Kentucky's 1879 State Gazetteer

This quite important town is on the St. L & S.E.R.R. and is the county seat of Hopkins County. It is 28 miles south of Henderson. Some of its important needs are a schoolhouse, courthouse, and hotel. Exports tobacco. Western Union telegraph. Southern Express. Daily mail. Population, 1,500 E.B. Frost, Postmaster
Business Directory

Adams, J Madison Station and telegraph agent
Arnold, Mrs. M.E. Millinery
Arnold, Rufus K Lawyer
Bacon, James C Justice of the peace
Bailey, Wm M Sewing machines
Baker, Columbus B Saloon
Beasley, Otho F Lawyer
Bishop & Co General store
Boring, Henry Schoolteacher
Bourland, David Hardware
Bourland, Henry F Justice of the Peace
Bourland, John R. Saddler
Bourland & Brother Saw mill, 3 miles east
Bourland & Lunsford Tobacco stemmery
Boyle, Henry D Physician
Bradley, Amos K Lawyer
Brooks, Thomas M Hides and pelts
Brown, James H Justice of the Peace
Brown & Brother Stock dealer, 2 miles east
Browning, John F Sewing machine
Bryan Brothers Saw mill, 5 miles west
Cardwell, Owen Confectioner
Cardwell & Murphy Druggists
Clay & Earle Tobacco stemmery
Cook, John P Stoves and tinware
Collins, George Tailor
Coombs, John Carpenter and builder
Cotton & Ramsey Tobacco dealers
Couch & Couch Blacksmiths
Cox & Fowler Livery Stable
Davis, Rev. H B Christian
Davis, Wm P City Marshal
Dempsey, Dubartes F Physician
Dempsey J Fletcher County Attorney
Denton, E E & Bro Noell House
Dickson, James G Dentist
Earle, J B & Son Lawyers
Figeley, George W Jeweler
Fisher, Paul Saloon
Fowler, David S Constable
Gill & Schimmel Stoves and Tinware
Givens, J K General merchant
Goodloe, Thomas H Dry goods and notions
Hall, Dixon County Judge
Hanner, Mrs Laura Milliner
Hardman, Lewis E Photographer
Harvey, John B Saloon
Holland, W J Planing mill and lumber dealer
Holsman & Nisbet Druggists
Hollinger, Wm. C. Jeweler
Hopewell, Rev. J.C. Baptist
Imhof, Daniel Shoemaker
Jones Bros. Carriage Mnfrs
Jones & Murphy Dry goods
Kahn, Marx General Store
Kehr, Frederick Meat Market
Kosure, James M Produce dealer
Laffoon & Gordon Lawyers and Real Estate Agents
Lepscomb, Benjamin Saloon
Littlepage, Thomas C Tobacco Stemmer
Long, Mrs M.C. Bakery
McDaniell, Rev. J.S. Methodist
McGary, Wm H Prop. Woolfolk House
McGrew, Isaac T Grocer
McKinley, Wm T Physician
McKinley & Gooch Druggists
Madisonville Times Z.F. Young, Propr.
Matthews, Aaron Meat Market
Miles, Samuel T General Store
Moore, Thomas H Physician
Morton, Charles E Express and Insurance Agent
Morton, John G Banker
Murphy, John & Co General Store
Nisbet, Wm A Livery Stable
Nisbet & Jagoe General Store
Noel & Gardner Physicians
Oldham & McLean General Store
Orr, Wm. D Lawyer
Osburn, Wm. T Gunsmith
Pemberton & Brown Leaf tobacco dealers
Polk, Wm. A Flour mills
Porter, Wm. H. Barber
Powers, Samuel Flour mill
Prewitt & Hoffman Dentists
Pritchett, Cornelius B Marble works
Pritchett, Horace Carding mill
Pritchett, James W Physician
Pritchett, James W Jr Painter
Pritchett & Holloman Tobacco stemmers
Ramsey, George W Lawyer
Rice, Martin Common school commissioner
Ries & Co Saddles and harness
Rice & Glenn Schoolteachers
Roberts, Wesley E Photographer
Robertson, Joseph Blacksmith
Robertson, Robert H. Boardinghouse $1 per day. Good sample rooms West of depot
Robinson, Ross & Co Wagonmakers and blacksmiths
Rock & Lloyd Shoemakers
Rorer, Samuel Grocer
Ross, James B Grocer
Ruby, John E Grocer and queensware
Scott, John T Police Judge
Shepherd, Thomas Tailor
Showers, Wm. W. Flour mills
Simons, Lenord Crockery and glassware
Sisk, Andrew J Lawyer
Slone, Mrs Lizzie Milliner
Smith, Thomas H Schoolteacher
Smith, Washington B Circuit Clerk
Sokolski, Henry General Store
Speed, Robert C County Clerk
Stuart, R H & Co Carpenters and Builders
Taitham, J S Physician, 4 miles east
Waller, Charles A Lawyer
Walker, Vergil Cigars and tobacco
Weatherly, George L General Store
Wells, C T & Co Marble works
Whittinghill, John S Dry goods
Wicks & Hutcheson Livery stable
Widdill & Pratt Lawyers
Widler, John Meat Market
Wilder, Wm W General store
Wilson, Lafayette State representative
Winstead, A Frank Sheriff
Wright, Benjamin F Furniture
Woolfolk, Sherwood H Lawyer
Yates, Wm T Wagonmaker
Young, Caleb H General dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, hats and caps, millinery, notions, etc
Young, John B Propr. Kentucky Republican
Young, Zeno F Propr, Madisonville Times