Biographical Information of Some Henry County Revolutionary War Veterans

Submitted By: Virginia Tolman unless indicated otherwise!

William Adams S 30817 Enlisted in "York Town" York County, Pennsylvania, Feb. 1776 served as a private in Captains Watson's and Moore's Companies, Colonel St. Clair's 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment. He was on board the Bateanux on the lakes in Canada at the mouth of Three Rivers, at the time of the battle there. Discharged Mar 1777, in Philadelphia. Pension Executed August 12, 1818, Henry County, Kentucky. Born Dec 25, 1748. Died about 1843 Henry County Kentucky. He married 1st cousin, Mary Adams. He was the son of John and Anna Adams.

William Adams (Uncle to Above William Adams and also father-in-law) also served in the Revolutionary War from York County, Pennsylvania. Died in Henry County 17 Sep. 1818. Did not apply for a Pension that I know of. He married Nancy. His son William Adams also served in the Revolutionary War. They moved to Kentucky in the 1790's. When Oldham County was formed from Henry County, the land on which some of his sons lived ended up in Oldham County while part of the land remained in Henry County. His daughter Mary and her family William Adams, and James remained in Henry County, while sons Frances, David, Matthew, and William ended up in Oldham County. Matthew moved later to Indiana, but still owned land in Oldham county as his will is probated in both states. His others of his sons and daughters, Isabell, Martha, Martin, Samuel moved from the area.

William Adams (son of the above William Adams and Cousin the first William Adams above) served in the Revolutionary War from York County, Pennsylvania. He also lived in Henry County, Kentucky, but when Oldham County was formed, he ended up in that part the became Oldham County. He married Margaret Magruder. Did not apply for a Pension that I know of.

John Adams W 1691, Enlisted at Brough Tavern, York County, Pennsylvania, February 1776 and served 12 months as private in Captain Watson's company, Colonel Arthur St. Clair's 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment and was in the Battle of Three Rivers, Canada. He then enlised in 1777 at Philadelphia, served in Captain John Mear's (Mease?) company, Colonel William Butler's 4th Pennsylvania Regiment. He was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Chemung, and Springfield, and was discharged in January 1781, having served three years. He was allowed pension August 12, 1818, in Henry County, Kentucky. He died in Henry County, May 10, 1834. He was married on April 13, 1798 in Shelby County, KY to Margaret McGuire. In 1821 William Adams stated in Henry County, Kentucky that he was well acquainted with John Adams.

David Adams S 30815, Enlisted in York County, Pennsylvania, August 1780, 4th Class of PA Militias, he was drafted for a term of three months and served under Major Baily and Capt. Covenhafer(?) (the record is hard to read). He was placed as a guard over some prisoners taken from Bengoyne by General Gates. Shortly after he was discharged, the guard at the of for said encampment became small and in the month of Nov. 1780 a draft was ordered to supply the Barracks with a sufficient guard. When Jacob Staley of York County, Pa. Was drafted for three months, he being unwilling to leave home proposed to the said John Adams declared to substitute in his place and serve out his three months accordingly by for a certain consideration. He was discharged February 1781. He was born in 1762 in Donegal County Ireland. He remained in York County until 1794, then moved to Scott County, Kentucky, where he lived until 1810, then he moved to Henry County, Kentucky. Mary and William Adams swore that "we were living in York County, Pennsylvania, in 1780 and that in August of that year David Adams was drafted into the service for three months and was marched from the neighborhood under the command of Capt. Covenhafer. "We were living with one or two miles of the Barracks and have personal knowledge of the service." He married Mary "Polly" Kephart and died while on visit to his son in Morgan County, Indiana in 1838.

Gavin Adams, R31, Virginia Line, applied 13 November 1837, Oldham County, Kentucky, aged 75. (He lived in Henry County, Kentucky, and when Oldham was formed ended up there). He was born 7 June 1763 Fauquier County, Virginia and died in 1842, in Indiana. He enrolled in Culpepper County, Virginia. His son, William Adams, filed claim 6 May 1854 LaGrange, KY and daughter Elizabeth Seely of Bartholomew County Indiana filed claim 20 Sep. 1855. Several of his children were married in Henry County, Kentucky. No relation to me or the above Adams.

Elisha Bishop, wife Elizabeth Ellis Bishop, S30867, Virginia Line, applied 28 Aug 1833 Henry County, Kentucky, aged 73 and upwards. He was born in 1760 in Anne Arundel County, VA. He was married and lived in Berkely County at enrollment in 1777 as a substitute for his father Thomas Bishop. Brother Solomon gave an affidavit to that effect.

Leonard Ellis, widow Jane, W8689, Virginia Line, soldier was born in the state of Virginia (this information was given incorrectly as Maryland by wife Jane, when applying for his pension). Soldier lived at Martinsburg in Berkely County, Virginia at enrollment and in 1791 moved to Fayette County, Kentucky for seven years, then moved to Woodford County, Kentucky for 12 or 13 years then moved to Henry County, Kentucky. Soldier applied Henry County, Kentucky, 4 Sep 1832, age 79 and soldier died there 22 Aug 1833. He married Jane Alloman in the fall of 1781, the marriage bond was dated 14 Nov 1781 in Berkely County, Virginia. Widow stated her father lived on the line between Berkely & Frederick Counties Virginia, and she was raised one mile from William Ellis the brother of Leonard Ellis. Widow applied 1 Oct 1838, Woodford County, Kentucky, aged 75 4 76 and lived with a daughter who was aged about 40. Widow still lived there in 1843. Widow died 3 June 1856, a daughter Frances Gaines lived in Woodford County, Kentucky in 1855. Leonard's niece Elizabeth Bishop aged 64 in 1833 and wife of Elisha Bishop was living in Henry County, Kentucky and she was the daughter of soldiers's brother William Ellis, in 1833 the said Elisha Bishop stated he married into the family of William Ellis about 1786.

The following two Biographies were updated and submitted by: Will McGuire

Joseph McGuire 1752-1839

Joseph McGuire was born July 24, 1752 at Easton, in Northampton County, Pennsylvania., a son of Lawrence McGuire Sr., who died April 9, 1778 at Camp Valley Forge Pennsylvania while serving in the 8th Virginia Regt. of Washington’s Continental Army.

Joseph was enlisted Sept. 1779 in the Virginia Regulars, a militia unit from Bedford Co. VA., and served 18 months in the Virginia Line until his discharge in June 1881, he was in several small skirmishes and at the battle at Guilford Courthouse, after the war Joseph returned to Bedford County and married Mary Scarborough, April 2, 1786, Joseph and his family moved to Lincoln County, KY about 1789, later becoming a resident of Mercer County, and then moving to Henry County about 1799.  On March 1, 1802, the widow Joseph married Nancy Baker as his second wife. Joseph McGuire made his application for a Revolutionary War pension December 3, 1832,  and lived in Henry County, near Port Royal until his death, Oct . 23, 1839.

Children were: Elizabeth, (married Charles Wood), John, (married Eleanor Lee), Joseph, (married Elizabeth Kephart), Levi, (married Susanna Skidmore),Rosa, (married William Gough), Sarah, (married Jefferson Little), Nancy (married John Gough), Mary Ann, (married James Wiley), and James P. McGuire. Information provided by: W. McGuire.



Lawrence McGuire 1750-1807

Lawrence McGuire, a son of Lawrence McGuire Sr., a Revolutionary War soldier who died April 9, 1778 at Camp Valley Forge Pennsylvania while serving in the 8th Virginia Regt. of Washington’s Continental Army.

Lawrence was born about 1750, probably in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and was enlisted December 23, 1776 in the 14th Virginia, Regiment of Washington’s Continental Army from Bedford County, Virginia and participated in Washington’s  New Jersey Campaigns at Trenton and Brunswick where he spent the winter of 1776-1777, later being engaged in the Battles at Brandywine and Germantown, his records report he was hospitalized for wounds or injury after the latter battles, Lawrence was encamped at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778 when his father Lawrence McGuire Sr. died.  Lawrence was discharged Aug. 4, 1778, at White Plains, New York, and returned to Bedford County, Lawrence and his brother Joseph, with their families migrated in the spring of 1789 to Lincoln County Kentucky, where he married Roseanne Wiley on Dec. 31, 1792.

After selling the family homes in 1794-1795 in Lincoln and Mercer counties, Lawrence and the extended McGuire families moved to Henry County before 1799. Lawrence McGuire died in Henry County, Kentucky  in the spring of 1807, leaving his wife Roseanne and four children, Luke, (married Mary Morgason), Aaron, (married Nancy Skidmore), Abigail (married Charles Gough) and Minerva (married John Wiley). No record has been found  that Lawrence ever received a bounty or pension for his service, he was truly, one of the forgotten soldiers

Information provided by: W. McGuire