Owen County Photo Album

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The Henrietta Bledsoe Kemper Album

Contributed By g-g-grandson, Jeffery A. Duvall

This album contains 42 photographs (mostly carte-de-visites, and tintypes), and belonged to my great-great-grandmother Henrietta (Bledsoe) Kemper (1846-1918), wife of John James Kemper (1846-1909).  Based on clothing styles, etc., Id guess that with a few possible exceptions, the photographs all date between 1860 and 1900.  Most of them are unidentified.  Several are members of the Kemper family and others appear to be friends from the Poplar Grove neighborhood of Owen county.  Some of those names are Maddox, Odor/Oder, Beaty, Baldwin, and Rogers. If anyone can either help id the unnamed pictures or confirm (or even challenge) the ones that are identified, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, Jeff Duvall  jduvall@iupui.edu (work) or Jeffery@iquest.net (home).

Unknown Lady #4

Willie Kemper. I'm not sure yet who he is or how hes related.

Peter Stewart

Abbie Rogers

Possibly a nickname for Abraham or Abram.

Otis Rogers

Possibly Brother to Abbie.

Addie Beverly

Bud Kemper

Another photo of Bud Kemper can be found on Page 40.

John Beatty This may be the John Beaty (1847-1880) buried in the Poplar Grove IOOF Cemetery.

Kate Rogers BradneyThe back of the carte de visite says that the picture was taken in 1870.

Unknown Lady #5

Unknown Lady #6

Unknown Lady #7

Unknown Lady #8

Unknown Man

Unknown Girl