Date:   20 May 1943
Cert:   16232 
Place of Death: County: Knott     City or Town: Bath, Ky.
Name of Hospital or Institution: (blank)
Length of stay in hospital or community: (blank)
Usual Residence of Deceased: State: Ky.      County: Knott
City or Town:  Rural
Full Name:  James SEALS Sr.
If Veteran Name War: (blank)
Social Security No.: (blank)
Sex, Color or Race, Marital Status: Male, White, Divorced
Husband or Wife of:  James SEALS Sr.
Age of husband or wife if alive: (blank) 
Birth date of deceased:  (blank)
Age: 85 years, 01 months, 20 days
Birthplace:  Tenn.
Occupation:  Farmer
Industry or business: (blank)
Father Name:  John SEALS
Father Birthplace:  Tenn.
Mother Maiden Name:  Letha RAINS
Mother Birthplace:  Tenn.
Informant:  Millard (his x mark) SEALS, Bath, Ky.
Burial Place:  Stamper Cem.
Date:  22 May 1943
Signature of funeral director: (blank), Bath
Date received by local registrar:   (blank) 
Registrar's Signature:  (blank)
Date of Death:  20 May 1943
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from 01 May 1943 to 20 May 1943, that I last saw him alive on 19 May 1943, and that death occurred on the date stated above at 8:15 p.m.
Immediate cause of death:  Disease of the prostate gland
Duration: (blank)
Due to: (blank)
Major findings of operations: (blank)
Accident, suicide, or homicide: (blank)
Date of occurrence: (blank)
Where did injury occur: (blank)
While at work: (blank)
Means of injury: (blank)
Signature & Address: M. F. Kelley, Hindman, Ky.
Date signed:  14 July 1943
Transcribed by Debbie Tamborski, 25 October 2010