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Notes of Early Paducah from the Diary of Albert Harmon

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Hello, I recently received from my 98 yr old cousin who was raised in Paducah a diary of her father, Albert Harmon. It has, I'm sure valuable information from Boston School (now Camellia School) and Woodland School and it's students and parents. It is concerning the years 1863. He then lists people in New Hope Community(?) County Officers, Merchants of various stores, ministers of the area. 

From the diary of Albert Harmon 

Wednesday, March 20, 1955...remembering this being the year about 1863 Sun from near Boston School now Camelia, name changed about 1905. 
Father Harmon and Gale Sharon were marched from near Boston School to Mt. Zion Church..marched by soldiers which surrounded the church. Took horses and left boys age 15 years. In so doing took Mrs. Oversheets's horse and said she cried like a baby. 

I will try to name parents and scholars of Boston School 

Parents Eplirian and sis Gish Children Eddie, Jeff, Ava, Albert, Belle, Aubrey, Ruby, Byron 

Parents Thad and Jenny Gish Children Gertrude, Hattie, Charlie, Arthur 

Parents James and wife children Jessie, Harry, John, and Ida 

Teachers Mrs.Willie Burrow., M Ann Rouse, Miss Eliza Wiley, Miss Saura Humphry, Mrs. May Bufus 

Parents,Andy and Nan Farmer children, James, vergil 

Parents Bud Humphrey & wife Children Saura Albert, Mary, Ula, Ada, Willie, Charley, Burnenett 

Parents Mollery and wifev Children Harry, Pete, Maggie, Sally, Jenny 

Parents George and Mattie (verst reet) Children Veal, Walter, Reginald, Belle, Hope, Wayne(dentist) 

Mr. Hartlry led singing. Conducted secondary school in this little rude school-house where all the world seemed free. Was of great interest to me this generos soul has long since gone to reap his reward. 

Parents Martin and Margaret Berry children, Bertie, Annie, Carry, Lynn 

Parents Henry Hartley and wife children, Soreso-Dow, Annie, Robert, Rufus (in the mean time quite a skirmish came up. ProbleRouse correcting Gish boys. Children students scattered, ha) 

Parents Houser and wife children, Lena, Alva, Annie, Loyd, Rosy 

Parent Mr. Kearny child, Katie 

Parents Julius and Didy James children, Henry, Gorge, John, Eddie, Charley, Ally, Bill, Ruby 

Parents Sam Parker & wife children Cora, Jada 

Parents PM Scott and wife children, George, See, Lynn, Bertie, Sally 

Parents Frank Harris and wife children Buck, See, Mack, Richmond 

Parents Tom and Ellen Harris children Jessie, Annie Ada, Artie, twins Musie & Jennie 

Parents Martin Harris and wife children James, Bertha, Joseph, Daisy, Etta, Pearl, Tom 

Parent Mrs. America Bruce children Donald, Charley, twins Sulta & Jetta 

Parents George Moore and wife children Minnie, Malcom, Floyd, Iley, Ernest 

Parents Cole Sharon and wife children Tom, Emma, Tom, Wyatt, Rosy, twins, Lilly and ? 

Parents S B Holt and wife children Emmet and L B Holt 

Parents Wash and Susan Young children George and John 

Parents James Waltma(n) and wife childrenWillie (Waltman a carpenter, put up a blackboard four school room) 

Parents Marshall Wessen and wife children Dora and Mamie 

Parents Anderson Miller and wife children William, James, Alonzo, Nat 

Parents Mr. Hancock and wife children Fred 

Parents Frank Lovelace and wife children Mattie, Myrtle, Pleasent" 

I will do Woodland School next. I know there seems to be spelling errors, but I did not want to correct his wording in any way. 


Woodland School
"This story goes a little further. Parents throgh-out this district built a little one room school-house to my recollection this was my first years of schooling. Mr Hines made a set of benches not far from where we lived. I remember being where he worked. I saw them haul those seats a cross a fild in front of our house. This being on Mr. Humphreys place. Ida the oldest girl seemed to care for me being small and just in school age. 
Someathing of a tradgey here. A young man of community lost his mind. Mother and I () younger brother in the man time stayed alnight with a neighbor. Such a night as it was, father went for the crazy mans brother did their best to take care of him in the mean time he had gotten into Mr. Glealsons house. the children were scared and under beds. there sat he with pitch fork in hand had pitched the cat in the fire. when brother Benn came this man ran out. ben after him and fell over alog. Benn caught him and so! Sqyuire Hines magistrate and others carried him to Paducah day the court pronounced him insane carried him away he died in the asylum. Getting the insane man out of the wagon., Squire Hines said John they are treating you like a dog. he said you are an old dog your-self and threw and ear of corn at Hines(Mag) 

Parents Charlie and Malissy Humphreys children William, Lelia, Gerge, Phinous, Ida, hit,Minnie,Nina,Fannie,Burnett twinsCleveland, and Hendrix 

Teacher John Garnes 

Grandparents Whitworth grandchildren Will and Bertie McGuire

Teacher Belle White 

Parents Lewis and Nelly Rice childrenSam, Martha, Moses, Luther, James, Hannah, Isaac

Teacher Miss Belle White 

Parents Richard and Recca Prica childdren Loyd, Rosy, Ernest, Joseph

Parents Carn and Nannie Lovelace children Given, Hettie

Teacher Miss Belle White 

Parents Frank and Elle Tutrell children Lelia, Lilly-Mae, Eddieka

Parents William Frank and wife children Albert, Molly, William

Teacher Mrs. Rosy Morrison 

Parents James Devenport and wife childdren George, Etoil, Jody, Theman

Teacher Miss Willie Burrow 

Parents Jeff and Kate Harris children Luther, Daisy

Teacher Miss Belle White 

Parents John and Mary Hines children Lillie, Nina

Parents James and May Hines children Eddie, Ellen

Parents Dock and Steger childdren Bertha, Cleo, Dell, Flora, Garrol, Hollie, John

Parents JB and Eliza Harman children ALBERT (wrote diary), Tollie, Gela, Will, George, Roy, Minnie, Thomas

Teacher Lizzie Edington 

Parents Archie Lovelace two children with no home Lula Bess and Sam Watters

More Later

This refers to quite a number of friends...(of Albert Harmon writer of dairy)

GWB Bumfus and family
Pruit G Vestree and family
Richard Price and Family
Andy Clark and Family
Dr. Waltman and family
Dr. Craig
Bud Grimes
Leonard Grimes
James Price and family
Henry Price
George Price and family
Elmore Overstreet
Tom Overstreet
Eddie Simpson
Nannie Simpson
Brother Rudolph (New Hope) 

New Hope Community:
Berry McKinny
James McKinny
Harmon McKinny
Matt McKinny
Alonzo McKinny
Alie McKinny
Ula McKinny
Andy McKinny
Henry McKinny
Silas McKinny
Yell Colman
Richard Hart
James Hart
William Hart
Preacher Ward
Will Ward
Gus Ward
Sally Ward
Emmet Rudolph
Claud Rudolph
Ulessly Rudolph
Harry Rudolph
Jonnie Rudolph
Ulessly Trice
May Trice
Guy Rudolph
Allie Rudolph
Tobe Rogers (one time)Sheriff of McCracken
Wood Morrow
Lynn Morrow
George Morrow
Daddy Fondaw
Gus Watkins
George Morrison
James Morrison
Miss Rosy Morrison

more later............... 

People of Paducah ( as written by Albert Harmon--time frame around 1863) 

Circuit Judge, Joseph L Price
Eaton and Eaton Lawyers
Jack Fisher
John W. Lovett
Judge Hughs
Charles S. Wheeler
Alben W. Barkley Judge
Arthur Midleton
William Bradshaw
Dow Husband
Gip Husband
Mike Oliver
Mr. Sowery
Mr. Adams
Roy Shelbourne Federal Judge
Jo S. Price
Jack Fisher
Deputy Sheriff John Thompson
J. Glue(?) Danny
Dick Holland
Roy Garrison bounty AT
Roy Vance bounty ATT
Holland Bryan Attorney
Alben W. Barkley

County Officers

Charles Graham
Once Sherriff McCracken, Charlie Potering
George E. Allen sheriff
George Aliston sheriff
Robert Vanerson sheriff
Rusell Jones sheriff
Lee fotter sheriff (?)
Tom Grundy sheriff Cliff Shemwell
County clerk J.W. Fisher
Gus Singleton
John W. Polk
Miss Sarah Miller
Charlie E. Graham
Rudy Pierce
Tully county judge
James M Sang
Alben W. Barkley
Roy Stwart/Garrison
Assessor Roy Stewart Nick E. Jell
Jewell (Red) Helm
Ed Cate
Bill Utterback
Raymond G Bernark
Circuit Court Clerk

Surgical Doctors

Dr. E.W. Jackson
Dr. Roberson
Dr. Boyd
Dr. Pace
Dr. Baily
Dr. Blyth
Dr. Rivers

Dental Drs..

Dr. Neville
Dr. Massey
Dr Tittsworth
Dr. Beelove
Dr. Johnson

Ann Galiglithy, President of Chamber of Commerce
Martin Yopp feed/seed
Herman Yopp
Albert Lawrence
James Lawrence
Harry Lawrence
Robert Lawrence
Ellen Lawrence

E.O. Meecham Chain Store Grocer 

Clothing Stores
Harris Brothers
M Marks
Melvin Wallerstein
JC Pennys
E Zell and Bryan

Hardware Stores


Bennets Drug
Sist Drug
Dubois Roberston
Boswell and Flournoy
JR Smith
Rs Fetter HDW supply
Riverside Hospital
IB Hospital

Sam Rudolph, Billy Rudolph Billy Ward preached at New Hope 

Bro Raborn, Bro Taylor, Bro Taylor, Jr. Bro Gregstonliving in Paducah preached at Harmony, preached fat(h)er and mot(h)er funeral (Harmons) Bros Tom Peas Perkins Atherton, Bro White, Bro Clark preachers for Newton creek church 


Sam Rudolph
Billy Rudolph
Tom McGee
Thomas Rouse
Preacher Ward
Brother White
Perkins Alerton
Brother Byasee
Brother Gegston
Bro Fowler
Bro Burnett
Bro Henly
Bro Whit
Bro Brasfield
Bro Dunn
Bro Hamilton
Ward Rudolph
Bro Clements
Bro Pickins
Bro Pittman
Bro Taylor
Bro Rayborn
Bro Sax
Bro Henry Wilson

Mt. Zion in the state of KY not to far from Paducah Bro F.B Rouse (Peppermill now lone oak)
Bro Tom McGee

Kevil Circuit

Bros Barasfield
H.S. Lax

New Hope Church ministers

Billy Ward
AD Rudolph
Ward Rudolph
Donald Talks
Bro Tucker
Joseph Gardner
ER Sadd
Miss Cledie Clement Jones
Sam Rudolph
R T Mitchell
Bro Mathews
Bro Tucker

I moved to Paducah at age of eighteen yrs attended 1 school studied for eight grade examination. father bought farm had lease on another near by. father bought farm near mossac cross roads. 

Albert Harmon
born 1875 KY
died 1975 TNN

I know some of the names repeated quite often, but I wanted to copy the diary just as Mr. Harmon had written it....hope someone finds a relative!!