Owen County Cemeteries

- Stevenson's Chapel Cemetery -

also known as Zion Hill Cemetery

The small cemetery behind the ruins of Stevenson's Chapel on Dogwalk Rd. near New Columbus, has many rocks marking graves but only a few are legible. The Rev. Job Stevenson represented this church in 1903 when Zion Hill Baptist church was organized at Stevenson's Chapel. It was received into the Owen Assoc. in 1904 at the annual meeting held at Caney Fork church. Dan F. Cobb served as Pastor in 1904, Buford Wright as clerk. Messengers to the Owen Assoc. from Zion Hill in 1904 were; D. F. Cobb, Buford Wright, Henry Jones, Madison Wilson, Breckinridge Bickers and Jeff Jones. The church sent no more reports to the Assoc. after 1927 and disbanded in the 1940's
Transcribed By Suzanne Shephard
Name Birth Death Notes

Lonkard, Daisy

Nov 16 1910 1931  
Lonkard, Henry Jul 5 1879 May 12 1960  
Wright, Bob Jan 9 1842 May 14 1927  
Wright, Julia Aug 21 1851 June 21 1931