The White Family of Monroe County

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This is taken from a little red booklet entitled "Historical Sketch and Genealogy of a Branch of the WHITE FAMILY, by Frank M. WHite, Tompkinsville, KY, 1939, no copyright found. I will print it in full.

A Preclusive Synopsis of the White Family. There was a time, when the world
was less populous than now, when everyman knew his neighbor and only one
name was necessary to designate men and women. But with the passing of the
ages and the increase of people, a need arose for family or surnames. The
usual way of forming family or surnames was from the given name of the
father, from personal characteristics, from locality or occupation.

WALTER WHITE was the first bearer of the family or surname of "White". The family name "White" was said to have been given Walter because of his fair complexion and light hair. He had a younger brother named William. The White family had lived in Ireland more than five hundred (500) years previous to any of their coming to America. The first of this family name to come to America came on the Mayflower in 1620. Walter White lived in the twelth century, being knighted (given the title of Sir and other honors) in 1171.

PETER WHITE, my great, great grandfather, many times in descent from Walter White, was born, lived and died in Ireland. He was born in the first half of the eighteenth century. Thomas White Sr., my great grandfather, son of Peter White, born in Ireland, 1758, emigrated to America at the age of sixteen. His mother was much opposed to his leaving his Irish home for the New World. After she had used all her tender, persuasive power, to no avail, she solicited the influence of his young sweetheart, about his age, to go with her to the port from which he was taking leave, to get him to change his mind. He turned down all their importunities and came to America. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War in 1776 at the age of eighteen. The following is taken from his war record in the Veteran's Administration, Washington, D. C. "Thomas White, while a resident of Frederick County, Maryland, enlisted in 1776, served as private in Captain Jacob Goodman's (evidently meant for Jacob Good's) company, Colonel Shyrock's Maryland regiment marched to Annapolis, thence to the head of the Elk, thence to a small town on the Delaware River, then to Philadelphia where "the clothes of the regiment was coloured black and was called the Black Hunting Shirt Regiment in the flying Camps', then proceeded to Trenton, New York, and York Island where there was an engagement with the British, thence to White Plains, thence to Fort Lee, across North River, and remained until after the surrender of Fort Washington, and marched back to Philadelphia, where he was discharged, having served six months. He traveled then into the State of Pennsylvania, enlisted and served two months as private in Captain Ferguson's Pensylvania Company, during which he was in the battle of Brandywine, retreated to Philadelphia, marched towards Lancaster and was in an engagement with the British near the 'Sign of the White Horse'. He subsequently volunteered under Captain Moses Cavet of Sullivan County, which was later in the State of Tennessee, and served two months in said company in Colonel Shelby's regiment; marched through North Carolina to General Marion's camp on the Santee River in South Carolina, went to a house or fort, where they took about one hundred prisoners, after which he returned home. He again volunteered under Captain Vincent of the same county or territory and served two months as Indian Spy in a campaign under General Martin against the Cherokee Indians and was in a severe engagement with them, after which he returned home."

The last years of the war Thomas White was General Francis Maion's waiter or orderly. He served the potatoes (yams) on bark when the British officers called on Marion to arrange some business matters, and was invited by Marion to dine with him. When the Britisher saw the meal consisted of potatoes only, served on bark, he could not help saying, "Surely, General, this is not your ordinary fare?" "Indeed it is", replied Marion, "but having today the honor of your company, we are so happy as to have more than our usual allowance." The British officer returned to Chaarleston, resigned his commission, saying that America would never be conquered while served by such men."

About 1786 Thomas White married Margaret Sympson, born 1769. To them were born four sons and five daughters: Martha, born June 18, 1787; Polly, May 3, 1790; James, January 9, 1793; Nancy, September 6, 1794; Elizabeth, October 2, 1796; Thomas, Jr., December 17, 1799; Rebecca, June 11, 1801; Sympson, July 2, 1803; James, January 15, 1806. There were two sons named James in this family. The first James having died in childhood, a second was given the name. I do not have death dates of all the above named family.

Some years after the war Thomas White, Sr., went to Crab Orchard, Kentucky, remained there some years and removed to what is now Sulphur Lick, Monroe County, Kentucky, where he took up land and established a home. He was the first settler of that community and lies buried just outside the cemetery which bears his name, known as the White Cemetery or White Graveyard. According to the best information obtainable, he died in 1834 at the age of seventy-six. His grave is on a high creek bank overlooking the bottom where he cleared his first land. The Government placed a marker to his memory.

He did not bring his family to Monroe County the first year of his residence here. He cleared the land, made the crop, went back to his family at Crab Orchard to await its matuarity. When he returned to harest it, he was sorely disappointed to find that the entire crop had been eaten and destroyed by bears. He then brought his family and made it his permanent home where his last four children were born. A monument was erected, 1937, to his memory in the Old Mulkey State Park, by Dr. P. W. Bushong, a great grandson.

Here we follow Thomas White, Jr., my grand-father's line of descent which includes the families of Asbury, Jordan and John White, Simeon Norrman, James Jackson, Davis Bushong, John Guess Hopee, John W. Gillentine and all their descendants.

Thomas White, Jr., (son of Thomas White, Sr.,) born Decembe 17, 1799, died Sept. 30, 1864, married Elizabeth Payne, born May 11, 1806, died March 17, 1892. To them were born three sons, Asbury, Jordan and John, and five daughters, Nancy, Martha, Elizabeth, Amanda and Sarah (Sallie).

This is a continuation of Chapter 1, Asbury WHITE (oldest son of Thomas White, Jr). Audrey Permelia WHITE, Dec. 8, 1908 - married JOhn C. JOHNSON. Minnie Opal WHITE, July 7, 1911 -; married Rufus L VINSON. Clayton G. WHITE (2nd son of Asbury), Nov 14 1870 - married Bertie BOWLES, born May 20, 1874 - . To them were born two children: Wallace and Maurie. Wallace WHITE, Oct 5, 1900 - Nov. 29 1901. Maurie WHITE, July 23, 1902 -, married Blon H WHITE, born July 30, 1897 -. They have two children: Zama WHITE, Jan 2, 1923 -; Juanita Frnces White, Oct. 10 1932 -. Bercha O. WHITE (dau of Asbury), Oct. 18, 1871 - Feb 10, 1937, married James B. McPHERSON, born Nov. 29, 1863 - July 20, 1906. To them were born nine children as follows: Cecil, Donnie, Acie, Homer Lee, Neva, Harvey, Ruie and Verla Brince. Donnie McPHERSON, Oct 2, 1891 - Jan. 14, 1912. Acie McPHERSON, Mar 9, 1895 -; married Mandy Ellen HOPE. They have five sons: Wallace McPHERSON, Sept 22, 1917 -; Marshall McPHERSON, Mar 2, 1920 -; Warren D. McPHERSON, Feb 22, 1922 -; James Thomas McPHERSON, May 7, 1925 -; Royce Bronston McPHERSON, Mar 12, 1929 -. Homer McPHERSON, May 24, 1897 -; married Nellie PARRISH. They have a daughter, Runnell McPHERSON, Sept. 22, 1922 - . Lee McPHERSON, Feb 18, 1889 -; married Nellie HAMILTON. They have one chld, Terrell Jean McPHERSON, May 23, 1935 - . Neva McPHERSON, Feb 6, 1900 -; married Frank HOPE. They have a daughter, Wilma Doris HOPE, Feb 5, 1923 -. Harvey McPHERSON & Verla Brince McPHERSON, died in infancy. Ruie McPHERSON, Sept 30, 1903 -, married Jack HAYS. They have four children: Cletra Oleva HAYS, Nov 30, 1921 -; Joseph Marshall HAYS, Oct 6, 1923 -; Julis Glenn HAYS, Oct. 26, 1925 -; James Harmon HAYS, Aug 15, 1928 -. Cecil McPHERSON, Oct 27, 1889 -; married Kate LYONS. No children. CHAPTER II - JORDAN WHITE. 2nd son of Thomas White, JR. Aug 16, 1829 - July 19, 1902, married Martha L MONROE, born mar 8, 1834 - Aug 22, 1922. They had two daughters, Alice and Effa and seven sons: William Edward, J. Tom, Frank M., Charlie P., James A., Reuben A., and Sam Jordan. Alice White, Nov 3 1860 - June 17, 1864. William Edward White (eldest son of Jordan), Mar, 1862 - Nov. 14, 1884. Continuing with the family of Jordan White, 2nd son of Thomas White Jr. Frank M WHITE, 3rd son of Jordan, Mar 23, 1864 -, married Sallie ABSHIRE, b 28 Sept 1866 - 1 Sept 1919. No children. Second marriage to Verta PALMORE, born 15 Jan 1876 -. No children. Jordan WHTE, 22 Jan 1902 -, married Helen SPEAR, b 2 Sept 1917 -. Eva WHITE, 6 Mar 1905 -, married Smiley L HILL, born 4 Nov 1897 -. They have a son, Frank Thomas HILL, b 26 Oct 1936 -. Charlie P. WHITE, 4th son of Jordan, 9 May 1867 -, married Nettie WILSON, b 27 May 1883 -. They have a daughter, Mabel and two sons, Clyde T and Reuben A. Mabel WHITE, 10 Mar 1906 -, md Charles D LASH, born 19 Apr 1910 -. They have a daughter, Diana, born 13 Feb 1938 -. Clyde T. WHITE, 22 Apr 1913 -, married Colistabelle DONHAM, b 9 Feb 1918 -. They have two sons, Charles Thomas WHITE, 31 July 1935 -; George Leon WHITE, 5 Sept 1936 -. Reuben A WHITE, 2nd son Charlie P. WHITE), 22 Jan 1917 -. Not married. James A WHITE, 5th son Jordan WHITE), 24 Jan 1869 -, married Julie STEPHENS, born 3 Oct 1882 -. To them were born two sons, George Edward S WHITE, 29 Mar 191 - 12 Dec 1930; James Martin K WHITE, 14 Aug 1919 -; and a daughter, Kathryn Louise WHITE, 3 Feb 1923 -, married Earl BRANDON. Reuben A WHITE, 6th son of Jordan), 22 Jan 1871 -, married Nelle MAXON, born 27 Sept 1874 - 5 Jan 1933. A daughter was born to them, Ruth WHITE, 30 mar 1919 -. Effa WHITE, 2nd daughter Jordan), 17 Jan 1873 -. Single. Sam Jordan WHITE, 7th son of Jordan), 11 Apr 1877 - married Mabel THORPE, born 9 July 1878 - 30 Mar 1905. To them was born a son, Mabry T. WHITE, died in infancy. Second marriage to Lillie DYAL, born 13 Aug 1889 -. They have two daughters, Runelle and Eleanor. Runelle WHITE, 16 Aug 1913 -, married John C RILEY. Eleanor WHTIE, 30 Oct 1918 -. Single. Nancy White, eldest d/o Thomas White, Jr born 28 July 1831; died 23 Mar 1900; md Simeon T NORMAN who was born 1 May 1828; died 8 Jan 1911. They had 3 sons: Galespa N, Ingram T and Lindsey D and two daughters, Martha and Malena. Galespa N Norman, eldest son, 4 Feb 1853 - 7 Nov 1936; md Elizabeth PAGE, she b 8 June 1854 - 3 Jan 1929. They had 3 daughters: Maude A, Eisaphena and Elva M. Maud A Norman 7 June 1888 - 26 July 1925; md Sam LYON. They had 5 children: Earl C 12 Oct 1911 -; Norman C 25 Nov 1913 -; Clora E 16 Sept 1916 -; Amel I 27 Nov 1921 -. Eisaphena NORMAN died in infancy. Elva M NORMAN 25 Oct 1892 -; married Luther BYBEE, he born 19 Nov 188 - 28 Nov 1922. They had 2 daughters; Opal W and Oma R. Opal 18 Aug 1915 -; married Robert DYER. Theyhave one child, Rondal K DYER, 5 Mar 193 -. Oma R. BYBEE 25 Oct 1918 - 11 May 1919. Ingram T NORMAN, 2nd son of Simeon T) 28 Aug 1854 - 30 Nov 1881. Martha NORMAN, eldest d/o Simeon, 22 Sept 1864 -; married Thomas W JONES who was b 24 June 1864 - 26 Feb 1898. They had 6 daughters: Normal, Nova, Sallie, Anna, Esther and Edna. Norma JONES, 30 Dec 1887 - 6 Nov 1914; md Virgil HAGAN. They had a son, Caleb J and a daughter, Helen. Caleb J 12 Oct 1909 -; not married. Helen HAGAN, 10 May 1911 -; married Willie Carl BARTLEY. They have 4 children: Charles Fred BARTLEY, 25 Jan 1930 -; Harold 26 Oct 1931 - 12 Aug 1935; Betty Frances, 3 Apr 1933 -; Earl Lloyd BARTLEY 20 Oct 1934 -. Nova JONES 9 Feb 1890 - md J E ARTERBURN, he born 15 Feb 1887 -; no children. Sallie JONES 26 Nov 1891 -; md Wm. C. HOWARD, he b 23 Aug 1890 -. They have 9 children: Daris F 13 Feb 1917 -; John William, 26 Mar 19199 -; Garnet Jones 25 Apr 1921 -; Lance Trigg 12 mar 1923 - ; Earl Wayne 20 Feb 1925 -; Imogene Elizabeth 20 Mar 1927-; Hazel Maurie (eldest of the 9 children) 19 Nov 1914 -; married Herbert L. PALMORE. They have three children - Mary Edith 11 Sept 1932 -; Wm. Thomas 8 Oct 1933 -; and Paul Lee 12 Apr 1935. Anna JONES 29 Oct 1893 -; md Charles L BROWN 29 Sept 1895 -. They have 4 children: Hester Martha 26 Jan 1922 -; Elizabeth Ann 24 Sept 1923 -; Virginia Eloise 8 Sept 1925 -; and Charles Ray 3 Jan 1928 -. Ester JONES 27 Nov 1895 - 2 Oct 1917; md Ernest HOWARD. They had one child that died in infancy. Edna JONES 20 Feb 1898 -; md Willie CURTIS. They have four children: Reva 10 Mar 1917 -; Eva 13 Nov 1918 -; Hila Mae 22 Apr 1923 -; Terrell 20 Oct 1927 -. Martha (NORMAN) JONES md 2nd William A MILLER who was born 1 Nov 1855 - died 29 June 1925. They had 3 children: Sudie, Norman H. and Mildred. Sudie MILLER 16 Jan 1903 -; md Bliss BOWMAN. They have 5 children: Inez Effi 14 May 1920 -; Mildred 3 Jan 1923 -; Martha Christine 5 May and Sue Carol 5 Oct 1932 -. Norman H MILLER 9 Jan 1905 -. Mildred MILLER 20 Apr 1909 -; md Earl FERGUSON. They have 2 children: William L 20 Jan 1927 -; and Winona 19 Oct 1928 -. Malena A NORMAN (2nd dau of Simeon T. NORMAN) 10 Dec 1871 -; md Robert J SILVEY, b 10 Mar 1868; d 28 Apr 1897. To them were born 4 children: Ova Ethel, Angus G., Carl B and Claude J. Ova Ethel SILVEY 25 Oct 1889 -; md Goodall L. BUSHONG. They have 4 children: Edward, Reva, Ruby and Ruie (twins). Angus G. SILVEY 14 May 1892 - 19 Feb 1916. Still on the descendants of Nancy WHITE, eldest dau of Thomas White Jr. Carl B SILVEY 14 Apr 1894 -; married Osie L MILLER; two chldren - Dorthy and Bernice. Claude J SILVEY 11 Aug 1896 -; md Lela Etta MOSIER. Two children - Robert and Lillian. Robert md Elizabeth ERNST and they have a dau, Roberta. Lillian SILVEY md William SAPP; have daughter, Betty Ann Sapp. Morris B SILVEY (adopted son) md Ruth ANDERSON; have son, Norman. Malena (NORMAN) SILVEY md (2) William G BUSHONG, he born 4 June 1849 - died 4 Aug 1916. Had 2 sons - William Cain Bushong and Oscar B BUSHONG, and a dau, Clina M BUSHONG. William Cain BUSHONG 27 June 1901 -; md Effy FERGUSON and have one child, Kenneth. Oscar B BUSHONG 29 Jan 1905 -; md Rose L SYMPSON, no children. Clina M BUSHONG 25 June 1908 -; md Jack TAYLOR, no children. Lindsey Davis NORMAN (3rd son of Simeon T) 25 Mar1868- 28 Dec 1922; md Susan (Sudie) Mary PAYNE (17 Jan 1873 -). 2 sons - Rollie Thomas and Wallace Payne NORMAN, 3 daughters - Ada Lou, Ina Chloe and Vola May. Rollie Thomas NORMAN 23 Oct 1890 -; md Lillie Pearl BRADLEY (29 Feb 1908 -). No children. Ada Lou NORMAN 24 Feb 1893 -; md Ira D STARR (23 June 1884 -). Children: Wilborn Lee, Trwylah Cloteel, Lou Ree, Doris Cletra and Ira Eldon STARR. Wilborn Lee STARR 26 Apr 1914 -; Twylah Cloteel STARR 16 Oct 1916 -; married William Hubert ROBINSON (18 Aug 1916). Have son, William Harold ROBINSON b 4 Dec 1936 -; Lou Ree STARR died in infancy. Doris Cletra STARR 28 Jan 1924 -; Ira Eldon STARR 3 Dec 1927 -. Ina Chloe NORMAN 24 Feb 1895 -; md Levi Leonard JONES (22 Sept 1892 -). They have 6 children: mary Clorine 7 Apr 1917 -; Leonard Edwin 20 Oct 1918 -; Iona May 15 Aug 1920 -; Henrieteta Susan 16 Jan 1929; Lindsey Thomas 19 Aug 1930; Lou ALice 11 Dec 1932 -. Wallace Payne NORMAN 10 May 1903 -; md Grace Vick DOUGLAS (1 Oct 1901 -). 2 children: Edison Estel 1 Oct 1924; Marjorie Dean 8 Mar 1930 -. Vola Mae NORMAN 22 May 1909 - single.

To be continued with the descendants of Martha WHITE, 2nd daughter of Thomas WHITE, Jr.

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