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Hwy 109 at Stoney Point Rd, turn west. Turn north on Utterback Rd. This is a narrow gravel road. At the Y bear left and go approx. 2 miles until there is a gate across the road. There is another gravel drive to the left, with a gate across it. The Gate is locked and has a wooden sign with name of who to contact to gain entry to the cemetery. I'm told there was a lot of vandalism before the gate was locked. I suppose it's too far for the vandals to walk. ;-) When walking to it I kept thinking it was just around the next bend. Whew... it is approx. 1/2 mile down this drive to the cemetery which sits on a hill to the right. It was a nice walk though. The tree's shade the drive most of the time so it was at least 10 degrees cooler than in the sun. I even saw a wild turkey! Click on any of the thumbnails to see the full size photo.

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Wyatt, Mary Bell   22 Jan 1869       003.jpg
Wyatt, W P   1860   18 Feb 1904    
Can't read         004.jpg
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Edmiston, Everett B     Apr 1937   age 78 yrs   007.jpg
Coffman, Elizabeth     1879     008.jpg
Coffman, Shelby     1877    
Whitsell, [can't read]   6 Aug 1891   2? Sep 1???   w/o W. Whitsell   009.jpg
Can't read         010.jpg
Can't read         011.jpg
Edmiston, Elizabeth   1859   1946     012.jpg
Edmiston, William L   1853   1937    
Coffman, Cleo H   17 Sep 1891   26 Nov 1956?     013.jpg
Coffman, Deua Bell   7 Jan 1895   21 Sep 1929    
Wyatt, Annie Valentine   9 May 1853   13 Nov 1940     014.jpg
Wyatt, Charles Hugh   18 Dec 1847   6 Mar 1939    
Wyatt, Laban Lee   8 Nov 1871   27 Jan 1940     015.jpg
Coffman, Little Doug   1914   1923     016.jpg
Coffman, Evlyn   Dec 1919   1920     017.jpg
Rinhammer, C A   20 Jun 1846   16 May 1885     018.jpg
Rinhammer, Infant     13 Dec 1884   stillborn d/o C A & A W Rinhammer   019.jpg
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Rock         022.jpg
Martin, Infant son   8 Aug 1913   9 Aug 1913     023.jpg
Holmes, Annie M   4-4-1929   8-8-1931     024.jpg
Holmes, Kelly J   4-6-1907   4-6-1907     025.jpg
Rock         026.jpg
Rock         027.jpg
VIEW         028.jpg
Graham, Eliza D [or O]   1 Nov 1856   8 May 1885   w/o Thomas Graham   029.jpg
Graham, Mary E   1851   1883     030.jpg
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The following were copied by Pauline and James McClearn in the 1970s and were published in Cemetery Book, Vol. IV, but were not located today [21 May 2004]. They are undoubtedly some of those stones above that can no longer be read or that have disappeared under the grass, weeds, soil, etc.

If you know of anyone else buried here [from obits etc] let me know and I'll add them.

Wyatt, Frank  

2 Feb 1867  

16 Dec 1938  


Wyatt, Narvellar  




Crisp, Susan Frances  


5 Jun 1956  

88 yrs ? Days  

Perkins, William  


9 Jan 19?1  






Perkins, W H  




Coffman, Roy  

27 Jan 1877  

17 Sep 1879  

s/o T D & A M Coffman  

Anyone that knows me knows I love to take scenery shots. I love the way the sun and shadows play. When I left the cemetery today I stopped back down the road before I got to the Y and snapped a couple of shots of the field. So pretty... and in a month or so will probably be tall with corn or beans or hay. I saw cattle off in a distance so it's probably hay.