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The following Death Records were Transcribed and generously Contributed by Vickie Connor

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The following Death Records were Transcribed and Contributed by Suzanne Shephard

NEW 1918 - 1919 & 1920  Marion County Deaths During the Influenza Outbreak


*NL: Not Listed *NK: Not Known
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Yinell, Sue N. 63 24-Jan-18 Quincy Influenza
Young, Mrs. Mary Hundley 69 11-Apr-18 Acute Nephiritis Influenza
Purdy, John Nelson 79 9-Aug-18 Flu Age
Miles, Nannie Catherline 17 10-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Ferrull, Miss Nellie 34 10-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Payne, Mary Eveline 10 10-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Mattingly, Mary Angela 17 11-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Cofey, Berthia 24 11-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Thomas, Markis 4 12-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Downs, Patric ? 8 13-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Spalding, Mary Catherine 7 13-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
McNear, Grace 4 15-Oct-18 Influenza Bronchopneumonia
Chelf, Lawrence Melvin 19 16-Oct-18 Influenza
Thornton, Jesse Rubel 25 16-Oct-18 Influenza Premature Childbirth
Mattingly, Thomas A. 5 17-Oct-18 Membranous Croup Influenza
Violett, Josef St. Clair 11 mth 17-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Payne, Lucy Ann 43 17-Oct-18 Influenza
McElroy, Harvey Robert 38 17-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Miles, George Edward 33 18-Oct-18 Organic Heart Disease Influenza
Malone, Wm. Bronnin 4 18-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Wright, Susie Jane 16 18-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Jones, Effie 32 19-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
McNear, Maggie *NK 19-Oct-18 Double Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Bohanan, Jarvis Jackson 53 20-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Whitman, Earl 34 20-Oct-18 Influenza Bronchitis
Haynes, Julia 34 20-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Eads, Blance 36 21-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Turk, Annie B. 14 21-Oct-18 Pneumonia Epidemic Influenza
Cooper, Sean 7 21-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Despain, Lydia 15 21-Oct-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Despain, Drucilla 5 21-Oct-18 Influenza Whooping Cough
Miller, Barney Haden 1 21-Oct-18 Whooping Cough & Influenza
Brockman, Barnard D. 9 mth 22-Oct-18 Influenza
Graham, Hazel 2 22-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Bland, Wm. Thos. 1 22-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Henderson, Mary 85 23-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Price, Marie 19 23-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Abell, Mary Selestine 5 mth 24-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Rodgers, Geo. William 6 mth 24-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Clark, (unreadable) 23 25-Oct-18 Meningitis Influenza
Abell, Lucy 39 25-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Dougherty, Nora 42 25-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Henderson, Jessie 6 25-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Abell, Mamie F. 14 26-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
McGill, Everett Porter 19 26-Oct-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Braden, Ellen 35 26-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Blanton, John Edward 23 26-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Blanton, Mary Lilian 18 26-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Ceccil, Joseph Clide 2 27-Oct-18 Crufe Influenza
Phillips, Ora A. 28 27-Oct-18 Pneumonia Epidemic Influenza
Crowdus, Amanda 38 27-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Blanton, Mrs. Sophia 43 27-Oct-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Abell, Vincenes A. 25 28-Oct-18 Lobular Pneumonia Influenza
Thomas, Joseph Monroe 3 29-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Spalding, Josie 42 30-Oct-18 Influenza Lobar Pneumonia
Smith, Forest 27 31-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Brockman, Vilia 16 31-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Mattingly, Betran 2 31-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Blanton, John Edward 4 mth 31-Oct-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Ramsey, Paul E. 21 1-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Miller, Ernest 16 1-Nov-18 Influenza Pneumonia
Nally, Mary Rose 17 5-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Harp, Zachary 82 6-Nov-18 Appoplexy Influenza
Mullins, Mrs. Annie 62 8-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Pike, Joe 18 11-Nov-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Reynolds, Gertrude 16 11-Nov-18 Cerebral Meningitis Epidemic Influenza
Burchell, Jessie J. 23 11-Nov-18 Lobar Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Russell, Mary Magdalene 6 mth 13-Nov-18 Flu Bronchial Pneumonia
Smalley, Marion 8 mth 14-Nov-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Mattingly, Ben Johnathan 8 17-Nov-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Peak, Robt. M. 45 19-Nov-18 Influenza
Raney, Celia Mills 23 22-Nov-18 Influenza
Mullins, John J. 26 28-Nov-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Morris, Woodrow 1 2-Dec-18 Influenza
Cahoe, Mary Lizzie 61 3-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Mitchell, Joseph P. 2 10-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Brockman, Mary Catherine 28 11-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Hayden, Mary 30 12-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Mays, Sara Catherin 16 12-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Smith, Hanna May 18 15-Dec-18 (unreadable) Influenza
Craven, Sallie Ellen 4 16-Dec-18 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Lanham, Maggie Elizabeth 45 16-Dec-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Gains, Nellie 43 17-Dec-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Raily, Evline 2 mth 19-Dec-18 Influenza
Smith, Edward 3 19-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Hocker, Robert Harold 3 mth 20-Dec-18 Influenza
Hagan, Ludie 14 20-Dec-18 Pneumonia Influenza
Thomas, Francis Arthur 33 25-Dec-18 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Abell, Ben A. 57 28-Dec-18 Influenza
Miller, Mary 72 30-Dec-18 Heart Failed (Pulmonary) Influenza
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Overstreet, Will 32 5-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Wayman, Gobel 18 6-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Rambinge, James Franklin 35 6-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Cambron, Joseph Wilson 3 6-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Lee, Joseph Ernest 4 10-Jan-19 Menengitis Influenza
Wright, James Perry 24 11-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Davis, Joseph 23 11-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Davis, Anna M. 43 11-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Mills, Henry Thos. 33 12-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Vaughan, Porter 23 14-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Barnes, Howard 3 14-Jan-19 Spinal Menengitis Influenza
Walthen, Bertrice Allice 31 14-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Clause?, Chris 52 14-Jan-19 Pulmonary of Lungs Influenza
Vaughan, Ray 22 15-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Lawrence, Mildred 3 mth 15-Jan-19 Pneumonia Flu
Smothers, Thos. Cleveland 34 15-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Hayden, Mariah Jane 62 15-Jan-19 Epidemic Influenza
Lamsen, Mattie Florence 36 15-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Spurling, Virgil 24 16-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Rakes, Emily 32 16-Jan-19 Influenza
Thomas, Newton Hiram? 30 16-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Mattingly, Mary Ameda 26 16-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Hobbs, James Howard 1 16-Jan-19 Influenza & Pneumonia Menengitis
Walthen, Joseph 4 16-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Nevitt, Mary Leona 1 16-Jan-19 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Cabbel, Bertha 34 17-Jan-19 Tuberculosis Influenza
Mullins, Virginia 3 17-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Price, Thomas 33 18-Jan-19 Influenza Menengitis & Pneumonia
Sallie, Robt. 21 18-Jan-19 Influenza
Wright, Emma Abel 35 19-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Branic, Frank 22 19-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Albertson, Sarah Jane 47 19-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Rakes, Milton 11 20-Jan-19 Menengitis Influenza
Cambron, Clement Basil 67 20-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Robertson, Samuel Thomas 2 20-Jan-19 Influenza
Bland, John Lamar 21 21-Jan-19 I
Morgenson, Mattie 27 21-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Nevitt, Nannie I. 5 21-Jan-19 Lobar Pneumonia Influenza
Ballard, Emmett 18 22-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Downs, A. (or C.) 4 22-Jan-19 I
Sallie, Everet 24 22-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Ingram, Mattie 12 22-Jan-19 Influenza
Edwards, Ester G. 21 22-Jan-19 Tuberculosis Pulmonary Influenza
Bush, Lizzie 1 23-Jan-19 Infant Colitis Influenza
Edelen, Henry 19 23-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Miles, John 37 23-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Lanham, Mary 22 23-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza & Premature Labor
Brown, Joseph Earl 35 23-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Price, Will 30 24-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Sallie, Sadie 50 24-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Bright, Gary W. 15 24-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Rakes, Bettie 27 25-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Murphy, Amelia Eliza 71 25-Jan-19 Applexy Influenza
Sallie, Lizzie 16 26-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Netheland, Paul Thomas 3 27-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Lindsay, Edward 40 28-Jan-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Walls, Tony 23 29-Jan-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
Tungate, Rosa Lee 10 30-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Gill, Mary Katherine 22 31-Jan-19 Cerebral Menengitis/Pneumonia Epidemic Influenza
Miles, Bertha 5 31-Jan-19 Influenza Pneumonia
Price, Mertie Farmer 23 7-Feb-19 Spanish Influenza Pneumonia
Ferreill, Mary Etta 30 7-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Miscarriage/Influenza
Spalding, Sarah B. 3 7-Feb-19 Bronchitis Influenza
Simpson, Charlie 5 9-Feb-19 Bronchial Pneumonia Flu
Buckler, William Ike 58 22-Feb-19 Pneumonia Influenza
Vaughn, James 1 mth 23-Feb-19 Influenza
Harp?, Mrs. Annie 58 27-Feb-19 Influenza Bronchial Pneumonia
Ballard, Thaddeus 16 2-Mar-19 Empysema Influenza
Clements, Mary C. 44 2-Mar-19 Inlamation of Stomach Influenza
Spalding, Cordelia Hill 19 9-Mar-19 Spinal Menengitis Epidemic Influenza
Steffenson, Margaret Green 2 10-Mar-19 Diptheria Epidemic Influenza
Burch, Mable 1 20-Mar-19 Collitis Influenza
Padgel, John 76 27-Mar-19 Heart Trouble Influenza
Spalding, Anna Belle 52 30-Mar-19 Tuberculosis Flu & Pneumonia
Payne, Rev. Samuel Raymond 31 7-Apr-19 Flu/Pneumonia followed by Typhoid
Riggs, Martha Francis 32 17-Apr-19 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Epidemic Influenza
Lancaster, Thomas H. 81 25-Apr-19 La Grippe (flu)
Harding, Mary D. 72 25-Apr-19 Chronic Endocarditis Epidemic Influenza
Brown, Ella 27 25-Apr-19 Pulmonary Tuberculosis Epidemic Influenza
Ramsey, Procter Viola 1 mth 1-May-19 Inluenza Pneumonia
Crews, Edythe 1 6-May-19 Menengitis following Influenza/Pneumonia
Garrett, Berthie 3 mth 7-May-19 Influenza
Brown, Gregory 38 28-Oct-19 Influenza
Tungate, Margaret Ellen 30 27-Jan Influenza Pneumonia
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Contributing Factor
Abell, Mrs. Martha A. 84 12-Feb-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Wheatley, Rose Gertrude 1 15-Feb-20 Bronchial Pneumonia Influenza
O'Daniel, Joseph Alexander 8 17-Feb-20 Tuberculosis of lungs Influenza
O'Daniel, Alexandria 10 17-Feb-20 Tuberculosis of lungs Influenza
Pike, Mary Ellen 81 21-Feb-20 LaGrippe Pneumonia
Bickett, Mary Eliza 35 25-Feb-20 Influenza Pneumonia
Hutcheins, Mary Sonia 12 27-Feb-20 Indocarditis Influenza/Pneumonia
Brown, Joe 18 2-Mar-20 Lobar Pneumonia Spanish Influenza
Abell, Joseph Abbot 1 12-Mar-20 Broncho pneumonia Influenza
Yates, Cyntha Margaret 74 13-Mar-20 Influenza
Thompson, William R. 77 5-Apr-20 LaGrippe
Cambron, Mrs. Francis Melvina 62 19-Apr-20 Influenza Meningitis
Mattingly, Mary Tava 4 11-May-20 Pneumonia Influenza
Cooper, Mary Virginia 49 25-Oct-20 Pneumonia Influenza
McElroy, Allen Montgomery 40 6-Dec-20 Meningitis Probably Flu
Simms, Susan C. 2 12-Dec-20 Influenza

The following Death Records were generously Contributed by Nancy Trice & Sherri Bradley

1900 - 1910

1911 Abel - Denardi

1911 Dorsey - Isaacs
1911 James - Purdy 1911 Purely - Young 1912 Abell - Devine
1912 Dezen - Maxwell 1912 Mays - Samuthen 1912 Sanders - Yowell
1913 Abell - Farmer 1913  Ferst - Mackin 1913 Mackin Jr. - Powell
1913 Prathis - Violett  1913 Walls - Wright 1914 Abell - Craudis 
1914 Craven - Johnson 1914 Kniffley - Powell 1914 Purdy - Thompson
1914 Tompson - Yowell    
The following Death Records were generously Contributed by various researchers
Dr. William W. Ray    




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