Hearn Cemetery


Located south of Gold's Valley Road (off Long Ridge Road) on Snell Road as it turns east into Grant County. Cemetery is on the north side of the road inside of a left bend. This is a family cemetery.

Contributed By: Steve Stethen

Based on my field investigations, the following are confirmed to be buried there; there could be others.

Andrew H Hearn - 15 Jul 1812 - 02 Jun 1898

Lydia A Stewart (wife of Andrew H Hearn) - 19 Jan 1817 - 29 Dec 1910

Infant Waldrop (child of Milton Green Waldrop and Nancy Jane Hearn (daughter of Andrew and Lydia) -

09 Sep 1866 - 09 Sep 1866


*This cemetery is not listed in Eternal Rest, Owen County Kentucky Cemetery Records published in 1989 by the Owen County Historical Society.

 Andrew Hearn owned a structure immediately across the road from the cemetery per An Atlas of Owen County, Kentucky by B N Griffing, 1883, page 8.