Harold Utley, President
Hopkins County Historical Society


In the beginning the area we now know as Kentucky was called Fincastle County when it was a part of Virginia. In 1776 Fincastle was divided into three counties, one being called Kentucky County. In 1780 Kentucky County was divided into three counties, Fayette, Jefferson, and Lincoln.

Lincoln County was divided in 1792 with most of the western part becoming Logan County. Logan County was divided in 1797 with the western part becoming Christian County.

When Christian County was divided in 1799 the northern half became Henderson County.

Hopkins County, Kentucky, was made a county by the following legal act which is now on record in the County Clerk's office. It explains itself:

"Be it remembered that at the home of Robert McGary in the county of Hopkins, on Monday, the twenty-fifth day of May, one thousand eight hundred and seven, in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly entitled "An act for the division of Henderson County, approved