White, 29, (painter), (b.Clermont Co.,OH), [father b.Boston, Mass, mother b. 
NJ], md.Feb.18,1872, Bettie Moore, 17, (b.Henry Co.).
Wm Campbell, 40, [2nd mrg], (b.Trimble Co.), md.Feb.20,1872, Eliza Ellen Chandler,
20, (b.Henry Co.).
Jarrell Tingle, 21, (b.Carroll Co.), [pts b.Henry Co.], md.Feb.22,1872, Lucinda Jones,
24, (b.Henry Co.).
Samuel Marion Chilton, 31, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.20,1872, Frances Tingle, 31,
(b.Henry Co.).
Sampson Prewitt, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.25,1872, Josephine Arrington, 22,
(b.Henry Co.).
Thomas Flura (?), 25, (b.Mar.3,1847, Fayette Co.), [pts b.Paris, France], md.Feb.26,
1872, Sarah Parker, 18, (b.East Tenn), [father b.NC, mother b.PA], [dau. of Ezra
James M. Adams, 21, (b.Jan.29,1851, Henry Co.), md.Mar.7, 1872, Clemencia Jane
Adams, 16, (b.Henry Co.), [dau of H.S. Adams].
James A. Vories, 25, (b.Carroll Co.), [pts. b.Henry Co.], md.Mar.14,1872, Emma Scott,
19, (b.Henry Co.), [pts b.Henry Co.], [dau. of J.B.Scott].
Robert Sparks, 42, [3rd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.14,1872, Elizabeth Johnson,
35, [3rd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
John W. Dunaway, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.21,1872, Margaret Elston, 16, 
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Joseph Elston].
Jameson P. Rankin, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.21,1872, Jennie Highfield, 15,
(b.Marion Co., IN), [dau. of Wm Highfield].
Benjamin J. Newman, (b.Nelson Co.), [father b.Shelby Co., mother b.Nelson Co.],
md.Mar.21,1872, Laura F. Roberts, 27, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of N. Roberts]. 
William Gibson, 37, [2nd mrg], (b.Shelby Co.), md.Mar.26,1872, Mary Arnold,
27, (b.Henry Co.).
Wakefield Wolds, 21, (b.----verson Co.), md.Apr.4,1872, Mary Frances Hoskins, 15,
(b.Henry Co.), [father b.Knox Co., mother b.Henry Co.], [dau. of  Reuben Hoskins]. UPDATE 6/30/08 by Rick James Wakefield Woods. b; 1850, s/of Thomas Woods & Mary Southern
G. W. Graves, 26, (b.Georgia), md.Apr.4,1872, [at Thomas Meriweather], Danl---
Ellen Meriweather, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
Richard D. Murphy, 20, (b.New Albany, IN), md.Apr.2,1872, Alice M. Vail, 19,
(b.New Albany, IN).
William Hopkins, 27, (b.Gallatin Co.), [pts.b. Carroll Co.], md.Apr.4,1872,
Amanda Stucker, 19, (b.Franklin Co.), [pts.b. Woodford Co.].
Newton Clayton, (or Claxton ?), 34, (b.Owen Co.), md.Apr.7,1872, Harriett A.
Daviess, 19, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.NY].
Thomas Waid, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.28,1872, Mrs.Martha Ann Adams,
24, (b.Henry Co.).
Samuel Mahoney, 32, [2nd mrg.], (b.Hart Co.?), md.May 5,1872, Sophronia Ann
Spra--cer, 27.
Robert L. Bond, 36, (b.Carroll Co.), md.May 14,1872, Hattie J. Ramey, 21,
(b.Henry Co.).
Elijah Basye (?), 30, (b.Shelby Co.), md.May !6,1872, Marietta K. Sharp, 20,
(b.Henry Co.).
Amos D. Hunston, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 23,1872, Mattie Sams,
16, (b.Henry Co.).
J. W. Kitson, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md. May 30,1872, L (or E ?).S. Jones,
17, (b.Henry Co.).
George W. Yount, 56, [2nd mrg.], (b.Shelby Co.), md.Jun.6,1872, [at Isaac Banta's],
Martha W. Lewis, 38, [4th mrg], (b.IN).
Newton Chilton, 18, md.Jun.13,1872, Margaret Ann Adams, 21.
Wm. Hyatt, 20, (b.Madison Co.), md.Jun 20,1872, [at Wm Vories'], Sallie Vories, 21,
(b.Henry Co.).
A.J. McManis, 32, [of Boone Co.,IN], (b.Carroll Co.,Ky), [pts.b.Shelby Co.,Ky],
md.Jun.27,1872, [at Solomon Tingle's], Mary Ellen Tingle, 25, [of Newcastle],
(b.Henry Co.).
Wm T. Erwin, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.4, 1872, Martha Ann Evans, 17, (b.IN).
Samuel C. Turner, 50, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Jul.11,1872, [at Abner Ford's],
Eliza J. Clark, 30, (b.Clark Co.?).
Thomas Lewis Miller, 23, (b.Natchez, MS), md.Jul.16,1872, [at Smithfield],
Mary Ellen Perry, 24, (b.Henry Co.).  
Chl (Charles?) Clark Jr., 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.17,1872, Sarah C. Kelly,
16, (b.Henry Co.).
John S. Remaing (?) Sr., 59, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.23, 1872,
Melissa Bradman, 39, [2nd.mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Ottawa (?) Bryant, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.23, 1872, Sophronia Roberts,
15, (b.Henry Co.).
Thomas Tingle, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.25,1872, Mary G. Jones,
26, (b.Henry Co.).
Travis H------s, (Hiums, Harris, ?), 21, (b.Garrett Co.), md.Aug.22,1872,
Molly Oder (?), 26, (b.Garrett Co.).
John A. Miles, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.21,1872, Mary T. Robinson, 20.
Abram Green, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.5,1872, [at James Sewell's],
Mary L. Sewell, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
John W. Owen, 45, [2nd mrg.], (b.Franklin Co.), md.Sep.5,1872, Lydia A.
Brown, 27, (b.Henry Co.).
C.M. Hundan, 57, [2nd mrg.], (b.VA), md.Sep.19,1872, Sallie S. Jones,
54, [3rd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
T.S. Bourne, 42, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.10,1872, Bettie Beasley,
32, (b.Henry Co.).
Wm F. Armis (?), 27, (b.White Co.,TN), Elizabeth Marett Woodridge, 18,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau of G. Woodridge].
Sep. Rankin, 68, (b.Harrison Co.), md.Sep.19,1872, Frances Wallace, 57,
(b.Henry Co.), [wid. of John Wallace].
James McCarley, 32, (b.Ireland), md.Sep.18,1872, Matilda Johnson, 23,
Spencer C. Webb, 23, (b.OH), md.Sep.18,1872, Ann E. Kitson, 17, (b.Shelby Co.).
Wm Shuck, 50, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.29,1872, Ann Harven (?), 48, (b.Henry Co.).
Martin Matthias Weller, 26, (b.Louisville, Jefferson Co.), md.Sep.26,1872, Nancy
Batts, 21, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Henry Co., mother b.Fayette Co.].
Albert Jones, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.1,1872, Florida Barter (?), 18, (b.Henry Co.).
W.H. Keahart, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.3,1872, Nancy Bat---n (?), 19, (b.Madison Co.)
James D. Dawkins, 23, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Oct.3,1872, [Turner's Station], Bell
Jewell, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Thomas J. Swanner, 50, [2nd mrg.], (b.PA), md. Oct.9,1872, Edmonia Berry,
32, (b.Henry), [dau. of G. Berry].
Cle. Bail, 44, [3rd mrg.], (b.Ohio), md.Oct.9,1872, Martha Ann McGrew, 43,
(b.Henry Co.).
James Hank (?), 28, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Oct.10,1872, Alice Bramlett, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Ranson H. Demaree, 40, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Oct.15,1872, W. F. Hail, 17, (dau. of John).
R.L. Garner, 24, (b.VA), md.Oct.15,1872, Maggie C. Gross, 16, (b.Henry Co.)
John Batts, md.Oct.19,1872, Nancy Ann Ellis
Samuel Jones, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.15,1872, Nancy R. Henderson, 21,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of W.W. Henderson].
Marion Piles, 26, (b.Trimble Co.), md.Oct.17,1872, Emily Mulligan, 19, (b.Trimble Co.).
John Oats (?), 28, (b.England), md.Oct.21,1872, [at John A. Ditto's], Nancy Ann Ellis,
[late Jones], 31, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Albert Lindsay, 42, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.22,1872, [at Parthenia Carpenter's],
Nannie Carpenter, 32, (b.Henry Co.).
Martin Roberts, 48, md.Oct.24,1872, Irena Chandler, 48, (b.Lincoln Co.).
Thomas H. Hancock, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.31,1872, Ellen C. Banta, 18, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Grafton Banta].
Joel Jones, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.2,1872, Eddy B--- Young, 18.
J. W. Clark, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.31,1872, Catherine Ellis, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
Wm. Campbell, 49, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.31,1872, [at Wm. Scott's],
Alice Scott, 29, (b.Henry Co.).
John F. Razor, 24, (b.Owen Co.), md.Nov.2,1872, [at Joseph Blackwell's],
Julia Blackwell, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
Wm H. Ethington, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.5,1872, Susan Bell Nichols, 22,
[2nd mrg], (b.Shelby Co.).
J.W. Harp (?), 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.10,1872, Elizabeth J. Woods,
18, (b.Shelby Co.).
W.L. Duncan, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.7,1872, Bettie Bryant, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
Richard Ditto, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.10,1872, [at Wm TIngle's], Eddy (?) Ann
Tingle, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
Alexander Hopkins, 37, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.12,1872, Etta Miles, 23, (b.Henry Co.).
Lorenzo D. Roberts, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.14,1872, Mary Jane Roberts, 18,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of John Roberts].
Daniel McCloughlin, 23, (b.Ireland), md.Nov.28,1872, Sallie M-----, 19, (b.Ireland).
Wm J. Sutherland, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.18,1872, [at George Razor's], Lucy J.
Razor, 26, (b.Henry Co.).
Jesse Maddox, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.21,1872, Elizabeth J. Massie, (b.Henry Co.).
James W. Peyton, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md. Nov.21,1872, Sarah C. Downey, 18, (b.Missouri).
William Ellengood, 45, (b.Henry Co.), md. Nov.24,1872, Lucy T. Mitchell, (29?), (b.Shelby Co.).
George H. Bennett, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md. Nov.24,1872, Nancy Banta, 25, (b.Henry Co.), wid.
of ----- Banta.
G.N.Ratcliff, 28, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Nov.28,1872, Mary C. Flood, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
William A. Houston, 31, (b.Virginia), md.Nov.28,1872, Bettie Faydon (?), 27, (b.Henry Co.).
Andrew J. Vest, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.27,1872, Nancy Bennett, 18, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Richard Bennett].
Samuel Wallrose (?), 64, [2nd mrg.], (b.Vir.), md.Nov.28,1872, May Roberts, [2nd mrg],
42, (b.Owen Co.), [pts. born Woodford Co.].
William T. Bishop, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.28,1872, Notley A. Ransdall, 18, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of J.T. Ransdall].
Peter J. Crisan, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md. Dec.1,1872, Mary L.Black, 14, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.
of John Black].
Samuel Chandler, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.5,1872, Mary R. Harper, 15, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of William].
Jordan Taylor, 22, (b.Owen Co.), md.Dec.5,1872, Rebecca Thomas, 15, (b.TX).
Barton W. Clubb, 31, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.18,1872, Sallie Oliver, 16, (b.Hnery Co.).
T.E.Whiteside, (b.?), [father b.Clark Co., mother b.Fayette Co.], md.Dec.12,1872,
Elizabeth Corbin, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Ed-- Troxall, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.22,1873, Sarah Jane Adams, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
R.W. Heaton, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.15,1872, Mary T. Woodridge, 42,
(b.Henry Co.)
John T. Lyons, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.12,1872, Ardemissa Roberts, 20, (b.Hnery Co.).
William Scholar, 73, (b.Stafford Co.,VA), md.Dec.13,1872, Sarah Frances Bush, 26,
(b.Owen Co.).
Hiram Clubb, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.17,1872, Nancy Adams, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
A.L. Thompson, 23, (b.Shelby Co.), md.Dec.19,1872, Flora V. Scott, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
George R. Meriweather, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.2,1873, Sarah Jane Cox, 16,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of George W. Cox].
J.M. Miles, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.7,1873, Lydia B. Jones, 20, (b.Shelby Co.).
Samuel A. Armington (?), 48, (b.VA), md.Jan.2,1873, Mildred W. Arrington, 21,
(b.Shelby Co.).
James S. Clark, 38, (b.AL), md.Jan.14,1873, Sallie N. Best (or Vest?), 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Milton Miles, 22, (b.Nicholas Co.), md.Jan.14,1873, Lucy Ireland, 15, (b.Henry Co.).
Scott C. Brown, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.25,1873, [at W.J.Berry's], Jennie Berry, 16,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of W.J. Berry], [witness was Taylor Berry].
William T. Kelly, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.30,1873, [at J. Tingle's], Jennie Tingle.
John P. Johnson, 27, (b.IN), md.Feb.6,1873, [at Thomas Black's], Amanda Black,
27, (b.Henry Co.).
S.S. Estes, 24, (b.Trimble Co.), md.Feb.4,1873, Louella Hall, 21, (b.Bullett Co.),
[dau. of W.E. Hall].
Michael Condran, 29, (b.Ireland), md.Feb.6,1873, [at Zachariah Malin's],
Phebe A. Malin, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
George P. Skinner, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.13,1873, Alice Batts, 20,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of John Batts].
John W. Perry, 20, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Feb.27,1873, Mary N. Tingle, 23,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Ju-- Tingle].
James L. Black, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.23,1873, Sarah Ann Simmons,
21, (b.Owen Co.), [dau. of J. Simmons].
John Devore, 22, (b.Boone Co.), md.Feb.23,1873, Mary Elizabeth Un----- (?),
24, (b.Trimble Co.).
Thomas Turner, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.23,1873, Viola Bail, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
W.D. Ashby, 25, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Feb.26,1873, Etta Woodard, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
Joseph Highshell, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.27,1873, Harriet Ellengood, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Joseph Clements, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.21,1873, Maggie Hall, 23, (b.Shelby Co.).
Augustus Tatten (?), 29, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.20,1873, Amanda Dean, 27 or 28, (b.Henry Co.).
Llewelyn L. Conway, 32, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Mar.20,1873, Mattie A. Robinson, 33, [2nd mrg.],
(b.Henry Co.).
Joseph Thompson, 49, [2nd mrg.], (b.Jessamine Co.), md.Mar.23,1873, Nancy Thompson,
40, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Joseph Oram, 40, [3rd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.3,1873, [at Elihu Bryant's], Sally Bryant,
30, (b.Shelby Co.).
John Blackburn, 24, (b.Woodford Co.), md.Apr.2,1873, Mahala Callender (?), 32, (b.Henry Co.).
James C. Vories, 28, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.8,1873, [at John Hawkin's], Mary Hawkins, 19,
(b.Trimble Co.).
John Heaton, 68, [2nd Mrg.], (b.VA), md.Apr.13,1873, Sarah McLasky, 45, [2nd mrg.],
(b.Henry Co.).
Waller L. Boyd, 33, (b.Kentucky), md.Apr.17,1873, L.L. Perry, 32, (b.Henry Co.).
Laurence Canady, 50, (b.Ireland), md.Apr.19,1873, Eliza Jane Harp, 35, (b.Henry Co.). 
Samuel Bodell, 23, (b.Bath Co.), md.Apr.20,1873, Nancy F. McGwine, 23, (b.Henry Co.).
Pleasant H. Mitchell, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Apr.24,1873, [at Robert Clark's], Anna E.
Clark, 20, (b.Ireland?).
Felix Webster, 26, (b.TN), md.Apr.23,1873, Mattie Forsnie (?), 21, (b.Breckenridge Co.).
F.S. Carrington, 48, (b.Scott Co.), md.Apr.29,1873, [at Campbellsburg], Mattie Armstr---,
23, (b.Oldham Co.).
Rand-- Oram, 40, [2nd mrg.], (b.Franklin Co.), md.May 15,1873, Mildred J. Harton,
24, (b.Henry Co.).
Amazara (?) Stewart, 23, (b.Kenton Co.), md.May 22,1873, Elizabeth E. Hoskins, 17,
(b.Harlin Co.).
Tolbert Johnston, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 27,1873, Mary Jane Coolon (?), 23,
(b.Scott Co.).
James Tingle, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.May 27,1873, Betsy Ann Jones, 26, (b.Henry Co.).
James Washburn, 39, [2nd mrg.], (b.Fleming Co.), md.Jun.3,1873, Rebecca Hommers (?),
48, [2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Perry Mobly, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jul.1,1873, Lavinia Johnston, 26, (b.Henry Co.).
Frank Ransdall Jr., 74, [2nd mrg.], (b.VA), md.Jul.1,1873, Eliza Gardner, 61, [2nd mrg.],
(b.Henry Co.).
William P. Roberts, 21, md.Jul.17,1873, Alla Lyons, 16, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Ireland].
George Palsgrive, 24, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Jul.13,1873, Martha Stigers, 17, (b.Owen Co.).
J.L. Hermanson, 27, (b.Sweden), md.Jul.20,1873, Hanna Ewing, 23, (b.Sweden ?).
James Henry, 32, (b.PA), md.Aug.2,1873, Louisa J. Mitchell, 26, (b.Shelby Co.).
Scott Wood, 30, (b.----vell ?), md.Jul.31,1873, Susan Herren (?),  26, (b.Grant Co.).
William Brown, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.7,1873, Ellen Kelly, 19. (b.Henry Co.).
Joseph Carr, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.9,1873, Margaret Grimes, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
John F. Clements, 29, (b.Henry Co.), md.Aug.17,1873, Laura B. Morgan, 19, (b.Gallatin Co.).
Thomas Nan---s ?, 30, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.9,1873, Sallie E. Grimes, 22, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of William].
Lewis Elston, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.11,1873, Mary E. Turner, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
M.D. Willett, 42, [3rd mrg.], (b.Carrolton,Carroll Co.), md.Sep.10,1873, [at Marion Chilton's],
Mary E. Tingle, 38, (b.Henry Co.).
William M. Tingle, 53, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.11,1873, Eliza Moore Harlman (?), 40, [2nd mrg.],
(b.Kenton Co.), [dau. of  John Hardin (?)].
W.H. Brack, 40, [2nd mrg.], (b.Gallatin Co.), md.Sep.11,1873, Matilda Sanders, 28, [2nd mrg.].
Silas Douthett, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md. Sep.18,1873, Milly Durringer, 15, (b.Owen Co.).
C.C. Browning, 29, (b.Henry Co.), md.Sep.18,1873, Elizabeth Parkhurst, 21, (b.Henry Co.),
[pts b.NY].
James M. Batts, 18, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.2,1873, Martha J. Chilton, 20, (b.Henry Co.).
J.A. Tingle, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.2,1873, Lou Evans, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Jefferson Batts, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.2,1873, Maretta (?) Evans, 15, (b.Henry Co.). 
John N. Mead, 21, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Oct.1,1873, Willa ? T. Hoskins, 20, (b.Trimble Co.).
James Roberts, 24, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.1,1873, Milly Atcherson, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
William Aldridge, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.1,1873, Susanna McGuire, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
Levi B. Casey, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.5,1873, Sarah F. Herdmaker (?), 22, (b.Boone Co.).
Taylor Berry, 24, [occup. constable?], (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.7,1873, Amie B. Marshall,
21, (b.Henry Co.).
E.C. Scott, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.7,1873, Mamie Sandifer, 22, (b.Carroll Co.).
John C. Roberts, 32, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.7,1873, Susan Buckham (?), 18, (b.Scott Co.).
Edward Jones, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.9,1873, Emma Piles, 16, (b.Carroll Co.).
James Kelly, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.9,1873, Maggie Bondrant ?, 21, (b.PA).
William Tingle, 21, (b.Carroll Co.), md.Oct.9,1873, Alice Washburn, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
James Warren 21, (b.Shelby Co.,IL?), md.Oct.18,1873, Louisa Downey, 19, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Samuel Downey].
Sanford Willis, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.16,1873, Mary Jane Razor, 21, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of George Razor].
John M. Wainscott, 23, (b.Owen Co.), md.Oct.19,1873, Amanda Aldridge, 17, (b.Henry Co.),
[pts. b.Clark Co.].
William Johnston, 45, [2nd mrg.], (b.Fayette Co.), md.Oct.17,1873, Nancy Tropall ?, 40,
[2nd mrg.], (b.Henry Co.).
Elam C. Lace (?), 31, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.24,1873, Mary J. Smith, 26, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of Elijah Smith].
E.D. Bruner, 23, (b.IN), md.Oct.21,1873, Sallie A. Beazley, 21, (b.Henry Co.?).
Oraw (?) Bruner, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Oct.23,1873, Mollie J. Blackwell, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
John Pauli (Pauni ?), 18, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.Hamilton Co.,OH], md.Nov.1,1873, Rush
Mahoney, 19, (b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Owen Mahoney].
John P. Danner, 20, (b.Jefferson Co.,IN), md.Nov.6,1873, Sarah Wade, 23.
William Harper, 22, (b.NC), md.Nov.5,1873, Nancy Cox, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Archibald Cooper, 58, (b.Clark Co.), md. Nov.12,1873, Annie Massie, 30, (b.Clark Co.).
Daniel Jones, 37, [2nd mrg], (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.13,1873, Alice Hunter, 21, (b.Owen Co.).
J.W. McDonald, 58, (b.Clark Co.), md.Nov.18,1873, Almira Cooper, 42, (b.Madison Co.).
James W. Blackabee, 27, (b.Henry Co.), md.Nov.20,1873, Mary F. Frost, 19, (b.Woodford Co.).
Willard Prewitt, 24, (b.IN), md.Dec.4,1873, Martha Rains, 24, (b.Henry Co.).
W.L. Mann (?), 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.9,1873, Nancy E. McMann, 19.
J.W. Sponier (?), 28, (b.Henry Co.), [father b.England, mother b.Nelson Co.,KY], md.Dec.9,
1873, Mary Jane Nichols, 17, (b.Henry Co.).
William A. Browner, 20, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Dec.18,1873, Almeda Sanford, (b.Franklin Co.),
[dau. of Meredeth Sanford].
George L. Winburn, 20, (b.Henry Co.), md.Dec.18,1873, Mary Emily Garnet, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
William Harp, 24, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Dec.18,1873, Emily Bramlett, 27, (b.Henry Co.), [dau.
of Fielding Bramlett, b.Scott Co.].
Pern (?) Brock, 24, (b.Gallatin Co.), md.Dec.25,1873, Susan Stucker, 18, (b.Woodford Co.).
C.A. Lucker (?), 25, (b.Oldham Co.), md.Dec.23,1873, Anna S. Taylor, 17, (b.Henry Co.).
William Pearce, 26, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.4,1874, Mary Highfield, 25, [pts. b.Ireland], [dau.
of WIlliam Highfield].
S.A. Carpenter, 38, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.6,1874, Jane (or Jamie?) Carpenter, 30, (b.Henry Co.).
Jack Abbott, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.9,1874, Mary Ann Marshall, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Lawrence W. Gorden, 22, (b.Franklin Co.), md.Feb.17,1874, Mary Jane Herman, 18,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Elisha Herman].
Joseph Roberts, 52, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.13,1874, Margaret Allengood, 32, (b.Henry Co.).
B.F. GIviden, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.27,1874, Margaret J. Vanney, 14 or 24 ?, (b.IL),
[father b.TX, mother b.KY].
William Browning, 19, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.20,1874, Maggie Stivers, 21, (b.Henry Co.).
S. W. Pares (?), 26, (b.NC), md.Jan.25,1874, Alice Grady, 18, [dau. of. L.P.Grady].
James C. Williams, 27, (b.Trimble Co.), md.Jan.26,1874, Rebecca A. Thorp, 27,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of Gus Thorp].
James W. Smoot, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Jan.29,1874, Dora Clements, 24, (b.Henry Co.).
James F. Ransdall, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.9,1874, Sallie B. Johnston, 18,
(b.Henry Co.), [dau. of R.T. Johnston].
Lewis Kirsch, 23, (b.Feb.1851), md.Feb.12,1874, Nettie Ann Tingle, 16, (b.Henry Co.).
Ninian Claggett, 31, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.19,1874, Hallie Nisce (?), 21, (b.Henry Co.).
T.C. Bryant, 35, (b.Jessamine Co.), md.Feb.19,1874, [at Newland T.C. Scott's], Zerelda
Scott, 22, (b.Henry Co.).
Daniel Ford, 23, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.26,1874, [at Arthur Dorrough's], Dorinda
Dorrough, 19, (b.Henry Co.).
Robert A. Quisenberry, 22, (b.Henry Co.), md.Feb.26,1874, Amanda O. Nelson, 24, (b.VA),
[Dau. of Thomas Nelson].
John Douglas, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.5,1874, Mildred M. Ferguson, 22.
William Mitchell, 29, (b.Woodford Co.), md.Mar.10,1874, Mrs. Emma Ethington, 21, [2nd mrg.],
Calvin Ellis, 21, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.19,1874, Kate Powers, 18, (b.Henry Co.).
Wilson Scott, 25, (b.Henry Co.), md.Mar.19,1874, Kate Morris, 22, (b.Henry Co.),
[dau. of John Morris]