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Cleanup 2000

Flat Creek Cemetery was copied in November, 2000 by Shirley Dressler and typed by Nancy Trice. Photos taken and © by Nancy Trice. All headstones are included here but photos were not taken of all headstones. Perhaps when I have time I'll go back to the cemetery and take some more.

Flat Creek is the final resting place for two Revolutionary War Soldiers, Joseph Young and James Davis, and photos are included for both of these men.

NOTE: Flat Creek Cemetery has new caretakers and some wonderful things have happened with the cemetery this past summer [2002]. Stop by the website and see for yourself! Great work Don and Darlene!!!

Vicki Peyton copied many of the headstones in this cemetery in the 1980s and 1990s.
Please check her homepage for more photos.

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