Monroe County Physicans & Other Medical Personnel

(Taken from posts made by Sandi Gorin to the South-Central-KY list.)


PHYSICIANS: First known Dr T H Watson. From VA, in Tompkinsville before
1820. In 1850: Dr Turner Goodall, Dr D M Wilson, Dr Alfred H Maxey, Dr
Parrish Sims, Dr. James Black, Dr. Eli Hawthorne and Dr. James R. Duncan.

1860: Dr Samuel Moore, Dr B W Stone, Francis M Stone, T P Hunt, W M
Seddous, William C Brockett, C M Craven, M N Jefferys, James Jones, Richard
Daniels, John Cothran and Elzy Maxey. W B Green came after the Civil War.

More phsyicians from previous post which are from the Physician's Register
found at the county clerk's office:
T H Bedford of Meshack, 1875; J A Flippin of Tompkinsville, 1875; William K
Richardson of Blacks Ferry, 1877; William Anderson Sympson of Rockbridge,
1893; E C Ray of Tompkinsville, 1893; R F Crabtree of Gamaliel, 1894; R S
Plumlee of Mt Hermon 1894; Thomas C Dunn of Akersville, 1894; Edward M
Ealke of T'ville, 1894; J J Ross & Thomas H Haile of Meshack, 1897; Richard
F Duncan, T'ville, 1897; Thomas J Bullock, Mud Lick, 1897; A W Myers,
Fountain Run, 1897; Charley E Reeves, Flippin, 1897; B W Stone, Fountain
Run, 1898; F M Stone, Fountain Run, 1894; W H Rush, Boles, 1894; E W
Meador, Gamaliel, 1899; E E Palmore, Strode, 1901; W B England and E C Ray,
T'ville, 1902; A S Weir & John Gabriel Seddeous, Akersville; 1803; Caswell
C Biggs, Gamaliel, 1903; C H O Young, Flippin, 1903; Williard F Biggers, Mt
Hermon, 1903; W H Seay, Fountain Run, 1894; W H Harris, Fountain Run, 1889;
O P Hamilton, Gamaliel, 1903; Jesse T Smith, Gamaliel, 1903; J T Hughes,
Fountain Run, 1904; Henry Irvin Jones, Martinsburg, 1904; A E Ferguson,
Flippin, 1905; Prentice M Bristow, Martinsburg, 1905; J Frank Marrs,
T'ville, 1905; A A Strange, martinsburg, 1909; Thomas Finley Miller,
T'ville, 1909; Samuel Medford Bowman, Forkton, 1909; William Larkin Davis,
Vernon, 1910.

Other doctors not found in the above records: Jack Martin, Tim Lee Carter,
Wendell Hurt, William Ralph Bushong, Corrine Bushong, Eagle Bushong, John
Marsh, Clovis Crabtree, James Ross Head, E A Tucker, A E Carleton, Marcus
patton, Arturo Ruanto, David Fant, Kenneth Crabtree, Anthony Carter, James
E Carter, Michael Carter.

(Before 1900) Harvey Wilson, William W Seay, Enick G Williams, Caswell C
Riggs, THOMAS BROWN, Thomas H BVedfore, S H Bell, Joseph A Flippin, Mack
Jenkins, J T Norman, Arch C Potter, James A Register, W R Richardson, John
Sims, C H P Young, Elijah R Thompson and Dr Celsor.

 Dentists, Optometrists, Chiropractors 

Past and present:

Optometrists: Dr Royce McPherson, Dr W. Fowler Ross, Jr; Dr. Stephen Birge,
Dr. Patrick and Dr. Fred Ganter.

Chiropractors: J C Bates, Ethel Bates, Carl Bowles, M R McCawley, Kenneth
Eldred, B C Lane, Rodger A Lindsey, Robert Pelham.

1850: A G Kellie, William S. Joblan, Preston H Leslie.

1860: William Maxey, W O Witcher, A B Botts, John R Leslie.

1880: V H Grinestead, George Miller, John Basham, M T Flippin, W A Bullock,
J R Leslie.

Also: John W Counts, Sam J Hunter, W B Rddy, Chester Crabtree, William S
Maxey, Bill Hacker, Basil RIchardson, J A Scott, Sherman G Spear, W S
Smith, Roland G Railey, J M Jackson, Fillmore Denham, T M Copass, Frank M
White, Charles P White, James C Carter, Sr, John Emerson Leslie, Kit
Crabtree, James T Philpot, Hebron Lawrence, Herman L Arterberry, Paul
Carter, Abe Carter, James C Jernigan, Tom Evans, Jerry Wood and Jack Wood.
Currrent: James C. Carater, Jr, Douglas Carter, Clay Hundley Jr, Joe Lane
Travis (of Glasgow), David Kelly Carter, Thomas A Davis and Reed N Moore, Jr.

To be continued with a look at some of the little communities and family
names there. Sandi

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