Owen County Courthouse Records Available on Microfilm

All of the Owen County courthouse records have been microfilmed by 
the LDS church are are available for rent from Salt Lake City or from 
any local LDS Family History Center.  These deed  records are very complete.

Go to the LDS genealogy web site

Select "Place Search" and type in "Owen" and "Kentucky"

Look under "land and property" to find the films with deed records. 
You might also check under "Maps" for an atlas of Owen County.  Once 
you have the microfilm numbers, you can go to your local FHC (Family 
History Center) which will probably be located in the local LDS 
(Mormon) church, and order the films on a rental basis.

Did you find a death certificate between 1911-1958 you would like a copy of?

  • Order from Jessie Hagan or Chester Ward or Teddy DeFord; they charge $1 plus SASE.
  • Cheri Baumberger charges $1.50 [1911-1955]
  • Mary Bishop, charges $2.00 and a SASE [1911-1952]
  • Amanda Brown Website, $3.00 pre-paid.
  • Lynn Beck Website.

  • Need a certified copy from the state of a birth, death, marriage or divorce record, 1911- 1988? You'll find information on the cost and how to order here. Another source for this type of information is found here
    Office of Vital Statistics
    State Department of Health
    275 East Main St.
    Frankfort, KY 40601

  • Print out the form to order a KY record from the KY Archives here