The Orville Baptist Church
by Robert O'Brien      May 11, 1979

printed in the Henry County Local

Upon a ridge above the road
A friendly church did perch
To soothe the souls of all who came
To Orville Baptist Church.

This little Church was white for years
By painter from the fold
They gave their time and gave their dimes
To Make it strong and bold.

This little church has served the need
Of strong and weak alike
For old, the young, the sick, and lame
It's part of God's great pike.

Down through the years the church has grown
As members come and go
Instead of peeling paint outside
Her brick made quite a show.

Just like the brick it's stronger now
More members make it so
Now they are good like they were good
That's why the church does grow.

Long may it stand to serve the need
In Orville pleasant land
The Orville Church, The Baptist Church
The one with friendly hand.