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This is an old cemetery, still in use, and frankly, is laid out strange. It's larger than it looks and winds around in the woods in places. Many of the old stones can no longer be read and many others have been knocked over and then set back up in front of another stone. In several places I found whole groups of stones piled on top of each other or propped up one in front of the other. The western end of the cemetery is very open and well kept. The eastern end of the cemetery however, is hit or miss. There are a lot of family plots in this area, many of them with rusty iron fences around them and weeds grown up so high you can't see the stones. Others have part of the fences knocked down, some of them still laying there and others that have been removed. I enjoyed my afternoon tramping around here and will return to obtain some more photos the next time I am in or near St. Charles.

* Stone broken or otherwise unreadable. . . date from previous survey done by HCGS.

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This PDF file contains an article about Christian Privilege Church and cemetery by Harold Ledbetter who was Hopkins County Historian for many years. The article appeared in The Messenger but I don't have a date. Click PDF icon to view the file. If you don't have the reader or need to upgrade, click the logo to the right. Thanks to Catherine Monticue for contributing this file!

Photo Surname First Name DOB DOD Researcher
DeMoss Virginia
Samuel T
22 Jul 1901
24 Jan 1896
21 Jan 1999
26 Mar 1984
Virginia Wilhelminia Nuchols.
Samuel Thompson DeMoss (aka Thomas). Maria Troutman
DeMoss Dotty L 4 Nov 1926 4 Nov 1926 First born child of Samuel and Virginia listed above. Maria Troutman
Photo Groves John
Hart Geneva K 25 Oct 1858 22 Apr 1916  
Photo Jones Lucy J 1871 1909 Tamara Kincaide
Jas. W 1867 19__
Menser Leonard F
Dorothy Greer
26 Jan 1920
30 Apr 1928
12 Apr 1996
Menser Thomas D
26 Jul 1887
21 Mar 1890
21 Mar 1890
26 Apr 1977
Menser Wayne M 7 Sep 1934 1 Jun 1967  
Menser Frances Ella 4-3-1916 11-5-1984  
Photo Osborne J R 1923 1923 Tamara Kincaide
Photo Osborne John 1883 1887 Tamara Kincaide
Photo Osborne Luvisa A 4 Jun 1831 6 Jul 1894 Tamara Kincaide
Photo Osborne Ruth M 1893 1895 Tamara Kincaide
Photo Osborne Thomas 1832 1916 Tamara Kincaide
Photo Smith Lenzey Mazell
wife of H C Smith
6 Jan 1905 12 Dec 1926  
Photo Swinney C W 13 Aug 1887 4 Nov 1900  
Photo Swinney C W 22 Feb 1822 * 6 Jan 1894  
Photo Swinney Myrtle
wife of R R Swinney
20 Jul 1872 24 May 1922  
Photo Swinney R R 8 Jan 1857 16 Aug 1931  
Photo Thomason Albert no date no date  
Photo Woodruff William R 8 Feb 1854 4 Jul 1924  
Photo Woodruff Ida M 16 Oct 1879 14 Jul 1954