Thank You

I would like to say thank you to Sandi Gorin and Doug Moore who have helped me tremondously with this page.

Sandi was the orginator of the Monroe County page and is our main "Look up" person. She has a wealth of knowledge on the South Cental Area of Kentucky and so readily shares it with others. Sandi also is the host for the South Central Kentucky listserve and twice a week publishes wonderful researh hints on KYRESEARCH.

Sandi also publishes books on the south central region of KY. Be sure to check out her inventory.

Doug (besides being a Hestand cousin) is my unoffical proofreader. He checks in regularly and keeps me "on my toes". Doug has also taken Sandi's messages on censuses and has alphabetized and cross-refernced them. The marriages that are listed on the main Monroe Co page are also Doug's handy work. Be sure to check these wonderful sources. He had created a wonderful source for all to share.

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