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All persons on this page have a connection to Oldham County even though some of them may have lived in a surrounding county. With the exception of a couple of biographies, all have come from the Kentucky Gen Web - Jeff Murphy Kentucky Bios and used with permission.   If you find one you would like to add, please contact your county coordinator.
A   M
Adams, Allen   Mallory, Robert
  Adams, C.P.   M
Anderson, John R.    
Anderson, Robert S.   Hon. Manby, William
Ashby, Margaret P.   McMakin, William A.
B   McMeekin, William M.
Ballard, Granville Mellen   Meade, Prentis
Ballard, John T.   Metz, George
Barnhill, James W.   Monks, Thomas H.
Barrickman, John W.   Morris, Charles Harwood
Bourne, J.B.   Morris, Robert
Bright, William H., MD   N
Brown, Allen W.   Neal, Marshall
Brown, Rice Evans   O
Button, James H.   Oglesby, Richard J.
C   Overstreet, Gabriel M.
Campbell, James   P
Campbell, William A.   Potts, Jesse
Carter, Joseph W.   Priest, Richard A.
Cassidy, Thomas D.   Q
Cassidy, Richard B.   None as Yet
Clore, John R.   R
Compton, William   Rader, George R.
Copal, Abraham   Robbins, Ben. S.

Cornwell, Benjamin

  Rodman, John W.
Crum, Chancellor M.   Ross, John P.
Crutchfield, James Stapleton  

Runyon, James M.

D   Russell, James W.
Davis, Joseph B.   S
Hon. DeHaven, Samuel E.   Sauer, Charles
Rev. Ditzler, Jacob    Sauer, Joseph
Duncan, John T.   Scrimsher, Frank M.
Duncan, Thomas   Sherley, Robert
  Shirley, Lawrence
E   Sims, James
Eddins, James G.   Smiser, William
Ellis, Leroy    
Enochs, William P., Esq.   Smith, Fielding W.
F   Smith, Isaac C.
Finley, J.R.   Hon. Smith, Jacob Shrader
Foster, R. W.
G   Stark, David
Gilmore, Richard Neal   Swain, John
Glass, Sarah E.   Swift, William T.
Griffith, G. W.   Swiney, Joseph William
H   T
Haefling, Charles C.   Taylor, Alonzo G.

Hamblen, William G.

  Hon. Taylor, Philip R. 
Hampton, A.A.   Taylor, Sanford
Hancock, Jesse C.   Taylor, William Berry

Hardin, Albert W.

  Timberlake, John R.
Hardin, Joel H.   U
Hawley, Absalom   None as Yet
Hawley, Robert M.   V
Head, James W.   Varble, Pink
Head, Peyton S.   W
Head, W.O.   Waters, Philip E.
Holloway, Robert G.   Weeks, Edward F.
Holmes, J.M.   Welman, Jeremiah L.
Hoops, Hermann Henry   Wilhoite, Benjamin
I   Williams, J.W.
Irwin, George W.   Wilson, Joel T.
J   X
Jacob, Richard Taylor   None as Yet
James, Edward W.   Y
Johnston, William J.   Yager, Franklin J., MD
K   Yager, Orville B., MD
None as Yet   Yager, Presley N.
L   Yager, Thomas C.
Ladd, N.W.   Z
  Zaring, Lemuel



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