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Zachariah Head Family Cemetery

 This cemetery was located by Nathaniel Elliott for Kathy Reeves.   He took all the photos found here.  The cemetery 103 from the old cemetery book is located on Hwy 146 in the back yard of a Mr. Fischer.  It is just past the entrance to the reformatory.  One would need to call for permission before coming since this is on private property.  Kathy is a descendent of the Head family of Oldham County.  If you have any questions or additions to add to this cemetery, please email your county coordinator or Kathy Reeves.  

Placed online 12/28/04


Notes Birth Death
 Head, James M.  son of Zachariah 25 Apr 1812 12 Oct 1871
 Head, Margaret McMakin  wife of James M.  07 May 1827 11 Nov 1854
 Head, Zachariah  son of Hadley Head 01 Jun 1784 07 Mar 1855
 Head, Rachel Oglesby  wife of Zachariah  09 Feb 1789 14 Nov 1847
 Head, Woodford Oglesby  son of Zachariah & Rachel (stone broken in two) --- 28 Jun 1848
 Beckwith, Ureth Head  wife of Dr. Norton Beckwith, 22 years old - - - 20 Nov ????
 McMakin, Ureth Elizabeth Ellis  g. dau. of Zach & Rachel; wife of William McMakin 21 Apr 1827 01 Feb 1849
 McMakin, Julia Ann  dau of Ureth & William McMakin 03 Oct 1847 28 Dec 1848
 McMakin, Infant  child of William & S. M. McMakin - - -  31 Aug 1858
 Mount, son  child of J.C. & J. A. Head Mount 06 Oct 1848 06 Oct 1848

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