1830 - 1832

These files are located in the Allen County (IN) Public Library

Surnames: Roney

21 Oct 1825: Joseph Roney & Nancy his wife: To James Roney
for $50, 93+ acres on Floydsfork. Beg at hickory & buckeye in
Foibles line, oak on bank of a branch, ironwood near a large branch,
stone in Nancy & Eliza Oglesby's line, stake in Ellis Oglesby's
line, corner to Fible. Sig. Joseph Roney, Nancy Roney. Rec. 1833.

Surnames: Dorsey, Bebout

p416: 12 July 1828: Charles Dorsey, Jr.; To Benjamin Bebout for
$65.40, a tract on Hardyhill fork, a branch of Little Ky, part of
40,000 acres pat in name of Richard Stephens & Lewis. Beg E
bank of Hardy Hill fork in Thomas Townsends line, mouth of a branch
from the springs of Lewis Bean, P. Anderson & John F.edd , up Hardy
Hill fork with sd Townsends line to Gatewoods corner, down branch.
signed, Chs C. Dorsey. Note: This land was sold & delivered on
13 July 1826, recorded 7 Sept 1835.

Surnames: Russell, Hughes, Gwathmey

Pg19, 20 Sept 1830: James L. Russell & John B. Russell of Shelby Co.,
Joshua S. Russell of Franklin Co., executors of the last will of
John Russell, deceased and attorneys in fact for the children &
heirs of sd John Russell: To James N. Hughes & Louisa his wife of
second part & Isaac R. Gwathmey of third part; whereas sd James N.
Hughes intermarried with one of the heirs-has purchased from the
parties of first part the land hereinafter described, but has not
yet received a deed, also whereas sd James N. Hughes has sold sd
land to sd Isaac R. Gwathmey, now parties of first & second parts
for $505, sell 44 acres 90 poles near town of LaGrange, being part
of the tract on which sd John Russell died. Beg. corner to land of
Joseph Railey, in William Taylors line, corner to land sold by par-
ty of first part to William Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Funk & with the
division line between sd Funks land. Sig. Jas L. Russell, John B.
Russell, Jas N. Hughes, Louisa A. Hughes. Louisa A. Hughes did
relinquish her right of dower.

Note: James N. Hughes married Louisa A. Russell, dau. of John Rus-
sel, deed, and Hannah Russell, 13 March 1813 in Shelby Co.

Surnames: Thornton, Buckner, Taliferro

15 Nov 1830: Peter Thornton & Mary T. his wife of Caroline
Co., VA, have ordained & appointed George Madison Buckner of Clarke
Co., KY our true & lawful atty for & in our name, but to one use
to sell & dispose of land in Ky. Beg. in Temples old line near
Currys fork of Floydsfork, corner to Alice Berry's tract.
Signed Peter Thornton, Mary T. Thornton. Personally appeared before us James B. Thornton & John Taliferro,
two of the Commonwealth Justices of the peace for the county of
Caroline and State of Virginia, Peter Thornton & Mary T. his wife
& acknowledged this foregoing power of attorney to be their act &
deed. 13 Nov. 1830: Sig. Jas B. Thornton, Jno Taliferro

Surnames: Minor, Taylor

15 June 1830: Thomas Minor & Elizabeth his wife of Spotsyl-
vania Co., Virginia, do appoint Reuben Thornton Taylor of Ky. to
sell on our behalf any land in Kentucky. Sig. Tho Minor, Elizabeth

Surnames: Rice, Pearce, Gatewood, Skidmore

p275: 15 Sept 1830: David Rice, admr of Samuel Rice, deed: To Tho-
mas Pearce for $150, 50 acres, part of 15,000 acre survey patented
in name of May, Bannister & Co, conveyed by them to Richard Step-
hens, on waters of Little Kentucky. Beg at middle line of 2-50 acre
lots, cor made by Daniel King-to Bell & Vest, which is to include
the house & improvements on which sd Pearce now lives. Sig. David
Rice, admr of Samuel Rice, deed. Wits. Wm Gatewood, Reuben Gatewood,
Elijah Skidmore, Wm G. Pearce.

Surnames: Lemaster, Barnes

p281: 1 Jan 1830: James Lemaster have given unto Bingamon Barnes
a lease for the term of nine years, land on Little Kentucky, sd
Barnes is to clear 12 acres of land on sd Lemasters land, sd
Barnes binds himself to leave sd place under a good eight rail
fence. Sig. Bingamon (X) Barnes. Wit. James Lemaster, James Barnes

Surnames: Noell, Forwood

p347: 1 Oct 1831: John Noell & Matilda his wife, at present of Jeff.
Co. Ky.; To Samuel Forwood for $500, 100 acres on waters of Floyds
fork, part of a survey deeded to Thomas Streshly, John Lewis & Wm
Taylor. Beg cor to lands formerly owned by John Redd & Thos Buck-
ner, with Redds & Hoffmans lines, cor Wm Taylors old line of his
1000 acre tract. Sig John Noel, Matilda (X) Noel

Surnames: Marmaduke, Armstrong, Hamilton, Hawkins

7 May 1831: Sampson Marmaduke: To George Armstrong for $25
50 acres on waters of Bull Run, corner to Andrew Hamilton, line
of John Curry,' s land. Nancy, wife of Sampson relinquishes her right
of dower. Sig. Samson Marmaduke, Nancy Marmaduke. Wits. And^ Hamil-
ton, John Hawkins.

Surnames: Roney, Powell

15 Sept 1831: James Roney: To Lindsay Powell of Shelby Co.
for $800, 132 acres on waters of Floyds fork including present res-
idence of James Roney. Beg. corner to William Taylor, stone in Jos-
eph Roney s line, corner to James Roney & Joseph Roney, stone in
Andrew Speers line. Wits. Joseph Roney, Ellis Oglesby. Sig. James
Roney, Mary Roney. Mary, wife of sd James, relinquished her dower.

Surnames: Guiton, Ditto, Shane, Adams, Asher, Netherton

21 Nov 1831: Agreeable to an order of Oldham County 17 Nov,
we the undersigned proceeded in the presence of Samuel Guiton &
Abraham Ditto, Trustee for Milkey Shane & heirs to divide 200 acres
on South side of Harrods creek, patented in name of Edward C. Payne,
50 acres was conveyed to Wm Ditto in trust for Milkey Shane & Heirs
the remaining 150 acres was conveyed to Samuel Guiton in conformity
with the deed of gift from Wm Ditto. This is 50 acres including the
improvements. Sig. Wm Adams, Jr., Bartlett Asher, Henry Netherton.

Surnames: Sale Vaughn

14 Sept. 1831: Reuben Sale & Phebe his wife: To Lavica Vaughn
for $1,000 a tract on 18 mile cr, cor to Peter Blake, middle of rd
leading from Westport to Lagrange, cor to Henry Varble, Peter
Wykoffs line, 529 acres sd tract where Sale now lives. Signed,
Reuben Sale, Phebe Sale.

Surnames: Evans, Harris, Dupuy

16 Aug 1831: John S. Evans of Jefferson Co.: To Andrew J.
Harris for $400, Lot #111 in town of Westport on Ohio River, adj
publick square due east, conveyed by Dupuy & wife to sd Evans.
Sig. John S. Evans.

Surnames: Legan, Fisher

13 Aug 1831: John Legan, Henry Legan & Elizabeth his wife,
Polly Legan, Daniel Legan & Frances his wife, and Catharine Legan
of Johnston county, Indiana and George Legan & Margaret his wife
of Oldham Co.: To Redding Fisher for $468%, 190 acres on waters
of 18 Mile creek. Beg. at an ash, dogwood & lynn, to a sugartree
& ironwood on bank of a branch, down the branch to an elm & buck-
eye, to a buckeye & white walnut, to a hickory & elm & Sugartree,
thence leaving sd branch to two dogwoods & a beech on top of a
ridge, to a white oak, sugartree & elm on the side of a ridge.
Except 18 acres which is received as land of on the NW corner of
sd tract of 190 acres to Popes? line, being C. T. (or S) Legans
part of sd land, also excepting the interest that the heirs of
Jacob Legan, deed, have in the land formerly owned by Charles
Legan, deed, which has descended to party of first part & to sd
Lewis Legan & sd heirs of sd Jacob Legan as heirs of sd Charles
Legan. Sig John Legan; Daniel Legan, Henry Legan, Mary Legan, Cath-
arine Legan, Frances Legan, Elizabeth Legan all signed by John
Legan; Elizabeth Legan, George Legan, Margaret Legan.

Surnames: Landers, Handy

12 Dec 1832: John Landers & Martha his wife: To Peter Handy
for $1, 50 acres on Harrods creek, Sig. John (X) Landers, Martha
(X) Landers. Martha relinquished her right of dower.

Surnames: Norton, Clark

21 Aug 1832: William W. Norton & Elizabeth his wife: To Allen
W. Clark for $200, 66 acres on waters of Floyds Fork. Beg. corner
to Jesse Oglesby, with Oglesbys line and Hunters line corner to
Hunter, corner to Nicholas, corner to Hancock, in Taylors line.
Wits. Joseph Roney, Ellis Oglesby, Sig. Wm W. Norton, Elizabeth
Norton. Elizabeth relinquished her right of dower.

Surnames: Ross, Kelley, Wilhoite

20 Dec 1832: Nicholas Ross & Susan his wife: Of Clarke County,
Indiana, to Reuben Ross Jr. for $300, all their heirship or claim
in the land estate of Phillip Ross, it being under the guardianship
of Abraham H. Kelley, Elizabeth Wilhoite & Nicholas Ross, the above
claim being l/6th of landed estate of sd Phillip Ross. Sig. Nich-
olas Ross, Susan Ross. Susan relinquished her right of dower.

Surnames: Oglesby, Ballard

18 Dec 1832: Washington Oglesby: To Camden M. Ballard for
$50, 47 acres on which I now live. Mortgage, when debt is paid
this to be void. Debt is due 1 Aug 1833. Sig. Washington (X) Oglesby.

Surnames: Estes, Etherington, Pinnel, Clore, Sibley, Gatewood

1 Aug 1832: George Estes, Sarah Estes, James Etherington &
Lucy his wife. of Henry Co., John M. Estes of Bath Co, Abraham Pin-
nel & Frances his wife of Edgar Co., Illinois, all heirs & legal
representatives of William M. Estes, deceased.: To Elijah Clore
for $200, all of an undivided interest to a tract in Oldham on
waters of the Ohio River, 50 acres, it being the undivided interest
in 100 acres of land deeded to the legatees of William M. Estes, deed
by Edward M. Taylor & wife, dated 1 July 1830, (Oldham Co.
Sig. John M. H. Estes, George W. Estes, James Etherington, Polly
Estes, Lucy Etherington. Wits. Jno Sibley, Wm Gatewood: Oldham Co.,
Polly Estes & Lucy Etherington relinquished their right of dower.
Frances Estes, father William married Abraham Pinnell 9/24/1827
Oldham County.

Surnames: Estes, Daily, Taylor

20 July 1832: Joel L. Estes of Bath County, KY: To George
Daily for $35, 10 acres on the Ohio River, being an undivided
interest in & to 100 acres deeded to legatees of William M. Estes
by Edward M. Taylor. Sig. J. L. Estes, Margret A. M. Estes. Bath
Co. Margaret Ann, wife of Joel , relinquished right of dower.

Surnames: Bowling, Barbour, Callis

18 Dec 1832: Alexander Bowling & Elizabeth his wife & Thomas
T. Barbour & Nancy his wife: To William 0. Callis of Henry Co. for
$500, on waters of 18 Mile Creek. Beg in John Coon's line & corner
of John Legan, corner to John Legan, being the same tract on which
sd Bowling now resides & which he purchased from Elias Slaughter.
Sig. Alex Bowling, Elizabeth (X) Bowling, Thomas T. Barbour. Eliza-
beth relinquished her right of dower. (Number of acres not given)

Surnames: Stonestreet, Hudson

28 Dec 1832: Butler Stonestreet: To Elizabeth Hudson for $25,
on headwaters of Floyds Fork, 8*2 acres. Smith's corner. Sig. Butler
Stonestreet, Ruth Stonestreet. Ruth, wife of Butler relinquishes
right of dower. on 21 Jan 1833.

Surnames: Hibbs, Branch

31 March 1832: Joseph Hibbs & Mary his wife: Of Hardin County,
To Edward Branch for $200, 100 acres on waters of Patton's Creek,
being part of an 1100 acre tract patented in name of Michael Hargin
Beg. George Margin's corner, along the original line, corner bet-
ween Hibbs & James Hargin, George Margin's line, being the same land
sold & deeded to sd Hibbs by Michael Hargin, but sd Hibbs having
heretofore sold 20 acres to John S. White included in boundaries
before mentioned and being a part of sd tract of 100 acres to sd
Branch, but the same is reserved therefrom and to be taken from
the south east part with the exception of the 20 acres afsd.
Sig. Joseph Hibbs, Mary (X) Hibbs. Mary relinquishes dower.

Surnames: Pruitt, Ford, Temple, Edwards, Ellman, Phillips

Pg14, 28 Sept 1832: James Pruitt & Mary his wife: Of Morgan County
Indiana,: To Dicy Ford for $725, 72^5 acres, being part of a 2000
acre tract surveyed in name of Benjamin Temple, on waters of Cur-
ry's Fork of Floyds Fork, Beg at a set stone standing on the ridge
dividing the waters of Harrods Creek & Currys Fork, corner to
Wilhoite. Mary relinquishes her right of dower. Sig. James Pruitt,
Mary Pruitt. Wits. Thomas Edwards, Gublanah Ellman.
City of Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana, George A. Phillips,
clerk of sd county does certify that the foregoing certificate
is official according to law.

Surnames: Lyons, Campbell

8 Dec 1832: Hezekiah Lyons & Nancy his wife: Of Clark Co., KY,
To-Hugh Campbell for $1,849.28^, 127. acres on waters of Floyds Fork
being part of tract 2137 acres patented in name of Mordecai Redd.
Line of Charles Williams, corner to Joseph Howard, corner to Will-
iam Gosney. Sig. Hezekiah Lyon, Nancy Lyon. Nancy freely said writ-
ing was her wish & was not to be retracted.

Surnames: Smith, Mount

5 Sept. 1832: Henry Smith & Rachel his wife: To John Mount
for $964, $864 which has been paid, $100 to be paid when possession
is given, 100 acres on Floyds Fork. In line of Bowman & Co. 1000
acre survey, on line of partition between Robert Breckinridge &
heirs of Ballard Smith, deed. Rachel did relinquish right of dower.
Sig. Henry (X) Smith, Rachel (X) Smith.

Surnames: Smith, Brown

29 Dec 1832: Isaac Smith & Susannah his wife: To Francis L.
Brown for $1,900, tract on waters of Pond Creek. Beg in Pollards
line, corner to Allen Wilhoite, corner to John Hawkins, Zachariah
Wilhoites line. Pollacks line. 95 acres. Sig. Isaac (X) Smith,
Susanna (X) Smith.

Surnames: Taliaferro, Smith

8 March 1832: Robert Taliaferro & Elizabeth his wife: To
Isaac R. Smith for $500, one acre 5 rood & 20 poles in town of
Brownsboro, adjoining lot of Lewis Wilhoite. This is to be free
from all encumbrances and right of dower of sd Elizabeth. Signed,
Robt Taliaferro, Eliza Taliaferro.

Surnames: Wooden, Robbins, Fible, Berry, Mount, Taylor

Pg31, 16 Oct 1832: Article of Agreement between Charity Wooden,
widow & relict of Beal Wooden, deed, & John Wooden, Solomon Wooden,
Thomas Wooden, Levi Wooden, Sally Wooden & Lewis Wooden, heirs of
Beal Wooden. Whereas Beal Wooden died intestate leaving a tract of
land in Oldham County of waters of Floyds Fork, 134 acres-and sd
Charity Wooden hath agreed to take a childs part of the purchase
money & the heirs agree that sd Charity shall be entitled to a
childs part & in order to carry into effect the following agree-
ment we do appoint our friend Abel Robbins our true & lawful atty
in fact to sell & convey by deed of general warranty the afsd tract
of land. Sig. Charity (X) Wooden, John Wooden, Solom Wooden, Thos
Wooden, Levi Wooden, Sally Wooden, Isaac Wooden, Lewis Wooden, Wm
Wooden, Joseph Fible. Wits. Jon^ T. Berry, Jas Mount, Edward M.

Surnames: Mcintosh, Faulconer, Parker, Gatewood, Tandy

7 Aug 1832: Robert Mcintosh: To Joseph Mcintosh for $230,
50 acres on Little Kentucky River. Beg in Tuckers line, Morelands
line, A. Cooks line, Ann did freely give her right of dower in
deed. Sig. Robert Mcintosh, Ann Mcintosh. Wits. Achilles Faulconer,
Noah Parker, Wm Gatewood, Moses Tandy.

Surnames: Sibley, Norvell, Smith, McGhee

Pg35, 7 Aug 1832: John Sibley & Catharine B. his wife, John Norvell
& Sally his wife, Gervas L. Smith & Polly his wife, Albert G. Sib-
ley & Judith McGhee, all of Kentucky: To Jesse Hood for $255, a
tract on Corn Creek, Beg crossing Pryors fork of Corn Creek, cor
to Wm Chandlers land, corner to Mrs Sibleys land. 112*5 acres.
Sig. John Sibley, John Norvell, Gervas L. Smith, Albert G. Sibley,
Catherine B. Sibley, Sally Norvell, Polly Smith, Judith McGhee.
Sally, Catherine B., & Polly appeared before justices of the peace
and did relinquish their rights of dower.

Surnames: Oglesby, Smizer, Sparkes

Pg37, 29 Dec 1832: Ellis Oglesby: To Joshua & Samuel Smizer for
$557,87*2, 123 acres 115 poles. Beg on the bank of a branch of the
original corner of William Oglesby, deed, to a survey in name of
Eakin, to Michael Smizers line, corner of sd Smizers, corner to
Elizabeth Ellis, corner to William Ashby. Sd Ellis Oglesby and.
Joanna his wife do agree to warrant & forever defend the title to
sd land. Sig. Ellis Oglesby, Joanna Oglesby, Wits. Jesse Oglesby,
Danl Sparkes.

Surnames: Bowmar, Hunter, Sale, Rowzee

Pg38, 22 Nov 1832: Herman Bowmar: Of Woodford Co. To John V. Hunter
for $75 paid by James Hunter, Lot #60 in the town of Westport. Sig.
Herman Bowmar. Wits. Reuben Sale, L. Rowzee Senr.

Surnames: Clore, Yager, Prewitt, Hardin, Phillips, Brown

11 Dec 1832: Agreeably to an order issued from Oldham Co. Ct.
Oct term 1832 authorizing Elijah Clore, William Yager, Eli Prewitt
& Henry Hardin as commrs to divide the land of Wm Phillips, deed,
among his heirs and to lay off the dower of Mrs. Brown late Mrs.
Phillips & report to court. On 10 May 1832 we proceeded to the pre-
mises with the county surveyor. Lot #1 to Hamilton Phillips, Lot
#2 to America Phillips, Lot #3 to Milton Phillips, Lot #4 to Emily
Ford, late Emily Phillips, the dower containing 35 acres & the lots
16^ acres each. Sig. William Yager, Henry Hardin, Eli Pruitt, Eli-
jah Clore. Total land 100 acres. There is a plat of . the land for
each heir. Note: William Brown m Elizabeth Phillips 9 Jan 1830 Old.
Milton Phillips m Harriett Brown, father Wm 16 Feb 1830 Oldham Co.

Surnames: Hoskins, Gibson, Mitchell, Gipson, Stratton

18 Oct 1832: Achilous Hoskins of Henry Co.: To Elizabeth
Gibson of Henry Co., To the love and good will he has for his dau-
ghter Elizabeth Gibson hath this day sold sd Elizabeth all that
tract on waters of Little Kentucky River binding with Marshalls
line on the upper side, down the creek to Inglishs line, supposed
to contain almost 40 acres, during her lifetime and after her death
to be divided between my five grand children towit; Phebe, Lucy,
Polly, Elizabeth and Achilous Gibson, but be it understood that
the sd Achilous Hoskins is to have the use of the above named pre-
mises during his life. Sig. Achilous Hoskins. Wit. Andw Mitchell,
William Gipson, VJilliam Stratton (Achilous sells for $1 to Elizabeth)

Surnames: Hoagland, Abbott, Cline, Chambers, Branch

9 Oct 1832: James Hoagland & Mary his wife; John W. Hoagland
& Mary his wife, Abner Abbott & Jemima his wife of Clark Co., Ind.,
Isaac Hoagland & Eliza his wife, James Cline & Mary his wife of
Scott County, Indiana, George Chambers & Sarah his wife and John
Chambers as guardian for the infant heirs of William Hoagland, dec.
of the County of Jefferson, Indiana: To James M. Branch of Oldham
for $300, a tract in Henry Co. on Little Kentucky. Beg. at William
McClungs SE corner, 71 acres part of J. Pattons 8,400 acre tract.
Signed: James Hoagland, Mary Hoagland, John W. Hoagland, Mary (X) H.
Hoagland, Abner (X) Abbott, Jemima (X) Abbott, Isaac Hoagland, Eliza
Hoagland, James Cline (X) , Mary Cline (X) , George Chambers, Sarah (X)
Chambers, John Chambers

Note: George Chambers, father Alexander m. Sarah Hoagland, father Elias
in Oldham Co., 2-2-1826
Abner Abbott m. Jemima Hogland in Oldham Co., 11-21-1831
Isaac Hoagland m. Elizabeth Morgan-Oldham Co., 6-20-1831
James Hoagland m. Polly McClain-Henry Co., 22 Aug. 1809
Elias Hoagland m. Sarah V7ood, dau of Mary Wood, 6 Nov. 1797,
Shelby County: John Hoagland m. Mary Collan 3-13-1830: Oldham

Surnames: Norton, Hancock, Roney, Oglesby

21 August 1832: William V/. Norton & Elizabeth his wife: To
James Hancock for $500, tract on Floydsfork; in Nichols line, Tay-
lors line, to Clark in Nichols line, 106 acres. Sig. VJm W. Norton,
Elizabeth Norton. Wits. Joseph Roney, Ellis Oglesby.

Surnames: Cardwell, Magruder, Roney

pg80, 25 August 1832: Thomas M. Cardwell & Mahala S. his wife, of
Jefferson Co., are firmly bound unto Owen Magruder of Oldham for
$600. Whereas sd Cardwells are indebted to Owen Magruder for this
sum, mortgages his right to one undivided fourth part of 156 acres
on waters of Huckleberry cr, being the tract of land whereon Aq-
uilla Magruder lived and on which Mary Ann Magruder now resides,
land which Mahala Cardwell as heir of Aquilla Magruder, deed, is
entitled, Mary Ann Magruder, widow of sd deed is to enjoy the
benefit of her dower during her lifetime. Sig. Thomas M. Cardwell,
Mahala S. Cardwell, Wits. Joseph Roney, Ellis Oglesby.
Note: Thomas Cardwell m Juliet A. Magruder, f Aquilla Magruder in
Jefferson Co., 9-18-1821

Surnames: Hampton, Johnson

pg81, 12 March 1832: Ephriam S. Hampton & Lemander K. Hampton his
wife: To Person W. Johnson for $375, a tract of 82 acres. This
land was alloted to Lemander Hampton. (This does not tell where
the land was allotted to Lemander-does not give a name)
Sig. Ephraim S. Hampton, Lemander R. (or K) Hampton.

Surnames: Howell, Bryan, Matthews, Boulware, Hinkle, Lockhart, Roney, Redd

28 Sept. 1832: David Howell & Elizabeth his wife, Charles
Bryan & Jane his wife, John Bryan & Joseph Bryan: To William B.
Matthews for $1,361, a tract of 183^5 acres. Corner in James Tay-
lors line, Rudd ' s line, black ash on the clift, intersection of
Woolfolk's line, to Speirs corner. Sig. David Howell, Elizabeth
Howell, C.H. Bryan, Jane Bryan, John Bryan, Joseph Bryan.
Wits. Fountain Boulware, Sam^ Hinkle, David Lockhart, Joseph
Roney, John Redd.

Surnames: Dupuy, Drane, Smith

17 Dec 1832: Nancy Dupuy widow of Joseph Dupuy deed &
Augustine Dupuy, Edward C. Drane & Judith C. his wife & Mildred
Smith for themselves as heirs of Joseph Dupuy, deed, & Edward C.
Drane & Thomas Smith, Commrs for the infant heirs of sd deed,
to James Hill, lot # Letter H in Westport. Sig. Nancy Dupuy,
Mildred D. Smith, Augustine Dupuy, Edward C. Drane for himself
& as Commr, Judith C. Drane, Tho Smith, Commr.

Surnames: Bowen, Hendrix, Ingram, Lett, Hitt

28 Dec 1832: To the honorable, the county court of Oldham:
We, the undersigned commrs allot widow Bowen, widow of Richard
Bowen, deed, her dower, also his children proportionable part of
sd estate. Widows dower-Sharlott , $275, Samuel $245, Solomon $260,
Reuben $270, Letty $100; Childrens part of the estate--f-William
Hendrix & Judithann his wife-Louisa $200, Montan $80; Elizabeth L.
Bowen-Hannah & child $300; William D. Bowen-Fielding $350; Rich-
ard W. Bowen-Jourdan$280; Marry Ellen Bowen-Pheby $220; Affiah
G. Bowen-Minder $220; Lucy Jane Bowen-Mahala $170, Francis $160;
Sarah W. Bowen-Rebecca $160, Lucy $125. Sig. Wm Ingram, James
Lett, James Hitt. (Note: At times this may be written Bourn)
William Hendrix married Judith Ann Bowen, mother Mary Ann
11-22-1830 Oldham County, Ky

Surnames: Tebbs, Prewitt

30 Nov 1832: Daniel Tebbs & Alice his wife of Harrison Co.,
Ky. : To Brite Prewitt for $268, 64*2 acres on waters of Harrod ' s
cr. Beg in Aaron Wilhoite's line, corner to Aaron Wilhoite & Eli
Prewitt, Elijah Clore's line. White's line, being a parcel which
sd Tebbs recovered from sd Prewitt on which sd Prewitt now lives.
Sig. Dan Tebbs, Alice Tebbs.

Surnames: Mercer, Taylor, Downing

8 March 1832: Hugh Mercer of Fredericksburgh, Virginia &
William Taylor of Shelby Co: To Elizabeth A. Downing for $1450,
14 5 acres on waters of Harrods cr. Cor to Matthew Adams in Hen-
shaws line, with Adams line, cor to Garr. Sig. Hugh Mercer by
Wm Taylor atty in fact for Mercer, Wm Taylor.

Surnames: Dejarnett, Ballard

p243: 17 Jan 1832: I have this day received satisfaction in full
of E. Dejarnett for different notes which I was security to and
held a mortgage of sd Dejarnetts land. I therefore bind myself
to relinquish all right that I hold to sd land. Sig. Thos Ballard.