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Hello, my name is Suzanne Shephard, and I am the New County Coordinator for this Marion County KYGenWeb site. Please  feel free to contact me at any time. If you have information that you would like to add to this Marion County web site, please email me!

Marion County, was the 84th county formed, 25 Jan 1834 from Washington Co. and named for Gen Francis Marion. (The Swamp Fox) of Rev War. County seat is Lebanon. 1st explored by surveyors James and Jacob Sandusky and settled 1779 along Hardin's Creek by Charles & Edward Beavin. Became a settlement for Roman Catholics from Charles, Prince George and St Mary's Counties in MD. Basil Hayden Sr.  had settled 25 Catholic families there on headwaters of Pottinger's Creek by 1785. 1st Roman Catholic church in KY established here 1792. (Compiled by Sandi Gorin)

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Marion County in Spring

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Marion County    "Lost & Found"

I have a large combination autograph-scrapbook that belonged to "Miss Maggie Spalding" and I would love to get it back to her kin if I can locate them.  The book has hand drawings, and pictures of flowers, and pasted poem clippings, and many poems and notes written to "Miss Maggie." They seem to be mostly from male admirers who go to great lengths extolling her beauty and virtues, and most are signed with just initials. The notes are dated from 1856 to 1860, and most are noted to be from Louisville, KY and some from Maysville.

I found a Margaret Isabella Spalding, daughter of Jack Spalding and Harriet Beaven Pottinger, born in 1842, and married in 1861 to Thomas H. Johnson.  She had descendants, but names were not listed.
This Margaret would fit the right age bracket to have had an autograph book as a teenager.  But I have no proof that it is the correct one. If you have any information about "Miss Maggie" or her extended family, I would appreciate knowing, and would be willing to send the book to them.  I know it isn't in my family line, but it's a mystery that I would like to solve. I hope someone can help me get this back to the correct family! Thank you, L. H. Murrell sqrlmurl@bellsouth.net


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