Owen County Cemeteries

- Roberts  Cemetery -

Owen Co Cemetery #153. Located: North side of Big Twin Creek Road, about
2 miles west of Salem Church cemetery. Abandoned farm cemetery.

The three Roberts stones are enclosed in an iron fence. To their north is a
second enclosure, originally an iron grave fence that has been further
enclosed by a chain link fence. This is the Morgan grave. The Ann Brown
Jacobs stone is broken and to the west of the fences and has not been
recorded before. This cemetery is also called the "Brown Cemetery" on USGS
charts. No other stones visible but I didn't probe at this time of year.

Recorded Aug 12, 1999. George C. Willick

Surname First/Middle Born Died Notes
Jacobs Ann Brown 30 Dec 1808 Jul 1849   wife of William (stone broken on this line & error is possible)
Morgan Wm. Richard 1845 1885   (marked with a wood plaque, relatively new)
Roberts Ellen 1816 1902  
Roberts Sarah J. 1842 1861  
Roberts W. M. 1827 1908