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 Abell, Benjamin F.  Marion  
 Allison, Finis McClean  Muhlenberg  Marion-KY, NC, Ireland, TN, Logan-KY, England, Washington-KY, Henderson-KY, CA, Butler-KY, VA
 Anderson, Franklin
 Marion  Casey-KY, Montgomery-KY, VA
 Avritt, Samuel
 Marion  Washington-KY, Adair-KY, VA
 Barr, John
 Marion  McLean-KY, England
 Baxter, Edward Briscoe  Marion  Washington-KY, Boyle-KY, Howard-MO, VA, OH, Ireland
 Beall, George W.
 Marion  Jefferson-KY, Nelson-KY, Culpepper-VA, MD, NJ, VT, KS
 Beard, Eugene F.  Pulaski  Adair-KY, Marion-KY, VA
 Beard, James W.  Adair  Green-KY, Lincoln-KY, Taylor-KY, Casey-KY, Marion-KY, Greenbrier-VA, Culpeper-VA, TN, TX
 Beauchamp, Frank B.  LaRue  Green-KY, MO, DE, Jefferson-KY, Washington-KY, TX, SC, NC, Monroe-KY, MI, AL, Marion-KY, MD, PA, Boyle-KY, NJ
 Beaven, Charles
 Marion  MD, Louisville-Jefferson-KY
 Beaven, Francis K.
 Marion  Nelson-KY, MD
 Berry, J. I.  Daviess  Nelson, Marion-KY, MD
 Berry, Nicholas T.
 Marion  Nelson-KY, Breckinridge-KY, Washington-KY, MD, D.C., CO
 Berry, Sallie A., Mrs.  Daviess  Lebanon-Marion-KY
 Boarman, Edward H.
 Marion  Lincoln-KY, MD
 Boldrick, George D.
 Marion  Boyle-KY, Ireland
 Bowling, William Wood  Hart  Albemarle-VA, Hardin-KY, Adair-KY, OH, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, NY, Grayson-KY, Marion-KY
 Bricken, George A.
 Marion  Washington-KY, MD, VA
 Burns, Charles H.
 Marion  Carter-KY, Bath-KY, Nicholas-KY, Fleming-KY
 Burton, Robert A.
 Marion  Fayette-KY, Mercer-KY, Boyle-KY, Taylor-KY, Washington-KY, Jessamine-KY, VA
 Cambron, Christopher C.
 Marion  Washington-KY, St._Mary-MD
 Carlile, John B., Sr.
 Marion  Green-KY, Adair-KY, NC, VA
 Carter, James W.  Taylor  Adair-KY, Pulaski-KY, Russell-KY, Green-KY, Marion-KY, Cass-MO, VA
 Cecil, Thomas W.
 Marion  Washington-KY, Fayette-KY, St._Mary-MD
 Chelf, William P.  Adair  Marion-KY, Taylor-KY, VA
 Chelf, William U.  Adair  Marion-KY, Taylor-KY, Green-KY, Casey-KY, Fayette-KY, Ohio-KY, Culpeper-VA
 Cleaver, Paul C.
 Marion  Adair-KY
 Cleaver, William Wells
 Marion  Washington-KY, Jefferson-KY, NJ, VA
 Cooper, Hugh P.
 Marion  MD
Cooper, Samuel S.
 Marion  Washington-KY, Nelson-KY, MD
 Cooper, Thomas W.  McLean  Meade-KY, Marion-KY, Nelson-KY, Jefferson-KY
 Coppage, Killis
 Marion  Adair-KY
 Coppage, Uriah
 Marion  Casey-KY, Green-KY, Washington-KY, VA, MO
 Corley, Anderson
 Marion  Garrard-KY, Culpeper-VA, Wilson-TN
 Courts, James J.  Green  Glasgow-Barren-KY, Christian-KY, Pulaski-KY, Edmonton-Metcalfe-KY, Hart-KY, Elizabethtown-Hardin-KY, Marion-KY, IA, KS, MO, IL, England, Ireland
 Crawford, Thomas  Boyle  Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Lebanon-Marion-KY, VA
 Crews, James B.

 Crews, James B.

 Muhlenberg  Marion-KY, VA, Washington-KY, Butler-KY
 Cummins, Richard
 Marion  Bullitt-KY, Washington-KY, Jefferson-KY, IL, MD, NJ, Ireland
 Dant, J.W.
 Marion  Washington-KY, Nelson-KY, MD, England
Dedman, Phil. T.
 Marion  Harrodsburg-Mercer-KY, Washington-KY, Rappahannock-VA, Spotsylvania-VA, Loudoun-VA, MO, PA
 Doom, Ben P.
 Marion  Nelson-KY, Washington-KY, VA
 Drye, Leven M.
 Marion  Lincoln-KY, Casey-Ky, Nelson-KY, Jefferson-KY, TX, MD, AR, Germany
 Duncan, William  Fleming  Rush-IN, PA, Decatur-IN, Marion-KY, OH
 Edelen, James H.
 Marion  Mercer-KY, Lincoln-KY, MD
 Edelen, Leonard Graves  Boyle  Marion-KY, Casey-KY, VA, MD
 Edelen, Thomas Lewis  Franklin  Harrodsburg-Mercer-KY, Lebanon-Marion-KY, Danville-Boyle-KY, MO, MD, VA
 Edelen, Thomas Lewis  Franklin  Marion-KY, Mercer-KY, Boyle-KY, Carroll-MD, VA, MO
Edwards, Ida
 Marion  LaRue-KY, VA
 Edwards, T.J.  Kenton  Mercer-KY, Madison-KY, Marion-KY, Pendleton-KY, LaRue-KY, Boyle-KY, Harrison-KY, OH
 Edwards, William O.
 Marion  Bourbon-KY, Boyle-KY, Washington-KY, Frederick-MD, SC
 Elder, J.C., Jr.  Crittenden  Equality-Gallatin-IL, Livingston-KY, NC, SC, Scotland, Poughkeepsie-NY, Lebanon-MO, Marion-KY
 Elliot, Richard
 Marion  Washington-KY, VA
 Evans, John B.
 Marion  Nelson-KY, Mercer-KY, Jefferson-KY, VA
 Fales, J.C.  Boyle  Marion-KY, ME, England
 Fennessy, David
 Marion  Ireland, Canada
 Fidler, Jesse P.
 Marion  Boyle-KY, Bullitt-KY, VA, MD
 Fogle, James M.
 Marion  Mercer-KY, Adair-KY, MS
 Goode, Thomas J.  Casey  Lincoln-KY, Marion-KY, Adair-KY, MD, TN, VA, IN, OH, GA
 Graves, Francis Eugene  McCracken  Crittenden-Ky, Marion-KY, Hickman-KY
 Graves, James M.  Crittenden  Jefferson-KY, Marion-KY, Henderson-KY, MO, Nelson-KY, Union-KY
Graves, W. S.  Crittenden  Marion-KY, St._Mary's-MD, Washington-KY,
 Hamilton, William  Metcalfe  Adair, Culpeper-VA, Ireland, Marion
 Harbison, William Scott  Shelby  Boyle-KY, Marion-KY, Fayette-KY, Wythe-VA, Ireland
HEAD, Francis M.  Marion  
Heminger, L.C.  Warren  Clearmont-OH, Lebanon-Marion-KY
Hughes, Samuel Caseyy  Union  Washington-KY, Marion-KY, Fayette-KY
Johnson, Silvester  Nelson  Marion-Ky, MD
Jones, P.G.  Livingston  Daviess-KY, NC, Nelson-KY, Marion-KY, IL, Crittenden-KY, Morganfield-Union-KY, AR
 Kirk, Daniel
 Marion  Shelby-IN, Morgan-IN, Clarke-IN
 Kirtley, Velorius Edwin  Taylor  Frankfort-Franklin-KY, Woodford-KY, Anderson-KY, Bardstown-Nelson-KY, Owensboro-Daviess-KY, Washington-KY, Marion-KY, Lincoln-KY

Kirtley, Virgil Edwin

 Marion  Taylor, Scott, Franklin, Woodford, Anderson, Nelson, Washington, Lincoln
 Knott, J. Proctor  Franklin  Marion-KY, MO
Lindsey, Daniel Weisiger  Franklin  Newport-Campbell-KY, Lebanon-Marion-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY
McCARTY, Milburn E., Jr.  Marion  
McCARTY, W. W.  Washington  
McElroy, Clarence U.  Warren  Lebanon-Marion-KY, Scotland, Anchorage-Jefferson-KY, Danville-Boyle-KY, TN, Lexington-Fayette-KY, Logan-KY, Muhlenberg-KY
McELROY, Paul Irving  Marion  
Monarch, David A.  Daviess  Marion-KY, St._Mary's-MD
Murray, John A.  Barren  Atlanta-GA, Columbus-Franklin-OH, Lebanon-Marion-KY, Louisville-Jefferson-KY, Nelson-KY, Taylor-KY, VA
OWSLEY, Virginia Marion  
Peak, J. Hunter  Jefferson  Bardstown-Nelson-KY, Lebanon-Marion-KY, Ellis-TX, Young-TX
PETERSON, Dr. Henry B.  Marion  
Peterson, Marion  Barren  Green-KY, Marion-KY, MO, Shelby-KY, Taylor-KY
Pusey, Henry K.  Jefferson  Meade-KY, Marion-KY, MD
Ray, Joseph F.  Metcalfe  Barren-KY, Lebanon-Marion-KY, LA, MD
Ray, William Wade  Christian  Marion-KY, Boyle-KY, South_Africa, Washington-KY
Sampson, William  Barren  Jefferson-KY, Oldham-KY, Burksville-Cumberland-KY, Marion-KY, Bell-KY, MS, VA, PA, TN, TX, Canada
Spaulding, Clement Benedict  Jefferson  Lebanon-Marion-KY, Stanford-Lincoln-KY, Lexington-Fayette-KY
Todd, James Dabney  Franklin  Gallatin-KY, Marion-KY, Fayette-KY, Bourbon-KY, VA
Weatherford, John Casey, Marion  
Willis, James H.  Jessamine  Adair-KY, Hart-KY, Barren-KY, Casey-KY, Cumberland-KY, Marion-KY, Danville-Boyle-KY, Harrodsburg-Mercer-KY, Lincoln-KY, Greensburg-Green-KY, Culpeper-VA, Scotland
Wills John F.  Anderson  Lebanon-Marion-KY, Abingdon-Washington-VA, Clark-IN, LA, MD, NY, FL, TN, NC




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