Owen County Bible Records

Squire M. and Elizabeth Perry

Contributed by Cinda Eastin [cindaeastin (at) comcast.com]

"This family lived in Owen county from about 1840 till their deaths-between
1870 and 1880. The family was living in Owen County in 1850, with six of their ten children. The Bible was found in top of a closet in the home of Robert Derringer of Monterey. It is now located in the Monterey Baptist Church Archives"

Page 1 Squire M. CLARK Sep. 14, 1804
Elizabeth CLARK Jan. 17, 1803
Thomas Larkin CLARK Dec. 2, 1826
John Albert CLARK Nov. 4, 1828
[handwritten: "married Nancy Poe, Nov. 4, 1857"]
Henry Harrison CLARK Feb. 26, 1831
Nancy Ann CLARK Jan. 13, 1834
Sarah Jain CLARK Oct. 29, 1836
Mariah Susan CLARK Jan. 16, 1839
Page 2 Andrew J. CLARK Jan. 27, 1842
James E. D. CLARK Aug. 14, 1843
George M. CLARK Feb. 23, 1846
Squire Louis CLARK Jan. 9, 1849
Page 3 William CLARK April 28, 1871
Mar. ________
Page 4 Mariah CLARK May 7, 1867
Nancy C. CLARK May 17, 1888
Sarah Ann CLARK Sep. 20, 1858
Marthy J. CLARK Feb. 1872

"The following two marriages from the Owen Co. Marriage Records are being
included, with fair certainty that they belong to this family. No others located could be determined to be marriages of children listed above. No marriages or deaths were given in the original Bible record."

George M. CLARK to Alice C. MULLEN Dec. 26, 1865
George M. CLARK to Nancy E. ROBERTSON Aug. 2, 1870
[Elsewhere hand written on the extract appears: Thomas married, married
Henderson, 1856.]