Owen County Bible Records

James Green & Nancy Hutcherson

James Green & Latitia Holliday

passed down to...

John William Green & Mary Catherine Williams

Contributed By: Georgia Green Stamper

left hand column

  • James Green was born October 28, 1801
  • Nancy Green was born December the 3rd, 1804 (James Green's first wife)
  • James Harvey Green was born March the 23rd, 1828
  • Senesa Green was born October the 21st, 1829 (could be "Seresa")
  • Franklin Green was born August the 29th, 1831
  • Mary Ann Green was born March 20, 183 _ (1850 census supports 1833 birth year)
  • John W. Gre__(illegible)
     born Dec.
    (first digit illegible)

    right hand column

  • Latitia Green was born October the 18th, 1805 (James Green's second wife)
  • George W. Green was born September the 16th, 1837
  • Richard Jarrard Green was born July the 25th, 18_0 (1850 census supports 1840 birth year)
  • Joseph Littleton Green born April the 25th, 1843

    (The next 4 entries were entered on a different page but in the same handwriting as earlier birth entries.)


  • Sara F. Green was born February the 28th, 1847

  • Monica born ___(illegible)
     the 15th, 1848
  • Annie Caldwell was born Feb 29, 1868
  • Willie Caldwell was born ___(illegible)

    The next 9 entries were made in a different handwriting than earlier entries, but all 9 appear to have been entered by the same person).

  • Mary C. Williams was born May 15, 1841
    (wife of John William Green; the births that follow are known to be her children)
  • Nannie Green was born Dec the 12th, 1866
  • James H. Green was born Sept the 10th, 1868
  • Effie Green was born March the 18th, 1870
  • John W. Green was born Feb the 16th, 1872
  • Robert Green was born Dec the 26th, 1874
  • Franklin Green was born June the __(illegible)
    , 1877
  • ______(illegible)
     Green was born __ne the _4
    (At the top of the page, in a different handwriting, "Allie Green born June 24, 1879". )
  • Achie Green was born September the 3rd, 1883

    (The next 5 entries were entered randomly wherever space could be found.)

  • Carrie Green was born Dec 26, 1882
  • Stanley Lyons was born April 9, 1889
  • Montie Green was born April, 1889
  • Tresia Green born April 4, 1902
  • Earl Green born 18 of Feb., 1906

    (The first three marriage entries were made on the same page, left hand column, under the heading "Marriages." Both of James Green's marriages appear to have been entered in his hand.)

  • James Green was married June the 13th, 1827
  • James Green & Latitia Holliday was mariad (

     December the 22nd, 1836
  • John W. Green and Mary C. Williams was married Oct 17, 1864

    (The following marriage entries were scattered throughout the pages wherever a blank space was available. These entries were made in several different handwritings.)

  • Nannie and Jess was married Dec 24, ____ (

  • James H. Green and Sallie Wright was married Aug 29, 1888
  • Effie Green and James Carlton was married Dec 27, 18_3
  • John W. Green and Nannie Garvey were married March 4th, 1897
  • Robert Green and Miss Carrie Jones was married February 7th, 1901
  • Allie Green and Miss Maggie Jameson was married (confusing notations regarding month)
  • Frank H. Green and Rushia Noel were married February 5th, 1903 on Thursday
  • James Green and Mattie Bradley were united in marriage Sept 5, 1915

  • Nancy Green wife of James Green departed this life May the 8th, 1836
    (Grave site unknown - presumably in Harrison County, KY, where she died.)
  • Senesa Goodnight died April the 27th, 1856 (
    Spelling could be "Seresa.")

  • Franklin Green died March the 9th, 1860
    (Buried at Owenton Cemetery, Owen Co., KY.)
  • George W Green died February the 26th, 1863
    (Confederate soldier, Co. C, 4th KY Cav., died of battle wounds. Grave site unknown.)
  • R. J. Green died September the 7th, 1875
    (Buried at New Liberty I. O. O. F, Owen Co., KY.)
  • Sarah F. Caldwell died Febry 26, 1876
    (Buried at New Liberty I. O. O. F., Owen Co., KY.)
  • James Green departed this life November 1, 1881
    (Grave site unknown - presumably in unmarked grave at New Liberty I. O. O. F., Owen Co., KY since he purchased multi-grave plot #123, and several of the children are buried there.)
  • Achie Green died November the 19th, 1884
  • James H. Green died February the 14th, 1885
  • John William Green departed this life Oct 22, 1885
    (Confederate veteran, Co. G, 4th KY Cav.; buried at New Liberty I. O. O. F., Owen Co., KY.)
  • Lutishia Green died Nov the 9th, 1889
    (Grave unknown - possibly beside husband James Green in unmarked grave at New Liberty I. O. O. F., Owen Co., KY.)
  • Henry Lyons departed this life Oct 8, 1894
  • Richard Caldwell died January 21, 1896
  • Laurel Green died Aug 8, 1906
    (Buried at Poplar Grove Cemetery, Owen Co., KY.)
  • Effie Carlton died March 28, 1911
  • Mary C. Williams Green departed this life April 9, 1921
    (buried at New Liberty I. O. O. F., Owen Co., KY.)


    James Green was born in Harrison County, Kentucky, where his father, Gerard Green, a Virginia veteran of the Revolution, had migrated in 1789. Both of James Green's marriages are recorded in Harrison County. In the early 1850's, he and his second wife, Latitia Holliday, and the children still remaining at home, moved to Owen County, Kentucky, where he lived for the remaining 28-30 years of his life. Many of his children and grandchildren put down deep roots in Owen County. Indeed, James Green has many descendants still living in Owen County today.

    John William Green, who inherited his father's bible, was a veteran of the Civil War. He fought with the Confederate Army, Co. G, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. Although he survived the war, he contracted tuberculosis during his military tenure, and was unwell for the remainder of his life. John William Green is buried in a marked grave at New Liberty I. O. O. F.  Cemetery in Owen County. His father, James Green, is also thought to be buried there in an unmarked grave since James' purchase of multi-grave plot #123 is on record.

    James Green's youngest son, Joseph Littleton Green, outlived all his siblings. Due to his longevity, his death in 1923 is ironically not recorded in the Green Family Bible. Joseph also fought in the Confederate Army, Co. C, 4th Kentucky Cavalry, and he, too, is buried in a marked grave at New Liberty I. O. O. F Cemetery in Owen County, KY.

    Another of James Green's sons, George W. Green, died during the Civil War. He too fought in the Confederate Army, Co. C, 4th Kentucky Cavalry. His final resting place is unknown.

    The Green Family Bible was transcribed and submitted, June 30, 2002, by descendant Georgia Green Stamper. For additional information on the Green family, contact: Georgia Green Stamper.