Hopkins County Cemetery Book, Vol. 5 Home Page

Hopkins County Cemetery Book, Vol. 5
Western section of the county.
Richland, Dalton, Beulah, Dawson Springs, Charleston, Coiltown

Available for purchase from Hopkins County Genealogical Society

Cemetery Location Page Date Copied
Crabtree Located near New Salem Church, Slaughters, Ky. in Hopkins Co. 1  
Samuels Located near New Salem Methodist Church near Slaughters, Ky. 1  
Old Onton Located in Onton, Ky, Webster Co, 3 miles east of hwy 41. 2  
New Salem Methodist Church Located near Jewell City in Hopkins Co, Ky. 12  
Old Steen Located in Nebo area on Grace Townsend Farm. 31  
Jennings Located off Bellville Road at top of hill in Webster Co, Ky behind home of Harvey Seymore. 32  
Old Dunkerson Located on Evelyn Cox farm in Nebo area. 32  
Unnamed Cemetery Located on Bert Adams farm north of Nebo, Ky and just south of Balls Hill. 32  
Barnhill Located at Hopkins and Webster County line. 34  
Union Located in Nebo on Hwy 41A. 35  
Winstead Located on hwy 502 near Nebo across from James Rust home. 35  
Barron and Cox Located near Nebo on hwy 502 E. 62  
Craig Located on Ernest Hawkins farm approximately 3 miles north of Nebo on hwy 41A. 63  
Compton Located in Nebo area. 64  
Harrelson Located in Nebo area. 64  
Crow Located in Nebo area. 65  
Weir Located in Hopkins County, near Webster County line about 1/4 mile of gravel road n/e of hwy 41A on farm of Shirley Gibson. 68  
Whitinghill Located on Whitinghill farm about 2 miles s/e of Providence, Ky, Webster County, on new hwy 109 and hwy 41A. 68  
Lamson (1) Located on Old Pete Roark farm now owned by Jimmie Barnhill. 70  
Lamson (2) Location not given. 70  
Stanley Located on west side of 41A on farm of Malcolm Gibson in Hopkins County near the Webster County line. 70  
Hobgood Located north of Manitou, Ky on hwy 630, about 2 miles south of Oakley Home Church. 71  
Mills Located approximately 1/2 mile off hwy 109 on the Raymond Brown farm, Hopkins co, Ky, n/w of house and approximately 1/2 mile from Weirs Creek. 71  
Unnamed Cemetery Located on farm of S D Franklin, on Schmetzer Road between hwy 41A and Rose Creek Road, Hopkins Co, Ky 71  
Pleasant Valley Located about 1 mile south of Providence off the Princeton Road, hwy 293, in Webster Co., Ky. 75  
Cardwell Located on Tippett's Daisy Hill Farm, 2 miles n/w of Hanson, Ky. 80  
Old Paine Cemetery Located in strip pit on Bell Lane off hwy 630. 80  
Clayton Located on Wolf Hollow Lane in the Shakerag Hills. 81  
Oakley Home Located to left of and in back of Oakley Home Church, 6 miles north of Manitou on hwy 630. 83  
Cox (1) Located off hwy 630 near Oakley Home Church. 93  
Veazey Located on hwy 630, 5/10 mile from Oakley Home Church. 93  
Bailey Located in the Slaughters area. 96  
Faucett Located east of hwy 630 one mile by foot from Veazey Cemetery. 97  
Hester Located off 630 north of Manitou. 98  
Mangum Located off hwy 630 close to Veazey Cemetery. 98  
Durham Located near Manitou. 99  
Mitchell (1) Located near Manitou on hwy 630. 99  
Owen Located across from Concord Church on hwy 630, north of Manitou, Ky. 100  
Key Located about 3/4 mile west from hwy 630 near Oakley Home Church. 101  
Burton Located on hwy 630, north of Manitou, Ky, about 1 mile south of Concord Church and about 1/4 mile west of hwy. 102  
Concord Church Cemetery Located at Concord Church on hwy 630, 3 miles north of Manitou, Ky. 105  
Hobgood (1) Located in the Mt Gilead area of Webster Co, Ky. 106  
Unnamed Cemetery Located about 3 miles from Mt Carmel Church in Hopkins Co, Ky. 106  
Arnold Located on Wolf Hollow Road by Ellis House. 109  
Browder (2) Located about 9 miles north on hwy 1069 on west side of road. 109  
Cox (2) Located about 3 miles n/e of Manitou, Ky. 111  
Groves Located in the Mt Gilead area of Webster County near Hopkins County line. 111  
Rust Located 3 miles west of Old Henderson Road close to Browder Cemetery. 111  
Unnamed Cemetery Located at Ray Duncan's mothers farm off hwy 630. 111  
Unnamed Cemetery Located off hwy 630 3/4 mile behind Ray Duncan's farm. Cox Cemetery - no markers. 111  
Brown Located between Providence & Slaughters in Webster Co, Ky off hwy 120. 113  
Unnamed Cemetery Located 1 1/2 mile east of Slaughters on Jewell City Road. 113  
Old Cates (or Daniels) Located near Yarbro. Hill in Shakerag. 114 9-1-2001
Old Jackson Located 8 miles north on Old Henderson Road. 114  
Utterback Located south of Tucker Schoolhouse Road on Tucker farm close to Suttons Lake. 114  
Mitchell (2) Located on Otto Corums farm. 115  
Trice Located in the Mt Gilead area of Webster Co, Ky on old Trice farm on hwy 120. 115  
Mt. Carmel Located near Slaughters in Hopkins Co, Ky. 117  
Tapp Located in Hopkins County, near Webster County boundary, east of Ky 1069, west of Slaughters, Ky 120  
Olive Branch Located n/w of Madisonville on hwy 1069. 121  
Vaughan Located in the Mt Gilead area of Webster County near the Hopkins County line. 154  

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